How Much Is a Black Walnut Tree Worth? (Explained)

A black walnut tree is an attractive tree that adds up value to your backyard or your little garden. Before removing it forever, let us tell you the importance of what you are going to miss out on. And if you have made up your mind, then how much is a black walnut tree worth?

Black walnut trees are those which grow individually instead of having a group inhabitation with a large number of trees. Either single or it grows in small groups too. It usually grows in either the eastern or central part of the United States. Its latitude can affect its growth span. In the northern part, it usually starts growing its flowers in the early days of June whereas, in the southern part, it starts a bit earlier in the mid of April.

If you talk about uses, that will be a whole other topic which we will discuss below. Apart from the attractive look and giving nuts, its wood has a whole long list of products that we design through this wood.

They play a key role in decorating your yard to make it look great. This is the reason why every property or building purchaser makes it elementary to reinvigorate it. Now, you can imagine how much importance it has. Let’s dive deep into it and try to find out how much does it actually cost.

how much is a black walnut tree worth

How Much is a Black Walnut Tree Worth?

If you have a Walnut tree that has fully or considerably grown up and is in a suitable condition with approximately 20 inches, it would be worth 700 to 800 dollars.

The diameter of the tree has a major impact on the tree’s worth. The larger the diameter is, the greater will be the worth. Similarly, the walnut tree of 30 inches or over will give you even better rates.

Keeping the condition factor apart, they tend to grow from 30 to 40 inches in diameter. If you find one with the size of 40 inches or over, it will be worth around $2000 dollars because it will fall in the lumber grade. You must be thinking, is it really a walnut tree or a money plant, right?

Lumber is its grading for quality that comes into action when the discussion of selling appears. After the diameter size, how about we add another thing to your knowledge?

It is that tree that gives you the benefit of earning for its height. Generally, a walnut tree with 14 to 16 inches diameter is expected to have a height of 50 board feet. For the height, every inch that comes in its height will increase its value by 1 dollar. You can imagine the tree of your backyard of 16 inches can give you 50 dollars straight.

This is the reason why people put it in so much esteem. There are people who are receiving a handsome amount by selling them or their lumber. While some people put the aesthetics beyond just collecting money by setting up a sober and elegant black tree in their yards.

How to Calculate the Worth of a Tree?

how much is a black walnut tree worth

Generally, if you wish to remove a tree from your backyard, selling it also becomes an option. There are no hard and fast rules and methods to calculate the value of a tree.

One of the simplest and easiest approaches is through calculating the diameter and height of the trees. If they are in a woodlot, then the average method applies in which the total amount will be divided by the number of trees.

This method can also give you the average height and diameter of the trees in general. The next you can do is count the trees and multiply that amount by the number of trees. Or you can consult the professionals to get the exact figures.

This service is also available online on tree value calculators. They ask you about the tree type, height, and diameter of the tree, and you can get the worth of your tree. The black walnut tree is not exceptional. You can calculate its worth in a similar way.

Uses of Black Walnut Tree

You must have got an idea about the worth of your walnut tree but what increases it is how you can keep it and get the benefits. If you are keeping it, it will not give you fruits as others do, but it does give you nuts. Those who have an extensive piece of land and if they are gardening there, consider the black walnut tree as a way to great revenue generation.

Nuts are famous for their use in ice creams, baking items, candies, or other sweet dishes. Black walnuts are also quite in demand these days. If not for you, you can make it a source of food for squirrels. Another valuable approach for wood is people consume it for new and fancy styles of guitars and also for gunstocks as well.

In rural areas, deer and other wildlife creatures are consuming the nuts and walnuts from these trees. However, the quality and benefits of the urban trees are a bit different with lower quality than those who are grown up under proper circumstances.

Urban trees can be a great source of shade as you will hardly find one there. Another benefit is they will keep a balance between pollution and global warming.

Thirdly, the wood from rural areas or orchards can give you premium quality door veneers and other furniture items. However, the wood getting from urban cities can fulfill the purpose of firewood when it is snowing outside, and your chimney is cold.

Value of Nuts

Black Walnut Tree Quart Pot

You can not only use the nuts and walnuts for yourself, but you can also sell them if you have that excess. Per every acre, a fully grown and a well-maintained black walnut tree can give you around 2000 pounds of walnuts every year.

We have collected the response to a survey that was conducted back in 2010, and according to that, each pound of nuts can give you 0.45-0.5 dollars.

Another report says every single tree is capable of producing around 350 walnuts each day, and every 100 pounds can produce 10-12 dollars for every 100 pounds.

Benefits of Black Walnut Tree

6-12" Black Walnut Tree, Sweet Nut to Enjoy in Years to Come, Fruit Bearing Potted Plant, in Dormancy

Following are the benefits that will clear your mind about the question of how much is a black walnut tree worth.

1. Providing Shade

The main reason behind growing and keeping those mature trees is that they provide shade. People are often ready to pay up any price for that too. Black walnut trees are large enough to cover up a significant area under them.

2. Chestnuts

There is a great demand for black walnuts for adding them up with chocolate flavors. It does not mean that you can never have black walnuts while living in an urban city.

If you have sufficient time and resources, you can have your regularly maintained orchard and grow them there.

3. Christmas Trees

It is the era now that people have opted for artificial Christmas trees for ease, but they can never give you the same vibe as the real ones.

These black walnut trees have considerable height and diameter that you can decorate with ornaments and lights for the season and stand out in the whole street.

Why are Black Walnuts Expensive?

Why is Black Walnuts Expensive?

The reason is clear enough that black walnut trees are expensive, and the walnuts they produce are rare, but why is it? It is because of the fact that they are not the ones that grow in the Copses or forests.

Even if they do, they retain a small number of trees. Therefore, they are not like giving away an abundant amount of fruits or chestnuts. Having the ability to grow individually makes walnuts expensive.

Valuable Facts about Black Walnuts

If you talk about health concerns, they have a list of features that are important for health. Firstly, they give a beautiful brown color dye to the natural plants.

Even the shells can give you something beneficial. They are those abrasives that we use in filter machines.

It also has a green hull which is not legal in many countries because of the fact that it can successfully paralyze rats, fish, rabbits, etc.

In the seventeenth century, people were using walnuts as a remedy for poisonous snakes or spider bites.

When it comes to skincare ingredients, black walnuts have a few advantages. It makes the top layer of skin dehydrated and ends up forming a dense layer of tissues.

So people who have an allergy to chestnuts might face the consequences of itching, rashes, swollen skin, breathing issues, or pain in the body, especially in the chest.


That’s all about black walnut tree value information. If you are enjoying the black walnuts, make sure to not eat anything after that for around 2-3 hours.

Otherwise, it will alter the drug formula, and the results will be indescribable. They are a thing to avoid for the ladies who breastfeed or are pregnant.

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