How To Hang Things On Brick Walls Without Drilling (4 Tested Methods)

How to hang things on brick – Intend to hang up ornamental objects on a brick wall, yet do not wish to drill any holes?

What about putting up a plant trellis? Or adding some holiday lights or decor for your next party? Do you need to install a string trellis for your plants?

I discovered as well as tried out and tested some items that are used to hang stuff on a brick wall in or outside without needing to drill any holes.

How to Hang Things on Brick Walls Without Drilling

In what way can anything be attached to brick walls with no need to own a drill? Here are 4 methods I discovered and then tested out.

  1. Double-sided tape may be utilized for holding stuff onto brick walls.
  2. Brick Clips hold onto the bricks to keep the item in place.
  3. Brick Clips grip onto the mortar area in between bricks.
  4. Hammered in brick hooks which say there’s no need for a drill since you only need a hammer to install them.

Each one said it could be used on bricks, plus I also tested them for using them outside.  

The one that worked best and didn’t require a drill, plus worked the best in regard to support during the growing season was both types of brick clips. So buy the one that works the best for your bricks.

The ways I tested them out

For testing these items, i.e. the double-sided tape, brick clips, and hammered in brick hooks, I used each one on the outside of a brick home. In order to find out the length of time they lasted as well as their effectiveness, I set up plant varieties that required stacking via some rope that I hooked up to the tested support item.

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1. Outside Graded HD Double-Sided Sticky Tape

how to hang things on brick walls without drilling

I attached a three-foot (one meter) length of a lightweight strip in a straight line onto the wall for testing the tape. I maximized the surface space where I wanted it to stay stuck. Then, I hooked on 4 4 ropes that hung down and pinned them on the ground so I could grow vines from them. I planned for these vines to provide shade for my south-facing wall so the temperature would go down during the summer. It was a rental so that’s the reason I didn’t want to drill any holes. It stayed put for six weeks. But when the Morning Glory flowers were about three to four feet in height, the entire thing crashed down to the ground.

The sticky tape was supposed to hold up to forty pounds, and the vines along with the rope didn’t even weigh ten pounds. However, the temperature as well as the fact the bricks were porous made it so the tape didn’t hold. I still think this tape is a great product, however, not meant for this type of project. I liked the tape, but I don’t plan to use it again for this kind of thing.

The outside-rated double-sided sticky tape is good for holding lightweight things, but a lot less weight than what the label claims for holding in a month. My issue was that the bricks were quite porous, as well as being dusty. They weren’t dirty, however, they were dry and a bit friable.  I believe it wouldn’t work better if the bricks were non-porous and painted, as well as the more something weighs, the more it needs to be in contact directly with the brick surface.

2. Brick Clips

how to hang things on brick walls without drilling

I utilized the subsequent brick clips to attach things to the identical wall, then attached a mounting board to these clips, and put in string trellises to use for growing the Morning Glory flowers.

Two months after this, the vines have ground very thick and are higher than the mounting board and its brick clips. I was skeptical, which I’ll talk about later, however, I am gonna say this one was a tremendous success.

The ones which gripped the brick wall were great, as well as simple to put in. Be sure you get the correct size based on the kind of bricks you have, as bricks are available in several different sizes (wow I didn’t even know that)and you must be the correct one. And the mortar in between these bricks likewise requires having sufficient squared-off lip space so they could grip properly. The bricks should be painted and the mortar has to be rounded upright to the brick’s edge or it won’t hold efficiently.

I was worried when I first put these in. It seemed like it was too thin where the clips had to grip and they might be knocked off pretty easily if your pressure came from a side direction or it was pulled away from your wall. If the weight being put on it comes from under the clip it then worked great. For instance, if you use tomato plants, they can have a lot of fruit and leaves, making them heavy. But even after sustaining wind and rain, they still held up beautifully!

I had the ropes placed so the weight of the tomatoes was pulling downward, as well as from a side angle alongside the plane of the wall. And I didn’t have any issues with either of those angles. I was so happy as well as a bit shocked.

3. The clip which holds onto the mortar area

how to hang things on brick walls without drilling

The brick clip holding it inside the mortar area will work with any kind of brick, so there’s no worry about having to measure the bricks prior to buying them. But you do still have to have available a specific squared-off edge region, about the same size as one of those erasers on the end of a pencil, so it can hold onto the bricks so the mortar doesn’t interfere with it, particularly if it is the rounded mortar.

This kind of clip also worked as well as the other clip that grips bricks. It’s smaller, so I was worried about that, but those worries were unfounded as it has worked wonderfully.

4. Nailed-In Brick Clips

how to hang things on brick walls without drilling

I then tried out the nailed-in brick clips. But sadly they didn’t work one bit. Not at all. I couldn’t even figure out how they were rated to work with bricks. I think they would work great on wood, as I actually did that and it was wonderful. However, not bricks. No way. They merely bent and didn’t move whatsoever.

I don’t know if maybe they were meant for concrete blocks or perhaps you must install them into the brick mortar. My brick mortar is inset, and they wouldn’t work for me whatsoever.

Associated Questions:

Would command hooks work on a brick wall?  

Command stips just work with bricks if they’re painted, as well as not very rough.  Contemplate more regarding the lines you see on concrete blocks that are painted, as they are a lot smoother than rough brick. The problem here is the surface space where the glue needs to stick will not have a sufficient flat area to hold onto. So the less of a surface zone, the fewer things are going to stick. And to top it off, bricks are porous and that means they are too dusty to make it stick unless they are painted.

Think about terracotta pots. If they’re rubbed using a clean and white cloth, it doesn’t matter the number of times they are wiped off, you will always get a little terra cotta residue. It isn’t a secure holding area for something to stick onto. You could maybe try some hot glue for holding the hook, but then you couldn’t take off the command strip easily, which defeats the purpose of the command strips.

How do you hang some curtains onto a brick wall?

This is kinda hard, however, here are 3 hacks to try.

First, drill some holes inside the mortar. You can fill them easily later and it won’t hurt the brick itself. Secondly, if the curtains are extremely sheer or lightweight, you can try putting hot glue on the hooks. Thirdly, don’t worry about your wall… instead, hang the hardware right from your ceiling!  It is simple to fill up the hole later with drywall. No worries.

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How can you hang some photos from a fireplace made of stone and not damage it?

Hang the items from your ceiling right in the front of the fireplace.

Do you have mortar that’s thick enough in between the stones to drill holes and install the hardware?  Then later you can easily fill it in and it won’t damage your stone. If the stone is placed in big flat sections such as stacked up slate or flagstone in which there is a deep inset prior to getting back to your mortar, you can likely get C Clamps which can be fitted around each stone, and then hang your hardware from those.

Is it a normal wall on each side of your stone area?  If so, mount your board or another kind of décor across the face of your stone area, you can mount it on brackets placed on either of the stone sides. Just get normal mounting hardware for photos to use on your board.

Has anyone been lucky using some other idea? If so please let us know via the comment section. Creativity is always going to discover away!

How To Hang Things On Brick Walls Without Drilling (4 Tested Methods) (7)

How To Hang Things On Brick Walls Without Drilling (4 Tested Methods) (7)

How To Hang Things On Brick Walls Without Drilling (4 Tested Methods) (7)

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