How High Should A Fireplace Mantel Be? (Explained)

While constructing a new house or renovating an existing one if you decide to have a fireplace, the mantel is one of the most important parts of it. A fireplace along with the mantel is usually the center point of the room, thus it is important to opt for the ideal height for the mantel. But you do not need to worry we have all the information you need to design the perfect Fireplace Mantel.

How small or big the room is, would decide the height of the mantel. A 4 to 6 feet long mantel is considered to be the ideal height and as stated before the room decides the height of the mantel. Thus a 6-foot mantel is just perfect for a large room but in a small room 4-foot, the mantel is going to be a great choice.

It is not just the height that has to be ideal to make the fireplace and the mantel perfect, a lot of other factors contribute to making your place cozy and warm. Continue reading to get the information you need before you construct the ideal mantel in your house.

how high should a fireplace mantel be

The height of the Fireplace Mantel 

Estimating the perfect height for the mantle will be a piece of cake if you have knowledge of what elements to keep in consideration for arrangement. As stated before, the dimensions of the room will affect the height of the mantel.

But additionally, you also need to consider the height of the ceiling and how tall the mantel is on top of the firebox. Let us tell you about deciding the measurements, and hold tight, we will inform you about pre-installation tips.

The height of the mantel considering the Ceiling Height

These days the height of the ceiling in a lot of houses is 9-foot. Thus, what is the ideal height of the mantel if the ceiling this high? You need to keep the mantel 4.5 feet from the ground; you will have almost 4.5 feet of space left from the mantel to the ceiling.

As it is suggested to leave no less than 3 feet on top of your mantel for decoration purposes, you will have a lot of space to put some family portraits or any other decorative things that will make the room much put together.

The Height of the mantel above the Firebox

Regardless of a gas or wood fireplace, you will not need the mantel excessively near the firebox. If you do so there can be a danger of fire for the family. On the off chance that you keep the mantel excessively near the flames, there is a risk of catching fire on the mantel and things near it.

A mantel that is for the very least 12 inches on top of the opening from the fireplace has to be away high enough from the flames for the safety of your family.

Tips to keep in mind before installing the Fireplace Mantel

How High Should A Fireplace Mantel Be?

Pre-installation and construction of something in your house, it is essential to consider the housing rules and regulations in your area. Keep in check with the fire codes set out by the management in your area and by the National Fire Protection Association.

In case you plan on putting a fireplace in your house, do not forget to keep in mind the measurements of the area where you plan to keep the fireplace. It is important to plan prior to the construction of the mantel and the installation process of the fireplace.

Do not forget that usually, the ideal height for a mantel in most rooms is 4 to 5 feet from the floor. A mantel is supposed to be also longer than the opening of the fireplace. Thus, make sure to keep in check with the dimensions of the fireplace before the installation of the mantel.

The length of the fireplace mantel

Most of the time, it is ideal to keep six inches on either side of the fireplace to decide the length of the mantel. For instance, a fireplace that is 3 feet from the top needs a mantel that is 4 feet long.

Make sure that the mantel is not too long to the point that it stretches out from one end to the other. If a mantel is very long it ought to make the room look much smaller.

How long should your Mantel stick out?

Master and Co. 60 Inch Floating Wood Fireplace Mantel, Natural

Think about the style and position of the fireplace. A few fireplaces are constructed inside the wall, while a few can be seen sticking out from the wall or having a hood on the opening. Your mantel should stick out only three inches past your fireplace opening. The fireplaces that have a hood, your mantel can broaden a couple of inches.

Preparing and estimating is important since you would not prefer to have your mantel sticking out too little or too much. Remember to consider the measurements of your room and the setting of the furniture of the room.

A mantel that sticks out excessively far can create a difficult situation between the mantel and other parts of the room or even make it uncomfortable for people. It also depends on the sort of decorations that you intend to keep on top of the mantel, which will play a good part in deciding how far it should stick out to make sure nothing tumbles and break.

The Thickness of the Fireplace Mantel

The space between the base and the top corner of the mantel is the thickness of the mantel. It is upon the kind of material that you are utilizing for construction, the thickness ought to be somewhere around three to seven inches.

However, when using a slenderer wood board, the best thickness is somewhere in the range of three to four inches and for more dense logs, the width is supposed to be around five to seven inches.

How High the TV should be mounted on top of the Mantel?

It is recommended to mount the TV about 4 to 12 inches on top of the mantel, similar to how you would hang a picture or an artwork.

For more limited mantels that are less than four feet from the ground, the ideal height to be mounting a TV is 1 foot on top of the mantel. Those mantels which are 48 inches or taller from the ground, half a foot on top of the mantel is the ideal height for your TV.

If you plan to keep your TV on top of the mantel, please keep in mind that it could be too high for your eye level and could quite create discomfort, although you can tilt your TV to make it convenient to watch.

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Make Full Use of the Mantel

The mantel really decides the visual allure of your room. The ideal width, height, and length can be tricky, however, with planning and measurements you can get the desired look.

Keep in mind to check the rules from your housing authority and read regulations from NFPA before constructing. Then cuddle up before the fire and have a great time with your family!

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