How to Keep Centipedes Out of Your Bed (8 Helpful Tips)

Centipedes are one of the most common insects found in human habitations. This insect is very annoying to most people. These insects enter the house, where they find a favorable environment.

If you notice increased centipedes in your house, you must take serious action against them. Otherwise, you will see them everywhere and on your bed, disturbing your rest.

This article is not only about how to keep centipedes out of your bed. But the root of this problem has been mentioned, and its solution has been explained.

To get rid of this problem, please take a look at this whole article. You will surely find a permanent solution to this problem.

The Reason Behind the Presence of Centipedes in Your Home

This creature is highly adaptable and capable of surviving in any climate. You have to keep yourself away from them because centipedes are venomous. Although they are not very venomous to kill someone, their bite can cause fever, swelling, and body weakness. People with weak immune systems can cause venom anaphylactic shock, eventually leading to death.

So, to keep them away from your bed, you should first find what attracts them to your home. If there are other insects in your house, centipedes will surely find a way to enter your home to eat them. Further, the presence of warmth, moisture, and dampness are also ideal environments for the centipedes to live.

Here are some tips you can adopt to keep centipedes out of your bed to get rid of this trouble.

How to Keep Centipedes Out of Your Bed

8 Tips to keep Centipedes out of Your Bed

1. Clean your bed regularly

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Usually, these insects build their nests under the bed. They find it safe because people usually don’t clean the underside of their beds for years.

So first of all, you need to do a deep cleaning of your bed. It is best to open its parts and clean them with spraying a detergent. This cleanup should be done frequently so that they cannot breed again.

2. Remove the Moisture

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As mentioned earlier, centipedes are attracted to moisture; you need to eliminate moisture from your room so they cannot make their place in the room. An air dehumidifier is an excellent idea to remove moisture from the room.

It will suck the air in your room, remove the humidity, and release it. Investing in an air dehumidifier is worthwhile otherwise, you will spend more money on infections through these centipedes, and the pain will have to be borne separately. So don’t compromise your health and your comfort.

3. Install Fan in your Washroom

Because moisture is perfect for their reproduction, you should take precautions to ensure that there isn’t too much in your bathroom. The best way to tackle the moisture is by installing a washroom fan. You should not let create an environment in which these centipedes can grow.

4. Remove Dampness and Mold

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If there is dampness and mold on your house walls and ceiling, it’s a sign of humidity which is the biggest attraction for centipedes. Dampness and mold mean there is water leakage in your house. The first thing you need to do is find the leak and plug it in. Secondly, hire a professional to exterminate the dampness and mold.

5. Try an effective Repellent for Centipedes

According to centipede experts, baking soda is the best repellent for centipedes. You can place ¼ cup of baking soda near your bed in a bucket with small holes. But before placing baking soda, ensure there is no food item in your room.

4. Fill the Cracks

Cracks in your house are the entry points and very safe hiding places for centipedes. These cracks can be on walls, pipes, or floors. You should find these cracks and fill them so that the centipedes cannot enter the house.

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5. Use Pesticides

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Insects are the biggest attraction to the centipedes to enter your house. They will turn to your home to eat them. You should use some pesticides to kill the insects. There are different types of pesticides available in the market. For a better result, follow the instructions on the pesticide.

6. Use Sticky Traps

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Sticky traps are one of the most effective ways to catch the centipedes in your house. You should set these traps where you think they might come from.

7. Clear out the Clutter

Clutters are the most stable breeding grounds for insects, whether inside or outside your house. So, you must get rid of these clutters inside and outside your house.

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8. Hire pest removal service

If you have a lot of insects, including centipedes, in your house and you cannot control them. You can hire pest removal service providers. They are professionals and experts in finding the eggs of insects and centipedes. They carry some immediately effective sprays that eliminate these insects from your house.


What do centipedes hate?

Centipedes are multi-leg insects that you can find in your house. Generally, they enter the home for food and shelter where they can grow. You can push them back with some smells they hate. They hate the smell of tea tree oil, clove oil, lavender oil, and thyme oil.

Does light keep centipedes away?

No, although Centipedes hate the light. They will be scattered in the presence of light and hide in damp and dark areas. As we know that they eat different insects, the light will bring more insects into your house, and the centipedes will continue to get food.

What month do centipedes come out?

They are incredibly adaptable creatures, but the most common, they come out in spring and fall.


So, these were the tips to keep out the centipedes from your bed. It is a venomous insect that may be very creepy to look at when moving with its many legs. So, to prevent it from entering your home, you should pay special attention to cleaning your house and don’t let moisture in it.

How to Keep Centipedes Out of Your Bed

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