How to Get Rid of Weevils In My Bedroom

Sleep tight, do not let the bugs bite is more than just a saying. Yes, you read that correctly. Believe it or not, there are small bugs known as weevils inside your bedroom.

If you have felt your skin crawl and give you a tingly feeling while sleeping, chances are that it is a weevil. If you want a full-time solution to get rid of these bed bugs then keep scrolling.

Here are a few things to know about weevils:

How To Get Rid of Weevils In My Bedroom

What exactly are weevils?

To be able to get rid of these weevils, you need to understand what they exactly are. They are a type of bug that lives inside your bedroom. They usually feed on starches.

So, all those food crumbs that you leave on your bed after a midnight snack become a snack for the weevils.

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What food sources are they attracted to?

A great food source for these weevils or small bugs are grains and other starchy foods like rice, wheat, beans, seeds, and maize. So, this is everything you can easily find in your pantry and lands directly into your room, past your bedtime when the hunger pangs strike at night.

You must limit the consumption of these food items to the living room or the dining area because they can start intervening in your sleep routine.

Do they bite?

While you might be fully convinced that you have been bitten by a weevil, the reality is quite different. Weevils are completely harmless creatures. Yes, they do not qualify as creepy crawlies. No matter how much you would want to believe.

They do not bite humans or harm them health-wise. If you feel a weevil has bitten you, chances are that you have mistaken a weevil for another small bug. You need to be fully sure and do a bit of research on what a weevil looks like before making any assumptions.

If you are still unconvinced, you can even read further on this subject and be satisfied before believing anyone’s word of mouth.

How to get rid of weevils in my bedroom

Steps To Remove Weevils In Bedroom

Here is how you can instantly get rid of them if you want:

1. Get rid of the starches from your room

As much as you would like to believe, weevils do not intentionally invade your personal space. Yes, you read that correctly. It is you who brings these unwanted guests into your bedroom all by yourself.

Do not be surprised. Remember that late-night trip to the kitchen? Yes, that is when you showed them the way into your bedroom. Weevils live inside these food sources and also conveniently lay their eggs there, too.

To make sure that you get rid of these small bugs all at once, you first need to deep clean your bedroom, especially your bed area of any potential food particles that might be lying around and can become food to these weevils.

Deep cleaning requires time. So, make sure that you take your time and do it. No need to rush. Otherwise, you won’t see any positive results. Change your bed sheets, too.

2. Get weevil infestation done

Many people complain about these little creatures not going away even after deep cleaning their bedroom and getting rid of all food particles from the bed area. The problem is that they are so tiny that sometimes they can easily miss the naked eye and get away without you even realizing it.

The one solution to getting rid of them completely can be in your kitchen, something that you might realize way later but we are letting you know beforehand. You need to also make sure that you do a deep cleaning of your kitchen, especially the pantry where they are most likely to be having a blast.

The pantry is the main food source for these weevils and unfortunately, for you as well. They are already present on the food packages and the other unpacked food items lying open in your pantry.

Make sure that you cover every food item in the pantry completely, leaving no room for these weevils to get comfortable in your food jars and boxes. In some cases, you might have to completely get rid of the food item if they have been already infected by the weevils and their family members.

The next step you need to take is to clean all boxes and packages of food items so that there is not even a slight chance of these small bugs or their friends being present near your food sources.

3. Use active pesticides

When nothing works and you are sick and tired of deep cleaning the entire house, the next step is to make sure that you have strong chemicals in the form of pesticides to make things easier for you and get the job done.

Here is a list of pesticides that will help you in getting rid of the weevils:

Diatomaceous Earth

This pesticide is strong and active enough to kill the weevils and further stop them from intervening in your personal space. All you have to do is to sprinkle some of the powder in the area you feel is infected by weevils and leave it.

The next morning or so, you will witness dead bugs lying around your bedside and kitchen area. You can easily vacuum the area or deep clean it once and for all. Another thing about this pesticide is that it is completely harmless to children and adults. So, do not worry about anyone getting harm by the powder lying around for a few days.


When all else fails, there are insecticides that are harsh and will get the job done for you. One such strong insecticide comes in the pack of D-Force that is specially designed to kill such small bug, weevils to be more specific.

To use the insecticide and make the most of it, you first need to go through the instructions on the packet that it comes in. This way you will specifically know for how long you need to use the insecticide.


If you are still unsure about using any types of chemicals and want to keep your house chemical-free, you need to get your hands on different traps that will make things easier for you. One such trap is the glue trap.

4. Weevil deterrents

There is no one way to get rid of weevils or any such small bugs. If you think you have tried your hand at everything and nothing seems to work for you, you need to try using weevil deterrents. Yes, that is correct.

Here is how you can use these weevil deterrents:

  • Freeze the dry foods

You can try preventing your house from being invaded by weevils through freezing dry food items.

  • Keep things in airtight boxes

As mentioned above, your pantry is the main source of giving birth to these weevils and their family members. You need to make sure that your food items are stored inside airtight containers so that there is no room for weevils to go inside.

  • Bay leaves

A natural way to get rid of weevils is by placing bay leaves in your pantry and bedroom. You can put them anywhere you feel the weevils can invade. You can try crushing them in a powder form like a pesticide and sprinkle them in different areas. They are natural so you do not even have to worry about the children getting harmed.

  • Check the grocery

Before you put the grocery in your kitchen, make sure you clean it properly. Chances are that the weevils are already present on the grocery items and can make their way straight into your kitchen uninvited.

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