32 Best Hidden Door Ideas & Designs to Keep Your Secret a Secret

Hidden door ideas have always been a never-boring topic among decoration lovers. Almost everyone agrees that a home needs at least one secret room for privacy, hiding, or storage space.

However, too many doors in the house are also not a good idea and are less relevant to today’s design trends. In addition to being easily known, this will also reduce the aesthetic value of the dwelling.

So for your secret space to remain a secret, you need to do tricky tactics and as much as possible without effort.

How to? It will be the focus of our discussion this time.

30+ Clever Hidden Door Ideas and Designs

The hidden doors do not have to be an entrance with a secret passage and complicated security. Otherwise, you can even make it more practical by placing eye-catching decorations to disguise its presence.

Here are some ideas and designs that you can apply. This way, strangers will not even know there is an extra room in your house.

1. A Secret behind the Bookcase

A Secret behind the Bookcase
Source: civilengdis.com

The door design is now very innovative, and not only in the form of a flat board. Then, using an entrance with a bookcase will keep a room secret and provide value for the appliance.

2. Mini Secret Playroom

Mini Secret Playroom
Source: instructables.com

Another trick to hide your room is to install a small bookcase door. You may need to look down a little while passing, but the plus side is that not many people will notice it.

3. Sliding Faux Books

Sliding Faux Books
Source: PriceyPads

The bookcase will look weird if you do not fill it with anything. Thus, you can use a sliding door with faux items that look similar to the original.

Furthermore, it is effective enough to fool people into thinking you are a book collector.

4. Sliding Bookshelf

Sliding Bookshelf
Source: civilengdis.com

In addition to swinging-type, you can also use a sliding bookcase as a door. Its use is safer because it minimizes self-opening due to encouragement.

Plus, you can also place books, decorations, or other objects.

5. Bookcase before Wine

Bookcase before Wine
Source: https://newhousebuilder.com/our-favorite-secret-rooms/

In many countries, a wine room has become a culture. Many people pay more attention to considering that the conditions must be perfect to create a delicious taste.

Therefore, you can use various types of bookcase doors to keep them hidden. You can invite someone to enjoy a fun moment in this secret room.

6. Door with Two-sided Storage

Door with Two-sided Storage
Source: houzz.com

Most people only pay attention to the bookcase door from one side. But if you want to maintain privacy from behind the door, try maximizing the surface with two-sided storage.

Let us fool people from two directions.

7. Swinging Faux Books

Swinging Faux Books
Source: hometalk.com

Faux books doors are effective for hiding other spaces in your house. But if it is not possible for sliding, you can use a simple swinging design.

8. Swinging Library

Swinging Library
Source: twitter.com/gallekarl

A Library can also be the right location to place a secret area. You can put the bookcase door between many other cabinets without making people aware of the space behind the reading room.

9. Huge Rotating Wall

Huge Rotating Wall
Source: buzzfeed.com

Like in a mystery or detective story, you can also add a large bookcase door to take you to a secret room. Due to its large size and heavy load, it is convenient to use the rotating model.

10. Wheeled-Entrance to Invisible Closet

Wheeled-Entrance to Invisible Closet
Source: brightgreendoor.com

Swinging bookcase doors are sometimes bothering with large size and heavy load. For an easy move, try to choose one that has strong wheels.

Thus, if you do not need a big door, this can be an alternative to the sliding type.

11. Sliding Way to Laundry Room

Sliding Way to Laundry Room
Source: materialdesignbuild.com

A laundry room is a room that often looks messy because of the many clothes scattered or scattered water. So, why not build a sliding bookcase door to prevent people from accidentally opening it?

12. A Hidden Pantry

A Hidden Pantry
Source: harptimes.com

Most people are lazy to visit the kitchen because of the many messy items. Thus, try adding a secret pantry to store anything.

Then, you can disguise it with a bookcase or other storage to make it more functional.

13. Trap Door to Basement

Trap Door to Basement
Source: nextluxury.com

For centuries, the basement has been one of the most beneficial rooms. However, a trap board is an alternative instead of an ordinary door.

At first glance, it seems to blend with the floor and to make it even more hidden, please place furniture, carpet, or rugs on it.

14.  Raising Platform on the Floor

Raising Platform in the Floor
Source: archello.com

Even if you do not have a basement, you can still add hidden doors on the flooring. Raised platforms are a brilliant strategy for adding a compartment, while you can still use the surface for activities.

15. Swinging Trap Door in the Kitchen

Swinging Trap Door in the Kitchen
Source: okshop.com

The kitchen is sometimes the most neglected and rarely visited room. But this is an opportunity to build a secret area in it.

Place a trap door on the flooring and get VIP access to the private area.

16. Small Storage under the Floor

Small Storage under the Floor
Source: teenyabode.com

The room under the floor does not always have to be a basement. Hence, you can even place a small space to store things.

Furthermore, it can be perfect hide-and-seek during hide-and-seek.

17. The Bench is the New Door

The Bench is the New Door
Source: memecenter.com

In addition to the trap door, you can also hide the secret room by placing an open-and-close bench. It will be more functional than leaving part of the surface blank.

18. The Lifting Floor

The Lifting Floor
Source: olphinlifts.co.uk

Not everyone likes going up and down the stairs. Therefore, utilize a simple elevator whose door is on the floor.

This feature works by using the wheels on the rail track. Just make the surface similar to the rest of the flooring.

19. A Secret Pantry Below

 A Secret Pantry Below
Source: birincikuvvet.com

A secret room in the kitchen is indeed a brilliant choice. Otherwise, it can function as a hidden pantry underground.

Thus, you can regulate the temperature without disturbing the conditions of the house. It is an effective method if you need a lot of space to store food supplies.

Further, use trap doors and spiral stairs as entryways to save space.

20. The Shelves to Attic

 The Shelves to Attic
Source: iwastesomuchtime.com/

Most people build stairs that take up space as access to the attic. But for confidentiality and efficiency, you can disguise it with stairs from the shelves.

However, maybe you will need a little energy to get to the top.

21. Classic Rock Door

Classic Rock Door
Source: hiddenpassageway.com/gallery/

For a classic home, making a hidden door will be even easy. For instance, if your house comes with a stone wall, install panels that match the surrounding area.

After that, give a mark at a certain point, and only you will know that door.

22. Pivoting Entrance

Pivoting Entrance
Source: .liveenhanced.com

This idea has the concept of the rock entrance above and makes it look like the surrounding wall. Meanwhile, this time you can use a centered pivoting board.

23. Drawers under Your Steps

Drawers under Your Steps
Source: mymodernmet.com

Despite taking space, you can add value to the stairs. Try making drawers in the horizontal section of each step, and you can store anything neatly.

Moreover, you can put carpentry tools in it.

24. Spacy under the Stairs

Source: https://crafty.diply.com/c/123193/secret-hiding-places-to-add-to-your-home

Stairs are almost always a space-consuming feature because of their slope. Instead of being wasted, why not try to make it a room?

Feel the thrill of being Harry Potter at the Dursleys’ home!

25. Storage with Floating Steps

Storage with Floating Steps
Source: viralhomes.com

Some houses use floating stairs, making it impossible to have drawers on the steps. However, you can use the corners to build openable storage.

26.  Lifting Stairs

Lifting Stairs
Source: flavorwire.com

Stairs can be very functional when you turn them into a door to another room. By lifting the bottom a bit, the steps will lift automatically; it is similar to how a car trunk works.

The steps can still work when closed.

27. Secret Door with Ornament

Secret Door with Ornament
Source: thespruce.com

The best secret door ideas are to make them look the same as the surrounding walls. One trick to make it perfect is to give it ornaments and make people will not see the line of the door.

28.  Hidden Drawers in the Low

Hidden Drawers in the Low
Source: houzz.com

You can even give extra storage space to a wardrobe with lots of space. Besides a furniture prop, you can use the bottom as an additional sliding drawer for items.

Indeed, it supports space efficiency!

29. Secret Space in the Window

Secret Space in the Window
Source: imgur.com

Another space-saving idea is to add secret drawers at the bottom of the window sill. It is a better idea than placing things on top of the frame.

30. Drawer after Drawer

Drawer after Drawer
Source: mall-11.xyz

You can even place a secret area in a closet with a lot of storage. Then, add a little storage space under the drawers.

This idea is necessary for those who have children so you can store dangerous objects, such as guns or sharp objects, in peace.

Moreover, do not forget to add an adequate locking system.

31. A Secret Room after the Stairs

A Secret Room after the Stairs
Source: hiddenpassageway.com

Building a ladder next to a wall is perfectly normal. Therefore, not many people will notice whether there is a secret room beside it.

Additionally, the camouflage door will make no one aware of the secret.

32. Coffee Table with Raising Top

Coffee Table with Raising Top
Source: noonprop8.com

It is not really about the room, but raising the coffee table is one of the brightest secret door ideas. A surface that can be up and down will provide additional storage space for various purposes.


Those are some hidden door ideas that can be a reference for your residence. Remember to choose it by adapting to your home conditions and needs. Let us smartly keep your secret a secret!