How To Mount TV On Stone Fireplace (Complete Guide)

Do you want to mount your TV on a stone fireplace? The fireplace walls have different types, including stone, bricks, and many more. It is easy to mount the TV on the fireplace if you have the proper guidelines.

Here we will share the best practices to mount the TV, especially on stone and other fireplaces. Ensure that you follow each pattern according to guidelines.

Now let’s dive into it.

How To Mount TV On Stone Fireplace (Complete Guide)

How to Mount a TV to a Stone Fireplace (Step-by-Step Guide)

It is common for decorating schemes, and interior designers often use the fireplace as the focal point. The homeowners also want to decorate the wall with a flat TV screen over the fireplace but fail to position it correctly. Moreover, if it has a stone fireplace, you need to be more curious, especially about anchors, before hanging the television. A minor failure in the anchor securing can cause the loss over time and may lead to the TV falling.

how to mount tv on a stone fireplace

The thing that you need for mounting the TV on the stone fireplace

  • First, you must have the wall mounting kits.

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  • Masonry drill bit

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Hammer Socket
Anchor Cement kit Screw
Epoxy masonry Wrench screwdriver

Steps for using the mounting kit

If you are a complete beginner, it is essential to know about the usage of the mounting kit before you start mounting the TV on the wall.

  • Take the mounting bracket where you want to make holes. First, mark holes on the position as the whole mounting procedure based on it.
  • The next step is to pilot the holes where anchors go. You can use the masonry according to the drill size but ensure that it matches the cement kit that you have. The perfect fitting of holes and anchors is essential.
  • Now insert anchors using hammers in piloted holes. Secure the anchors in their place by using epoxy masonry. Allow the epoxy to soak up well and then proceed further.
  • Hang it with appropriate screws. Utilize the attachments for fixing them. The TV also has some areas to eliminate for joining it with a mounting kit.
  • Join the TV sections and secure them with Jolts to metal edges.
  • Take help from another person and then fit the TV on mounting brackets. The mount is sliced out or inserted into the mounting bracket.

If you have a plasma TV, you need to follow the instructions. One of the essential tips is to maintain the fireplace’s temperature at an average degree. You can also use the thermometer, insert the glue into its intended location, and then build fire to protect your TV health.

How to Mount a Flat Screen TV to Stone Fireplace Wall

The flat-screen TV is the best choice for hanging on the wall. They don’t demand the surface for sitting, and you can secure the virtual space in the room for any other purpose. The winters with the fireplace and favorite shows on TV can enhance the room’s coziness.

The rooky walls are standard for mounting Flat TV screens because they can handle the TV’s weight and secure them properly. However, if you have a stone fireplace wall, you can also mount the Flat-screen TV with proper guidelines.

how to mount a flat screen tv over the fireplace2
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  • First, buying a TV mount that can provide significant support to the TV with a flat screen is essential. Ensure that the TV mount dimensions are appropriate according to the TV screen demand.
  • Measure the dimensions of your TV and then mark the significant area on the wall. It helps to adjust the position of the TV on the wall. You can also draw the TV on your wall by using chalk to get a better estimate. It is ideal for mounting the TV in the center of the stone wall.
  • The next step is to hold and support mounting in front of the square that you draw on the wall where you want to hang the TV. Mark the point for making the holes for screws to hold the bracket of stone. Check the level of marks by using the carpenter’s level.
  • Start drilling the holes. First, drill one-inch holes in the stone wall where you already mark the position. You can use the drilling machine with a sharp diamond drill for better holes in the correct size. It will also supply the bracket in the wall adequately.
  • Ensure that the bracket is adequately secured in the rock wall by inserting the screws. You can use the electric screwdriver for inserting the secrets in holes. The screws must be tight enough for better mounting of flat TVs.
  • Check the assembly instructions for your TV and follow them. Ensure that you level mounting holes at even and plat positions.
  • Place TV on the mounting stand. Keep in mind that every TV frame is distinct. Therefore you need to follow the instructions of the TV for better mounting.

It is always better to put the TV on medium height. Don’t go too high for mounting your flat TV on the stone walls as it will hurt your neck while watching the TV. Therefore you need to be careful while choosing the mount position on the stone fireplace wall.

How to Mount TV on Fireplace Brick Wall

Mounting TV on Fireplace Brick Wall
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Many of us think we can not mount the TV on the fireplace brick wall. It isn’t easy, but you can mount the TV on the fireplace brick wall. Ensure that your TV is not in fragile conditions, and then start mounting it on a brick wall using the essential guides.

  • For mounting the TV on a fireplace brick wall, you need to start mounting the mounting plate in your selected area. It is better to set the location on the wall for making mounting holes by using chalk or pencil. It will help you to put the TV in an ideal position. Remember that the bricks are more robust than mortar, you need to be extra careful as they cause shattering during the drilling process.
  • You can use the masonry tie for drilling the holes. Regularly blow the debris from holes for better vision of the mark and apply glue outside the dowels. Insert these in mounting holes properly.
  • Mounting lines holes according to the plate with holes. Then secure the plate on the wall by adding screws in mounting holes along with anchors.
  • You can also line screw holes by using the VESA or video electronic association standard that is compatible with the screw holes on the TV back to the VESA holes in the plate. Moreover, insert screws using VESA and then into the mounting plate, followed by the TV VESA holes. You can take help from your friend for holding the TV and screwing the screws. It is a fact that a single person can not perform both tasks.
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To protect your TV from heat, you can also install the thermometer on a wall on top of the fireplace. It helps you maintain the temperature for the better safety of the TV.

How to Mount a TV on a Fireplace with Cables

How to Mount a TV on a Fireplace with Cables

It is common to mount the painting or wall hanging with cable. But mounting the TV on the fireplace wall with lines is something else. It would help if you were extra careful about securing the TV and cables from heat. The flat-screen TV has bolt standard mounting patterns according to the design of European standard VESA. Here are the guidelines for mounting the TV on the fireplace with cables.

  • Start inserting the top bolts on the television four fancy bolts. Ensure to leave the half-inch protruding. Then lay all the cables through these bolts and cut 3 inches past bolts from both edges. It is always essential to use the shared wire cutter to cut wires better.
  • Now slip the cable through ties and loop them around bolt. Bring the wires back through the clips of rope and then tighten them with nuts on hooks using the socket wrench. Ensure to stretch the cables tight enough and repeat the process from opposite sides around the bolt.
  • Again, go back to the bolts and insert them in fender washers. Tighten them on the socket but first, put these back out of rope loops.
  • The next step is distance measuring between the top bolts and subtracting two inches from this distance. Keep a record of these distances.
  • Measure the height from the TV bottom and Fireplace then measure the distance from that mark to the bottom of the TV. Please keep it one inch above for placing the top bolts. It is the important place where you can attach the string. Now you can use leveling device for marking the screw positions on the wall.

Now begin with the TV mounting procedure on the fireplace wall with cables.

  • Drill the hole with pilot bolts and use the wall studs of 1/8 inches between each stud. Cut the hanger to 8 inches and fold it into an L shape. Ensure that the folding shape is even and bend an inch on one end at both positions. After that, insert the long leg into the holes and clear the obstacles. Now dill the half-inch bolt holes with cat bits. If you are using the drill, masonry is unnecessary as you need to score the level points.
  • Insert the bolts into the fender washer and then the stop button with the fender washer. Use the toggle bolts and screw the ¼ inch fender into the tip of the screw. Tight the screw in its place, and you can insert the nylon anchor sleeves/covers in holes. Ensure that lag bolts are secure properly for a better mounting experience.
  • Take help from any other member for lifting the TV so you can secure the cables over the fender washer properly. Slowly place the TV from the top and let it stops at the leveled position.
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How to Wire TV to the Fireplace

For the past few years, it has been the fashion to make living space attractive with Fireplace and TV mounts on walls. The fireplace has the focal position in the room before the TV. Now everyone wants to install the fireplace TV and ensure that both things can stand on the room’s front wall. Now it is easy to mount the TV on the fireplace wall, but how to wire it correctly? The wiring of the TV to the fireplace is a tricky task. However, surface mounts are the only way to wire the TV to the fireplace and keep them protected.

  • First, you will connect the wires to your Flat TV after mounting it on the mounting plate at the fireplace wall. Remember to know the wire inputs and outputs behind your TV before mounting it on the wall. Moreover, when you want to run TV wires through the fireplace, ensure that the TV is off for a better job.
  • Now find TV responses from TV components and then plug these in the TV at a suitable position.
  • Determine the wiring route where you want to run a cable from the TV to the switch by passing through the fireplace.
  • Surface mount the cut channels according to the size suitable for hiding the cables from TV to its component. The surface mount is a long tube that can easily adhere to the wall.
  • Insert the cables into the cable mount and allow all the lines to settle effectively. You can use regular scissors for cutting the surface mount channel.
  • Now paint the surface mount channel as it comes in white colors. Paint it according to your wall, or you can also conceal cables.
  • Peel off the wax paper from the mount channel surface. Also, adhere to them in a suitable position. Similarly, run other ends of TV cables across the surface mount channel and let them pass through the cabin. Ensure that you connect all the wires at their correct position for better connectivity.
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You have a comprehensive guide for mounting the TV on stone or brick fireplace walls. As we already said, it is easy to mount the TV if you follow the instructions carefully. Using the guidelines from this article, you can mount the TV on walls with cables or wire them correctly. We hope this guide helps you in the best possible way for mounting your TVs on fireplace walls.

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