How to Mount Bookshelf Speakers On The Ceiling (Beginners’ Guide)

Mounting the speakers to the ceiling is a unique idea, and it can provide you with more space in your room, and certainly, it will be a unique act. If you want to keep your speakers off shelves and mount bookshelf speakers on the ceiling? You have landed on the right page. Here is a step-by-step guide to mounting bookshelf speakers on the ceiling.

All you have to do is, use the stud finder on the ceiling to locate the joists. Mark them and select the place to hang. Mark the points to drill in and start drilling. Attach the mounting stand to the ceiling using screws. Now attach the speaker to the mount and the mounting stand. The same goes for the other pair.

This task summary will not be enough if you know nothing about mounting bookshelf speakers on the ceiling. Following is a useful step-by-step guide to assist you throughout the process.

Items You Will Need to Mount Bookshelf Speakers on The Ceiling

  1. Ladder
  2. Weight machine
  3. Mounts
  4. Stud Finder
  5. Marker
  6. Drill Machine
  7. Screws or bolts

How to Mount Bookshelf Speakers on the Ceiling? Quick and Easy Steps

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So, it’s time to work. I will explain how to mount bookshelf speakers on the ceiling in some simple steps.

Step1: Choose the Area on the Ceiling to Mount the Speakers

how to mount bookshelf speakers on the ceiling

So, the first step is very important because the selection of the area will directly affect the voice results. So, you can’t place the speakers in the corner of the ceiling. Keep at least 1 foot away from the walls of the room. For the best voice results, place the speakers in such a way that the distance between two speakers and between the speakers and your sitting place should be equal.

Step2: Determine the Weight of the Speakers

You should know about the weight of the speakers. It can be written on the box of speakers, or you can use a weight machine. This is important because the selection of mounts will be according to the weight of the speakers.

Step3: Select the Mounts for Speakers

Select the mounts by checking their quality and holding capacity. Choose the mounts you are sure about; they can hold your speakers easily. The holding capacity of the mounts is also maintained on their box.

Step4: Find the Ceiling Joists

So the tricky part of the whole procedure is locating the joists. Use a ladder to access the roof and a stud finder to find the joists. Mark the joists with a marker. Now it is quite easy for you to select the exact position of your speakers.

Finding the joists is the most important part of this task because the speakers will mainly hang on them. Fixing the speakers on the plasterboard is not recommended. Because the ceiling panel cannot hold the speakers’ weight, it may cause accidental falls.

Step5: Mark the Exact Position of the Speakers

After locating the joists, selecting the exact position for the speakers will be easier. Select the position on the joists, place the ceiling plate on the mount, and mark the pilot holes.

Step6: Start Drilling

Drill in the joist on the marked points. Drill the joists according to the screws so they can fit in properly. Use the long screws to insert them deep inside the joists so that they can provide a strong grip.

Step7: Mount the Speakers

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Now attach the ceiling plate of the mount to the ceiling and insert the screws in it. Attach the arm of the mount to the speaker. If there is nothing on the back side of the speaker to attach the mount stand, drill in the back side, fix the plate, and attach the mount arm with the plate. After attaching the mount arm with the speaker, then attach the upper end of the mount arm with the ceiling plate you have attached to the ceiling.

Now, repeat these steps for the other pair.

Step8: Adjust the position of the speakers

After fixing the speakers, now it’s time to adjust the positions of the speakers. Both speakers should face the middle of your room. The speakers should be set at 110-120 degrees from the screen and directed to your seating area.

Can I hang the speakers on the ceiling without drilling?

Adhesive hooks can be used for this purpose. But only if your speakers are light-weighted. Adhesive hooks usually hang light-weighted things such as keys and clothes on the wall. Hanging heavy things with these hooks would be dangerous.

Can I hang bookshelf speakers by drilling in the plasterboard?

No, plasterboard cannot hold them. Bookshelf speakers are heavy speakers. Plasterboard cannot bear their weight, and it may cause damage. So it is recommended to hang them by drilling in the joists.

Is the positioning of the bookshelf speakers important?

Yes, it is. The positioning of the speakers is a non-negligible factor. The speakers’ sound also depends on how you have placed the speakers. You will get better results if you put them in the right way. So, choose the position of the speaker wisely because I’m sure you don’t want a bad or weak sound.


So, that’s all in this guide about mounting the bookshelf speakers on the ceiling. I hope it was fun going through this guide. Now it’s up to you how much effort you put into this task. The more conscious you are in each process step, the better results you will achieve. If you still face difficulties, you can share them in the comment section.

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