20 Creative DIY Lamp Ideas For Your Home Decor

The lamp lights up a room and makes it comfortable to see. You can try to buy lamps in-store or online. Yet, you can also make the lamp yourself. It can be fun activities to tap into that creativity and see what ideas you can come up with. Plus, your lamp can be modified by your taste. So, how about taking some DIY lamp ideas and make a lamp yourself?

First, you need to consider the material before making your lamp. It can be things from your backyard, recycle materials, craft items and many others.  On the other hand, the ideas can also involve unused and beautiful things that get you inspired.

For example, a rustic home can make a lamp out of wood. An industrial living room use wires, pipes, and other material to make the lamp. You can also take an old lamp and modify it.

20 Creative DIY Lamp Ideas

Before making a lamp, you also need to know various kinds of lamps. Some of the most common lamps are chandelier lighting, floor lamp, hanging fixtures or a small table lamp.

Think about room layout and what kind of lamp that will look amazing in it. Then, decide the best DIY lamp ideas for making a lamp that you think you can do yourself. Here are some lamp designs for you to try.

DIY Pipe Lamp – NellieBellie

DIY pipe lamp

Vintage Bottle Lamp – Shades of Blue Interiors

DIY Vintage Bottle Lamp

Stacked Book Lamp – The Shabby Creek Cottage

Lamp out of Books

DIY Seashell Lamp – Sue’s Creative Workshop

DIY Seashell Lamp - easy to make

Salvaged Wood Lamp – Burlap & Denim

DIY Salvaged Wood Lamp

DIY Tapered X Lamp – Pneumatic Addict

Tapered X Lamp

Pottery Barn Knockoff Rope Knot Lamp – Down Home Inspiration

Pottery Barn Knockoff Rope Knot Lamp

Turn a Lantern into a Lamp – Lovely Etc.

Turn a Lantern into a Lamp - DIY lamp ideas

DIY Terrarium Lamp – Craft Bits

DIY Terrarium Lamp

DIY Wooden Cube Lamp – Ohoh Deco

DIY Wooden Cube Lamp

Dollar Store Craft Box Lamp – Recaptured Charm

Dollar Store Craft Box Lamp

Mason Jar lamp – Chatfield Court

DIY Mason jar lamp

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DIY Lego Lamp – Infarrantly Creative

DIY Unique Lego Lamp

Nature Inspired Floor Lamp – Ana White

Nature Inspired Floor Lamp

Inspiration can come from anything; the color of your room, unused material, or the interior of the house. Put all important elements so you can decide which lamp ideas to make. There are many creative lighting designs that people can do once they set their minds.

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You can take inspiration for DIY Lamp Ideas listed above. Who knows, it can be a fun activity to do in your free time. It is a satisfying feeling to create something homemade with your hand.  Do not hesitate to share your ideas and let others inspired others to do the same thing.

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