House Smells Like Gas But No Leak? Here’s What To Do!

Sometimes houses start smelling like gas without having leaks. Right? Many of us face the same issue and have bad experiences finding the source of the gas smell. It is a terrifying moment when we smell the gas, especially in the kitchen. The first thought that comes to mind is about the gas leak. There is no leakage in gas pipes, but still, the smell is present.

It can cause serious health issues, so you need to handle the situation carefully. The detection of gas smell sources is mandatory in your house. There are many reasons why the house smells like gas but has no leaks. Unfortunately, many of us think that it will go away with time and leave the gas smell in the house without finding its origin. It can be dangerous for your breathing, lungs, and overall health and lead to death.

House smells like gas, but there is no leak? What to do? The most common question in a similar situation is about the precautionary steps. Handle the situation carefully, so you have significant damage to your health and home essentials.

Here we will share everything about the gas smell in the house but no leaks. So keep reading and know about its potential sources, health effects, and many more.

Type of Gas Smells in the House

Usually, two types of gases can cause smell in our houses. You should know about their odors and potential hazards.

Sulfur and carbon dioxides are common, and both have different scents. Sulfur is less dangerous than carbon dioxide. Experts declare that sulfur is less toxic to humans, but sulfur can still cause numerous health effects. The potential risks of sulfur gas smell in the house include

  • Diarrhoea
  • Irritation in throat and eyes
  • Excessive coughing
  • Lung itchiness

Besides sulfur, carbon dioxide is more toxic for human health. Start deep cleaning if you know that your house smells of sulfur or carbon dioxide gas, but there are no leaks. Ensure that you clear all the sewage pipes, sinks, and waste outlets. It will help to remove the sulfur smell from your home. Professional cleaning services blend water and bleach to remove odor and bacteria from your house. So you can also use the mixture to eliminate the gas smell from your home.

Reasons for Gas Smell in the House Except for Leaks


If your home has no leaks, there should be no smell like gas. Usually, all the pipes are in perfect condition and free from all the leaks and loose nuts but still smell the gas in the house. It is a sign that there is something wrong, and you are not having a safe environment for breathing.

Unfortunately, many of us leave the house due to the pungent smell of gas and think it will go with time. But it can be life-threatening if there is the smell of carbon monoxide. It is hard to find the reason for the gas smell in the house after checking for leaks.

You need to know about the other possible reasons why the house smells like gas but has no leaks. Here we will share the primary reasons you should follow to find logic in your home.

1. Neighbors’ Gas Leakage

It is one of the common reasons if you are living in apartments. You smell the gas after coming home from your duty and check all the pipes, but there is no leakage. Then the primary source of the smell is your neighbor’s place. Maybe they have the gas leak and smell also coming in your place. If your neighbors are not at home, call for professional emergency service. It will not only save your life but also protect others from life-threatening danger.

2. Sewage System

It is another common reason that your house starts smelling with sulfur gas. The dirty sewage system can produce sulfur and smell in the whole house even without leaks. It is not harmful like carbon dioxide but smells terrible. The smell of sulfur is similar to the unbearable roton products. Ensure that you clean the sinks and sewers properly with the bleach and water mixture.

3. Ruptured Sewage Drain

The house sewage is not the only reason for the sulfur smell in the house. If you check and clean your sinks and waste outlets but still smell the foul odor, there must be an issue in the nearby drainage system. Remember that sulfur gas comes from the bacteria in the sewage pipes. If there is a damaged pipe underground, you can smell the whole house. So the best way to deal with the particular situation is to call for emergency help. They can investigate the issue and help to deal with it.

4. Water Heaters

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Did you hear the smell after turning off the water heaters? It is common for water heaters to produce the smell due to the production of harbor bacteria. So when you turn off the heater, the scent is due to sulfur burning beside any leakage. Bacterial growth demands warm conditions, water, and darkness. So the water heater is an ideal situation for its development. All the requirements are available in a water heater where bacteria produce and smell like sulfur.

What to do if your house smells like gas without any leaks?

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It is also one of the increasing queries, along with why does my house smell like gas? There are plenty of reasons behind the gas smell in your house.

If you also feel the smell in your house and there is no gas leakage after checking, here are some primary steps.

1. Call for the professional

Call for professional services to come to your place and investigate the source of gas smell in the house. They have years of experience in relevant fields and know about every possibility. If they find the source and make the necessary repair or cleaning, then you are safe at your place. In addition, it is a worthy price option even if everything is fine and there is no dangerous source. Pick up your phone and call the emergency service for the sake of your and your family’s health.

2. Open all the windows

It is the easiest thing you can do right after entering the house and noticing the smell. In addition, switch on all the ceiling and floor fans to reduce gas accommodation in the house. A proper ventilation system in your home can prevent carbon dioxide from building at toxic levels. It is a helpful practice until you find and repair the source of the gas smell or get professional help.

3. Turn off the gas supply line

Ensure that you know about the supply line switch in your home. Turn off the gas supply even if there is no leak. It is a preventive measure that reduces the gas accommodation in your house. In addition, it also helps to detect the leaks and damages in your appliances that can produce a gas smell.

4. Never turn on the burner

It is essential to never turn on the burner or spark the flame if you have a slight gas smell in the house. Unfortunately, some house owners spark the flame to identify the minor leaks. But it is a life-threatening risk that can take your life. It can cause severe damage and losses to your health and houses. Remember that carbon dioxide has a mild scent and creates a foul odor. So you may not identify and only feel a mild gas smell. Therefore never turn on a burner or spark a flame in your house while having a gas smell even without any leaks.

5. Turn off electric appliances

Initially, we only focused on gas leaks and forgot about the electric appliances. However, ensure that you switch off all the electrical items as it can also trigger the spark while turning on.

Find out the source of leaks and then let the house clean from all the gases with a proper ventilation and evacuation system. If you don’t find any source of smell, then call for the professional to live a peaceful life.


Now you have a compelling guide on what to do in case of a gas smell from your house. First, you need to find the source of the gas smell and then eliminate it to reduce the danger. Carbon dioxide is dangerous for your health as compared to sulfur or propane.

Therefore if you don’t find the source of the smell, then call the emergency services. They know about all the potential sources of gas smell in the house even if there are no leaks. It is one of the safest things you can do immediately after noticing the smell. Moreover, sulfur also smells like carbon monoxide, but it is due to the production of bacteria in the sewerage system in your drainage lines or from your neighbor’s house.

Ensure that you follow the preventive measures and keep yourself and your family safe for better living.

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