How to Drain Your Hot Tub Without a Pump

Having a hot tub means you need to drain it regularly. Many people know how to drain a hot tub with a pump, but what if the pump is not available?

Luckily, there are various practical methods to drain a tub so you can properly clean it. Follow this guide to drain a hot tub without using a pump properly.

How to Drain Your Hot Tub Without a Pump

Draining Hot Tub with Spigot

The easiest way to drain a hot tub is using its draining spigot. Depending on the model, a hot tub usually comes with primary and auxiliary spigots. With this kind of tub, you will use the primary spigot to drain it slowly. If the spigot is situated right over a drain, let the water flows out through it by opening the valve.

It is the easiest way to drain a hot tub with no pump. You need around one or two hours, depending on the pump’s size, but you do not need to do much. Use manual brushing to “shoo” the remaining water into the drain.

Draining Hot Tub with Vacuum

You can use a dry or wet vacuum to drain a hot tub faster than the spigot method, although it is still slower than a pump. Place the hose end of the vacuum in the water and the open end above the drain, and then turn it on. When the water starts to flow steadily, turn off the vacuum and disconnect the hose. You will see that water still flows steadily.

Please wait until the water recedes until it can no longer flow through the vacuum hose. Once it happens, turn on the vacuum again and drain the remaining water until the hot tub is dry.

Draining Hot Tub with Hose

Every homeowner usually has a garden hose, and it is an easy thing to acquire, so you can always use this method. Here is how to drain a hot tub using this hose.

1. Position Hose

The first step is simple enough. Drop the end of the garden hose into the bottom of the tub. Turn on the hose and wait until you see water coming out without any bubbling action.

2. Pour Water with Gravity’s Help

Once the water flows, you can turn off the hose and position it low on the ground (disconnect it from the faucet first). Make sure the water can flow outside the tub with the power of gravity.

3. Keep the Hose Position

While waiting for the water to drain, ensure the hose does not move from the bottom of the tub. When the water starts to recede, keep the hose to stay in position until most of the water flows out and into the drain. You can use the vacuum method to suck out the rest of the water if necessary.

Draining Hot Tub with Plug and Hose

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This method uses a garden hose more ingeniously, using the hot tub plug. Here are the steps.

1. Prepare the Plug Access

Turn off the hot tub and pull the drain plug outward. Once you get a good length of the drainage tube, unscrew the plug cap.

2. Attach Hose

Attach and screw the end of the garden hose to the drain plug end. Position the other end of the hose lower and right into the drainage or sewer, so the water can flow out, aided by gravity.

3. Push Back the Drainage Tube

Once the hose is positioned properly, push the end of the drainage tube back to its position. If everything is right, you will see water stars flow through the hose. Return everything to its original position after you drain all the water in the tub.

Cleaning the Drained Hot Tub

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After draining the hot tub, how do you clean it? Different methods depend on the frequency of your cleaning schedules. Here are several common, practical cleaning methods you can do after draining the hot tub.

1. Simple Cleaning after Use

The simplest way to clean your hot tub is to wipe the tidelines dry after each use. You can also check the levels of the sanitizer and water pH before adjusting their numbers.

2. Weekly Cleaning

For weekly cleaning, you can add a cleaning filter aside from checking the pH and sanitizer levels. If you use the tub often, apply the “shock dose” method, exposing the water to a high oxidizer dose to remove bacteria.

3. Quarterly Cleaning

Drain the tube fully and clean the filter and pipes every three months. Make sure to wipe down all the surface interior of the tub.

4. Cleaning Panels and Covers

Many hot tubs have panels and covers. Once you drain the tub, use the opportunity to clean them too. You can spray the surfaces with a high-powered hose before wiping them down with non-abrasive fabric. Make sure to use a mild product like neutral detergent or a special hot tub cleaner.

Hot Tub Draining and Cleaning FAQs

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Now that you have a completely clean tub, it is time to dive into the most common questions about draining and cleaning the hot tub. They are:

Can You Use Bleach or Vinegar?

No. Always use a special cleaning solution designed for the hot tub. Vinegar or bleach can seep into the water and damage the pH balance of the water.

What to Do If the Hot Tub Is Cloudy?

Cloudy tub water is perhaps caused by small particles that a filter cannot catch. You can use a special Jacuzzi/spa tub cleaner, which coagulates small particles and make them easier to strain. You should also clean your filter at least once every one or two weeks.

How Often Should You Change the Water?

Ideally, you should change the water in your hot tub every three to four months. If possible, drain and change it once a month. It will ensure the purity of the water and reduce the amount of cleaning you must do.

Having a hot tub means you need to know the proper way to drain and clean it. Knowing how to drain a hot tub without a pump will help you do immediate cleaning work without relying on excessive machines.

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