How To Hang Things On Brick Walls Without Drilling

Want to decorate your walls without messing them up?

Drilling is one of the most effort-intensive approaches to wall décor. It requires accuracy and there’s little room for error.

Plus, if you do it wrong, you end up with a messy-looking wall!

To avoid that result (and to give yourself more room for trial and error), keep reading.

How To Hang Things On Brick Walls Without Drilling (4 Tested Methods) (7)

We’ll show you how to attach something to a brick wall without drilling. In fact, we have 4 methods for you to try!

#1: Try Using Command Hooks

Command Large Forever Classic Metal Hook, Oil Rubbed Bronze, 2-Hooks, 4-Strips, Decorate Damage-Free

They’re the easiest tools to try. Command hooks are adhesive hooks that you can unpack and stick immediately to your wall.

They’re fast and efficient. However, you have to get the positioning right the first time, else you risk ruining the hook’s adhesive.

Also, do note that command hooks don’t work with “all” brick walls…


For command hooks to work, the wall has to be smooth and painted. Brick walls with rough texture means the adhesive doesn’t stick completely to the wall.

This gives a lower lifetime for the hook, and less weight you can place on that hook.

So if this option isn’t viable for you (but you still want a fast option), you can…

#2: Try Double-Sided Tapes

Scotch Permanent Outdoor/Exterior Mounting Tape, Holds 5 lb., 1 in x 60 in Roll

They’re common wall decorative items, and they work on brick walls too.

Double-sided tapes are perfect for large items that can hide the tape. Those include tall plants, big portraits, etc.

They’re also easier to use than command hooks. And they require less positioning expertise since you can swap out used tapes without affecting your wall.

If you plan on buying one, then be sure to pick a transparent to type. One brand that offers that is EZlifego.

With that, they do have some cons, including…

Heat and Dust Sensitivity

If you live in a hot location, have a wall heavily exposed to sunlight, or if you plan on decorating brick walls outdoors, then adhesive tapes might not work.

Dust is another problem, which acts as a barrier between the adhesive and the wall. So if your brick wall is dusty, you’ll need to clean it first before applying adhesive tapes.

Tapes fall of fast from hot temperatures and dust. They’re only effective indoors.

Scotch Permanent Outdoor/Exterior Mounting Tape, Holds 5 lb., 1 in x 60 in Roll

May Require Supporting Items

Tapes can’t shoulder the weight of extremely heavy decorations. You should combine them with other hanging items.

For example, you might have a large plant you’d like to hang. In that case, you can…

  • Lean the plant against the wall
  • Apply well-hidden adhesive tapes to ensure it doesn’t slide off to an odd angle

#3: Try Brick Clips

Holiday Joy Brick Clips for Hanging Outdoors - Pack of 4 Hooks to Hang Wall Decor, Christmas Decorations, Garland, Pictures & Wreaths up to 25 Pounds - Hanger Fits 2-1/8 to 2-1/3 Inch Bricks

This is the most durable option for a few reasons.

Most brick clips are metallic. This means durability. They can hold lots of weight without dropping your decorations!

Also, brick clips aren’t adhesive. They don’t rely on being stickiness to grip the brick, so they can be used outdoors!

Holiday Joy Brick Clips for Hanging Outdoors - Pack of 4 Hooks to Hang Wall Decor, Christmas Decorations, Garland, Pictures & Wreaths up to 25 Pounds - Hanger Fits 2-1/8 to 2-1/3 Inch Bricks

Two Types of Brick Clips

One grips the brick itself , and the other grips the mortar in the brick.

(6 Pack) Adjustable Brick Hooks Clips, Fits Brick 2-1/4" to 3-3/4" in Height, Heavy Duty Brick Wall Clips for Hanging, No Drill, No Hole, No Damage, No Adhesive Brick Wall Hanger, Easy to Use

The first type is the most durable type. The only problem is that you need to buy clips specifically for your brick size.

The solution to that is to buy adjustable brick clips. This lets you change the clip’s width to fit around your bricks!

Brick Wall Clips Hooks Fastener - Coideal 12 PCS Metal Brick Hangers Hook Clip for Outdoor Hanging Pictures Lights Wreaths Stockings Garland No Drill, Fit Brick 2 1/5 to 2 1/2 Inch (Bronze)

The second type clips to mortar only. They look like small door hangers. Those take up less space (so are less obvious) than the first type, but they can take on less weight.

This makes them usable only for light décor.

Cons of Brick Clips

There aren’t many cons. The only one to consider is viability.

Brick clips only work with walls whose bricks protrude far enough out of the mortar. If your wall is too even or smooth, then brick clips won’t work for you.

#4: Nail-In Brick Clips

Let’s say your wall is too smooth, so you can’t use normal brick clips. And maybe adhesives don’t work well for you.

What option would you have left?

Hammering a clip is your last bet. It comes close to drilling, but it’s not as messy, and is surprisingly easy…

In fact, you don’t need a special type of clip. A nail and hammer are all you need (and some basic hammer expertise).

Here’s what they look like for reference (source)

All you have to do is hammer the nail into the mortar where you want to hang your décor!

Small Tip

If you’re hammering a nail, pick something thick that can handle a lot of weight.

A thin nail may bend from the weight after you hammer it in. If that happens, you’ll have to pull the nail out.

You’ll risk ending up with an awkward-looking hole in your wall. And, you’ll have to redo the hammering job again!

But if in doubt, we recommend getting someone more experienced to do the work for you.

Buying a Specialized Type

Any normal nail wouldn’t do. Be sure to purchase a nail-in clip that’s advertised for brick and mortar use.

Also, make sure the brand you find is drill-free. You don’t want to buy the clips, only to find that you need a drill for them.

Few Final Tips

Learning how to hang something on brick is easy. But the key is watching out for obstacles and preparing beforehand.

Here are some planning tips to follow:

  • Define thoroughly where to hang each object. Get second opinions, and minimize trial and error before buying hanging products.
  • Clean your walls, especially outdoors. Get the dust off your walls. This matters a lot, especially with adhesive solutions. Just try not to use water (though you may dust off the surface).
  • Check brand reviews before buying any product. Don’t commit to a solution if it won’t work for you. In fact, you should seek product reviews that talk about walls similar to what you’re working with.
  • Ask your landlord prior. If you’re following a nail-in solution, you want to ensure that your landlord is fine with hammering projects. Also, be sure to inform your neighbors, just to avoid any noise complaints!How To Hang Things On Brick Walls Without Drilling (4 Tested Methods) (7)

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