25 Beautiful DIY Jewelry Organizers (Creative Storage Ideas)

You need a proper space to keep all your jewelry collections without nervousness. The DIY jewelry organizers are the best thing you can have because you understand the best about your collection.

People tend to keep their jewelry inside boxes or on racks. Those sound like a great idea in the first place.

However, when you have too many jewelry collections, you will realize that the method makes them messy.

When you want to use them, you must deal with the entangled jewelry, which must be exhausting.

DIY Jewelry Organizers

Things You Can Use To Make Great Jewelry Organizers

You can turn anything into a jewelry organizer.

Here are some hints. A framed chicken wire is a brilliant idea to hang your earrings, while an unused window frame plus chicken wire has a double function as decorative pieces and an organizer.

You can also reclaim a thread rack, which is efficient and gives you a minimalist touch. There are so many options when you open your mind and let yourself plays with the imagination!

You can plan on a jewelry organizer theme you love. Opt for a bohemian organizer, an organizer presenting a rustic charm, shabby chic, or anything you like.

Some ideas also let you expose your jewelry without being messy, and they turn your collections into decorative pieces.

Are you ready to make the best home for your jewelry collection? Don’t let them get entangled; let’s recycle the old stuff into lovable DIY jewelry organizers.

1. DIY Framed Jewelry Organizer

DIY framed jewelry organizer
Source: via Reddit

Let’s make a jewelry organizer out of a frame, hooks, and some lovely paper. It is entirely up to you in terms of size, color, and design! Paint it your favorite color, add a decorative metal sheet in the center, and all set.

2. Hanging Jewelry Organizer Tutorial

jewlery hanger
Source: Sew What Alicia

You can sew yourself a hanging jewelry organizer. Ribbons are used to hang your bracelets and necklaces, and mesh panels are provided to clip your earrings. The entire thing hangs from a clothes hanger so that you can hang your jewelry anyplace you can put a hanger!

3. Tiered Jewelry Organizer

Tiered Jewelry Organizer
Source: Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Your-Selfer

They turned out to be a great spot to toss your beloved pieces of jewelry. This DIY jewelry holder dollar tree is great for earrings, rings, and bracelets, especially ones you wear daily. You can use it to store make-up too! What a stunning piece.

4. DIY Jewelry Organizer with Bracelet Rod

DIY Jewelry Organizer with Bracelet Rod
Source: Wish.com

The outstanding feature keeps your jewelry tangle-free! The rustic wooden design elegantly displays your jewels. It is simple to build without any complicated assembly. It will fit on the wall of your bedroom, closet, or bathroom.

5. DIY Rotating Jewelry Storage

Rotating Jewelry Storage - Easy and Unique DIY Jewelry Organizer
Source: Vikalpah

It’ll be one of the best DIY jewelry organizers and inexpensive displays that you’ve ever seen. You’ll admire the fact that it’s built of recyclable materials, too. This rotating earrings display is made of cereal boxes!

6. Soda Crate Jewelry Organizer

DIY Jewelry organizers from soda crate
Source: Hunt and Host

You can transform this old crate into a great jewelry organizer with a new coat of paint and just a few fun bits of random hardware! Isn’t it wonderful how something so simple can make such a difference in our lives?

7. DIY Wooden Bracelet Holders

DIY Bracelet Holders
Source: Toolbox Divas

For those dozens of bangles, this is where you could quickly recognize your pieces and organize them by color. A brilliant idea to display your bangles and necklaces while reducing clutter in your dresser drawers.

8. DIY Wood Round Ring Holder

Wood Round RIng Holder - Easy DIY
Source: Dwell Beautiful

It’s ideal for a rustic farmhouse theme and creates a stunning feature of home decor! It indeed adds a touch of sophistication to your dresser! Don’t let your rings sit and rot in your jewelry box — here’s a nice spot to keep them while you’re not wearing them!

9. DIY Driftwood Necklace Holder

DIY Driftwood Necklace Holder
Source: DIY Huntrees

If you have a lot of driftwood lying around, put it to good use with this project! It’s effortless and inexpensive. These are also quite functional! The hooks are extremely easy to change, add, or remove!

10. Hanging Branch Jewelry Display

DIY hanging branch jewelry display and organizer
Source: For the Makers

To avoid a tangled mass of necklaces, let’s transform an ordinary branch into a hanging jewelry display. It’s a simple and versatile DIY project that can be a superb addition to any home decor.

11. Window Frame Jewelry Display

Jewelry display organizer from window frame
Source: The Borrowed Abode

To make this stunning accessories display, look for an old wooden window frame. You may clean it up, sand it down, and even paint it if you wish; the effort will be well worth it.

12. Old Rake Head as a Necklace Holder

DIY garden rake Necklace Holder
Source: The Thinking Closet

You probably don’t wear necklaces often because it’s tricky to see what you have since everything is clustered together in such a tangled mass. This DIY holder is here to see you through what you have and easily access it.

13. Wall Necklace Holder

diy necklace storage / organizer
Source: Etsy

Wondering how to put together your necklace collection without getting them tangled up? This DIY jewelry holder wall works best to store and showcase your gorgeous necklaces.

14. DIY Jewelry Organizer with Farmhouse Charm

Wall Jewelry Organizer DIH Workshop. Live Laugh Rowe
Source: Live Laugh Rowe

This organizer has a farmhouse feel thanks to the black hook and gray stain. The addition of the dowel for the bracelets is terrific! This jewelry organizer clearly serves as a one-stopshop!

15. Colorful Jewelry Organizers from Silverware Trays

three silverware trays jewelry organizer
Source: Tatertots and Jello

Take a look at this eye-catching jewelry organizer. It is a very simple project. Silverware containers, spray paint, hooks, picture hangers, and scrapbook paper are all you need.

16. Corkboard Jewelry Organizer with Fabric

Fabric Covered Corkboard Makeover
Source: Mod Podge Rocks

Let’s give your bathroom cabinet a makeover and a great little surprise on the inside. Cover it with fabric and utilize the area to hang your jewelry. A corkboard is an excellent jewelry organizer!

17. Shutter Jewelry Organizer

Thrifted shutter jewelry organizer
Source: Our Southern Home

DIY jewelry holders with household items always come up with an outstanding result. It will be easier than you might expect from the picture. We’re sure you enjoy going to pick out your jewelry for the day.

18. Easy DIY Cabinet Hardware Jewelry Organizer

DIY Cabinet Hardware Jewelry Organizer at thehappyhousie.com
Source: The Happy Housie

It’s unlikely that you’ve ever considered using cabinet hardware as a material for something like an accessories organizer. This do-it-yourself creation is authentic!

19. Wine Cork Necklace Organizer

Upcycle Wine Cork Jewelry Necklace Organizer by trishsutton.com
Source: Trish Sutton

Don’t trash your wine corks. Glue them together so that they form a solid piece. Screw the hooks in place, then tie the ribbon to the eye hooks and hang it. Yes, it’s that simple.

20. DIY Jewelry Organizer

jewelry organizer by CRAFT
Source: C.R.A.F.T.

Make use of the wood floor samples you have stashed in your garage. You would never have guessed that you could transform them into anything as adorable as this DIY project.

21. Lace Hoop Earring Display

earring display from an embroidery hoop and lace
Source: My Craftily Ever After

It can be challenging to find a stylish way of storing your earrings. It is a gorgeous DIY earring organizer that will help you organize and beautify your collection.

22. DIY Framed Mirror With Hidden Jewelry Organization

hidden mirror jewelry organizer
Source: Simply Designing with Ashley Phipps

There will be many steps, but this is a simple and pleasant build! It serves two functions while only taking up one wall! You now have a full-length mirror as well as a place to keep all of your jewelry!!

23. Pottery Barn Inspired Jewelry Holder

pottery barn inspired DIY jewelry organizer
Source: reasontoskipthehousework

With some materials already on hand, this jewelry hanger costs less than $10! It can cost up to $99.00 in retailers. That’s a huge saving!

24. DIY Jewelry Organizer

DIY jewelry organizer
Source: Anika’s DIY Life

This DIY wall jewelry organizer is simple to build and requires only a few materials. It’s the ideal method to show off your favorite jewelry. No more tangled necklaces or misplaced jewels in the hot mess!

DIY jewelry organizer lydioutloud
Source: Lydi Out Loud


Now you have to splash your mind with many amazing organizers’ ideas! The good news is that their breakdown is more doable than you think.

Those beautiful DIY jewelry organizers are an excellent idea to decorate your house and keep you crafty when you can only stay at home! Fill the holiday with something useful. Do not hesitate to share the article on your social media to inspire your beloved friends in keeping their jewelry tidy!

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