Standard Shower Dimensions & Measurements (Explained)

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? Or want to build a new bathroom in the house? Then, it is the perfect time to choose the right bathroom accessories according to space and requirements.

We all want to have ample space for a shower and washbasin in the bathroom. It is only possible when you know about your bathroom dimensions and the size of other necessary accessories.

The shower is the main component of our bathroom where we spend some time of the day and want to become fresh. If it is not perfectly installed according to the space, then you feel uncomfortable during the shower. So the perfect solution to deal with this situation is to know about the shower dimensions according to bathroom size and requirements.

Standard Shower Dimensions

Here we will give you the perfect guide related to shower dimensions and their relevant facts. Keep in mind that every bathroom has a different size and dimensions, so it also requires a shower accordingly.

So let’s dive into a detailed guide without any other time.

What are Shower Dimensions?

Shower dimensions refer to its size and mounting position requirements. If you ever visit the market, you come to know plenty of shower dimensions in the market as every shower has different mounting requirements and sizes.

So basically, the shower dimensions term is for understanding the shower size, including its mounting holes, length, shower nozzles, and many more.

Standard Shower Dimensions

The standard shower setup contains enclosure panels and shower doors. Traditionally these showers have shower pans with panel enclosures. However, the interior of the sower panels depends on your creativity. For example, you can install tiles on the floor and walls with attractive designs and hues.

If we talk about the ideal size of the shower, then it is three by 5 feet. But, now the time and traditions change. There are plenty of showers and kits available in the market. However, if you have a small bathroom, you can choose the shower layout according to it.

You can find the smaller shower sizes and large shower sizes ragers to 32 x 60 inches. Choose the shower dimensions according to your bathroom preferences.

Standard Shower Dimensions - hower pans

The standard and preferable shower widths range to 32, 35, and 60 inches.

Moreover, before installing the shower unit, you need to decide on the shower enclosure like a steamy shower, bath, and freestanding walk-in shower. Besides all these things, when you think about your bathroom shower, first consider the room size.

Bathrooms are tiny, so the best practice is to stand, open your arms, and turn in a circle. It helps you to get the perfect idea for the size.

Moreover, if you want to install other essentials like steam, ceiling height, and many more, length, width, and height vary. The contractors also help you to decide the shower dimensions according to your bathroom size.

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Corner Shower Dimensions

If you have a space issue in your bathroom, a corner shower is the best space-saving idea. Commonly, many of us have small spaces with three-quarter baths.

So the corner shower dimensions are best for these types of bathrooms. Install the corner shower with the correct dimensions, and you will have ideal space for the sink, shower stall, and toilet.

Moreover, the corner dimension shower gives the perfect position for the door as it faces the convenient direction. Therefore, the suitable dimensions for a corner shower are best, with at least 36 by 36 inches. This site helps you avoid bumping elbows and moving around for washing your feet, hairs, and all other body parts.

Dimensions Guide Layouts Bathrooms Corner Shower Dimensions

Now the shower units are also in trend. So if you also want a large shower, then choose a unit. It comes 42 inches and gives six extra inches. It makes a significant difference in the space and offers comfortable levels for the shower stall.

Still, if you have a tiny space bathroom, then you also have a triangular-shaped shower. The triangular shower unit is set perfectly along the double-wall, so you don’t have the square sitting place. However, the floor space depends according to your choice, between 2 to 4 square feet.

Standard Shower Dimensions - Corner Shower

Master Bathroom Shower Dimensions

Master bathrooms demand master showers with larger sizes. Traditionally the master bathroom with the main bedroom is the attractive part of your house. So it needs to be perfect with ideal dimensions. Commonly the master bathroom is for the two-person shower.

The two-person shower dimensions vary from the single shower dimensions. For example, the minimum width for one person is around 23 inches, but 30 to 36 inches is comfortable per person. Moreover, if you want to get a luxury shower, then 48 inches width is ideal for the master bathroom.

Shower Curb Dimensions

A shower curb is essential with the correct dimensions. No matter you have a single shower or double, you need to have a shower curb. The shower curb is the raised edge of the shower that keeps the water in the shower. So it is an essential part of the shower that plays a significant role in shower water flow.

The ideal dimension of the shower curb is around two inches above the top of the drain. Moreover, it should be less than 9 inches above the gutter. Finally, it should have a slop so that the water flows effectively towards the drain.


Shower Door Dimensions

Shower doors usually consist of glass panels and fiber glasses. It also should have the proper dimensions similar to the shower dimensions. The perfect shower door dimension is at least five and a half inches for appropriate hardware support.

Standard double shower door dimensions are between 22 to 36 inches. Shower door dimensions also depend on the size of showers. If your shower opening is more than 36 inches, you need to get the giant door panels.

Ensure that you customize your door design according to your space dimensions. You can also choose sliding shower doors that are suitable for your space width.

Shower door dimensions

Shower Head dimensions

The showerhead is one of the significant factors that should be in the perfect dimensions. Do you need to consider that how high you want to put it? So it depends on your preference. If you install it too low or high, then you will get an uncomfortable experience. It is acceptable for the top heighted persons to establish a showerhead at the top if they are tall.

However, the usual height for the showerhead is 80 inches, and the lower elevation is 72 inches. So choose the height according to your length and set it at a comfortable place.

The usual ceiling of the shower also affects the showerhead dimensions. So ensure that you consider the roof heigh before installing the showerhead. Some showers have seats then it also affects the height of the showerhead.

Shower Controls dimensions

You may think that shower control dimensions are not necessary. But it is also essential to set the shower control at ideal locations. It is a fact that we turn on the shower most of the time when we are under it.

So the best practice is to separate the path of shower control and water flow. Because at the start of the shower opening, you may have a blast of hot or cold water.

Install the showerhead at safe points. According to expert contractors, installing the shower controls above 40 to 50 inches of shower floor is the best place.

Dimensions Guide Fixtures Shower Heights Clearances

Shower Bench dimensions

Many modern showers have benches in various shapes and sizes. So it is perfect for you if you want to install a seat in your shower place. However, the primary thing you need to consider for the shower bench is its height which should be 17 to 19 inches from the floor.

Next, the depth of the shower bench is also essential. That should be around 15 inches. The depth of the bench varies according to your personal choice. Moreover, you can also install the foldable shower bench that you can fold when not in your use.

If you install the built-in shower seat, ensure that it is not away from the floor space. Expert contractors prefer the corner seat for your shower place as it doesn’t demand much space from your bathroom.

Shower Bench dimensions 2

Shower and Tub Combos Dimensions

Now the tub in bathrooms is in trend. But what if you have limited space. Don’t worry. The shower and tub combos are fantastic for your desire and small space.

The standard tub has 60 inches long with 30 to 32 inches width. So, if your bathroom space doesn’t support these dimensions, you need to choose the shower and tub combo.

The shower and tub combo consist of 22- and 44-inches dimensions. It is the perfect space to get into the tub and relax under the shower. The showerhead was installed at the wall above the bathtub according to the pipe fixtures. The tub controls also have shower controls, so there is no issue installing the shower control on the wall.

Dimensions-Guide-Fixtures-Bath-Side-Clearances - Shower and Tub Combos Dimensions

Take Away

From the above article, you can find all that you must know about the shower. When planning to build a shower, now only you need the dimensions for the corner shower but also the dimensions for the standard shower. All you can find in the details given above.

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