Can You Flush Tissues Down the Toilet? And What to Do Instead

The question that lies in our head when going to the public toilet is usually ‘can you flush tissues‘? You can just throw tissues and other trash right away in the garbage can. However, it is more simple for us to throw them away in the water closet.

Can You Flush Tissues Down the Toilet?

Can You Flush Tissues?

There is a significant difference between toilet paper and tissue. Toilet paper is easily broken down, especially if it is wet. Unlike toilet paper, the tissue is more resistant to water and moist.

Hence, the answer is you should not throw tissues into the toilet. The first time, you will not find any issues. However, if this habit is made regularly, there is a big chance that your toilet will clog.

The water closet only accepts two things: toilet paper and tissues. Lucky for you that the public toilet usually provides toilet paper rolls. And you should provide it for your house toilet, too.

What if The Toilet is Clogged?

Good news if you find this article before throwing away tissues to the toilet. However, how if that has been your regular habit?

If it is too late for you, you might try some easy tips to fix the mistake. A plunger can help you lose the clog. You can also use a plumbing snake to remove this clog. The plumbing snake is easy to find in the hardware store.

The last effort you can try is by contacting plumbers. They will help you with the more professional tools to unclog the closet pipes.

The Best Way to Recycle and Dispose of Tissues

Flushing tissues down the toilet is a bad habit. Thus, you may be asking, what is the best thing to dispose of tissues? Several options are better than flushing them down the toilet.

Compost the Tissue

Although tissue is resistant to water, it is compostable. It is rich in carbon, making it one of the best ingredients in the compost pile.

Separate tissues that contain the chemical substances to keep the compost pile in good quality. After that, you are ready to process them.

Throw it in the Garbage Can

This is not the best option, but it is better than flushing tissues down the toilet. Make sure that you throw the tissues in a proper garbage can.

You can also consider sending the tissue to the recycling center. They will treat the trash better and recycle them into more useful pieces.

Make DIY Stuff from Them

Tissues are resistant to water, but the bad news is, it is also difficult to process and recycle them. Yet, there is some craft you can make from the tissue:

  • Tissue paper garland

This stuff is a nice decorative touch for a wedding proposal! You can paint the tissue before turning it into a paper garland.

  • Pompom

Pompom is the easiest stuff you can make with tissue. It can be a good ornament for your bedroom.

  • Tissue flower

Longing for a colorful pop-up? This is the best thing that can happen in your living room!

  • Door wreath

A pleasant thing to welcome the guest; they will be flattered.

  • Tissue paper plate

A piece of paper and tissue is the best combination for the party!

Never Flush the Tissue

The final thing is never to flush tissues down the toilet. It is not the best way to keep your house clean because it might damage the closet.

Hence, you have found the answer about whether can you flush tissues down the toilet or not. Better to recycle the tissue or throw it away in the proper place.

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