How to Remove Frosted Glass in Effortlessly Correct Ways

Frosted glass is beneficial to give a little privacy and create a statement to other home light fixtures.  As time passes by, the frosting starts to fade away and peel off. In this article, you can read about how to remove frosted glass based on the frosting types you have.

Frosted Glass as a Part of Home Decor

Frosted glass has been popular as a part of practical and ornamental home décor. The frosting is the thin paint layer the homeowner or manufacturer applies to glass. The purpose is to make it more opaque.

If you want a bit of privacy in your house, you can add frosted glass to your bathroom windows or as shower doors.

If a statement is that you want, frosted glass is also suitable for your home light fixtures. You can apply it to your lampshades, dining room, kitchen, tables, office, or bedroom.

In addition to chic characteristics, frosted glass is contrarily subtle. Throughout time, it may turn yellow, get stained or dirt-filled, and start to peel. You can take regular care and maintenance by cleaning it. The worst case is you have to remove all of it.

Before we go and find how to remove frosted glass, let’s look into three types of frosted glass. With this insight, you can choose which method is the correct way to clean and remove the frosted glass.

How to Remove Frosted Glass – 3 Frosting Types

In addition to the manufacturer’s frosted glass, there are also other frosting types homeowners can make and apply by spray paint and frosted films.

Therefore, you should know first whether the frosting in your home décor glass is spray paint, frosted films, or the manufacturer’s frosted glass.

To do so, you need a glass cleaner spray, or you can use soapy water. Apply the liquid spray in the corner of the frosted glass and wait for a minute. After that, you can start scraping the edge.

It is frosted spray paint if it begins to scrape off easily. It is a frosted glass film if you notice the film begins to slide off. It is a manufacturer’s frosted glass if you have somewhat a hard time peeling everything off.

Once you determined the glass frosting type you have, now you are ready to practice several tips on how to remove frosted glass.

How to Remove Frosted Glass with Liquid Substances

This method is highly suitable for a frosted glass of spray paint. It is ideal wearing gloves since you will work with a chemical liquid solution. Also, it would be best if you prepared small towels or rags.

Before starting, you need to open the windows to keep the room aerated. And don’t forget to put on your gloves.

The first step is applying the liquid compound. Here, you can use household cleaning agents like vinegar.  Or else, you can choose acetone or a lacquer thinner.

The second step is wetting the small rag or towel with any cleaner liquid you choose and apply it to your frosted glass.

The third step is wiping it clean. You have to wait for a few seconds before cleaning it with a dry rag or towel.

The last step is taking another wet rag or towel to wipe and clean off the solvent.

There is an optional way to finish up, especially if you still have bits of stray. You can use fine steel wool to wipe them so the remaining will come off.

How to Remove Frosted Glass with a Blade

Read the following steps carefully to figure out how to remove frosted glass with a razor blade.

First, you have to prepare the other required tools and materials. You will need glass at least the following:

  • cleaner spray
  • two sharp scrapers
  • warm water
  • one or two clean, soft towels or rags
  • a piece of fine steel wool

You can start the first step by spritzing the glass cleaner to the frosted glass. The purpose of this liquid spray is to grease the surface to prevent you from scratching the glass.

After that, you can take your razor blade and continue scraping off the frosted glass. The new and sharp blade tends to make no scratches on the glass surface.

Rinse the blade if it gets covered with frosted paint. Check your progress by wiping the glass with a towel or rag.

Re-spray the glass with the glass cleaner solution. Repeat it several times if necessary.

If your razor blade begins to draggy or grinds across the glass surface, it means you need to use another new one.

You can re-wipe the surface. If you see any frosting pieces left, use a piece of ultra-fine steel wool to scrub the glass.

You can finish up by spraying the glass cleaning liquid to the surface once again and wipe it off using a new, clean towel or rag.

In addition to the types of frosting glass, you need to consider what or where you apply the frosted glass to your home décor. Like how to remove a frosted glass from the window or door somewhat will be different from how to remove a frosted glass from the light fixture.

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