How To Make Your House Smell Good

There are luxurious and the best places to live in. The apartments are small in size and this is the reason these places contain smells of different types. Most of the people want to know how to make your house smell good.

The kitchen is the most important part of the home, it’s what makes a house a home. A perfect scent of food, coffee or tea is what makes a home welcoming and more homely. The kitchen is the place that explains the aesthetic of the women in a house.

Clean shelves, organized drawers, and perfectly scrubbed pots make a kitchen beautiful but everything goes down the drain if the walls are not perfectly cleaned. Sticky, greasy, oily walls covered with suit and smoke are the problem of every kitchen. Cleaning can be difficult and become a constant struggle for the women of the house. Here are some easy tips that can help you to keep the kitchen shiny and tidy.

Things to avoid

To keep your home smelling good, you must take care of its cleaning. There are many things you must know to avoid bad odor in your house or apartment. Learn how to make your house smell good.

1. Do not use smelly and chemical detergents

These detergents have a bad odor. Instead of using expensive cleaning solutions to clean water stains use a piece of grapefruit and rub it on the steal or where ever the water stain is. Let it stay for five minutes and finally, rinse it off with warm water and clean it dry with a kitchen towel.

2. Do not cook without using an exhaust fan

It can be the prime cause of greasy walls. Oil from the food along with soot and smoke stick to the walls and make it ugly. Make a mixture of vinegar and baking powder and mix it well, in case there is no vinegar use a lemon. Scrub the walls with this mixture and rub it gently. Add water and detergent to a tub and use a towel, soak the towel in detergent water. Clean the walls gently and finally rinse it with Luke warm water.

3. Do not leave Exhaust Fan without cleaning

Another important and difficult thing is to wash the stain and grease from the exhaust fan. You need to take the exhaust fan off and open it carefully. Now separate the motor from the fan wings, wings can be scrubbed and even be cleaned with harsh solutions but it is dangerous to use water or harsh cleaning solutions on the machine.

Boil hot water and add detergent and salt in the water. Dip the wings in the water and after five minutes clean it with water and towel. Most of the stains and grease are cleaned already but if more cleaning is needed. Spray vinegar and gently scrub it using a kitchen towel. Finally, rinse it off with water and wings are cleaned. Now use a lemon piece and salt and scrub it on the outer body of the machine. Now clean it with a wet cloth and you have a perfectly cleaned fan. Enjoy a perfectly clean home without any bad smell.

How to make your house smell good?

Do you want to learn DIY ways to keep your house good smelling? Apartments are perfect for family and even for living alone. Usually, people waste soaps or buy expensive things for their homes. Here are some easy tips to maintain a good smell.

1. Use a liquid soap

First of all, you need good smells hands. It is essential for your hygiene. Place liquid soap bottles of sweet smell in the kitchen and bathroom. Mostly there is a small piece of soap left after we use the soap. Most people waste these pieces, an easy way is to make it into liquid soap and use it as a hand wash.

Just add all the soap pieces into a pot and put it on low heat on the stove, now add some glycerin and let it melt. Next, add the color of your choice and also if you want you can add the scent of your choice. Mix this liquid and let it cool for some time. Now pour this mixture in the old hand wash bottle and you have your own homemade hand wash.

2. Make room fresher

If your home interior smells fresh it is very relaxing and comfortable. Most of the time people use air fresheners and perfumes but it is better to use your favorite fragrance in your home. An easy way to do it is to make the room freshener.

Mix salt, baking powder and your favorite fragrance together and add some liquid soap together. Now put it in a tray and let it dry, after it’s dry you can simply cut it just the way you like. Store it in an airtight container, put it in a bathtub, flush it down the toilet or even put it in the sink if you want. Enjoy your favorite scent in your room.

3. Make scent fusion

Lighting a candle while taking a bath makes it relaxing and very soothing. An easy way to make a scent fusion is by mixing your favorite scent with the oil. All you need is a small ceramic or any heatproof dish. Mix your favorite scent and essential oils with coconut oil or any oil of your choice. Mix it well and pour it into the ceramic container. Put it on top of your candle and you have your homemade scent fusion. Just light the candle when you need to take a bath, the scent is very relaxing and gives a very nice refreshing touch. You can also use this in your room if you want. Enjoy a relaxing bath with your favorite scent in apartments.


You must follow tips that guide you about how to make your house smell good. First of all, you must maintain your home and keep it clean properly. These things will help you get rid of bad odor.

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