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Cardboard Box Ideas – When buying something online, you usually receive it inside a cardboard box, no matter what the size is. However, having too many boxes around your house requires much work while cleaning up. Even stacking doesn’t make it any better.

What do you usually do with those used cardboard boxes? Most people will throw it away or reuse it for the same purpose, which is for storing things that they usually put inside their warehouse. However, do you know that you can actually make the most out of your used cardboard boxes by turning them into something completely different and more useful?

You can repurpose your cardboard boxes and turn them into something more practical and more entertaining from decoration, toys for kids, to toiletries storage in your bathroom. All you need are a dash of creativity and DIY kit (scissors, glue, cutter, paint, any cute or beautiful ornaments, etc.).

20 Creative Things You Can Make From Cardboard Boxes

We provide you with these simple yet fancy cardboard box ideas that you can do at home to not only reuse but also to upcycle your cardboard boxes. Check these out!

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Cardboard Cactus

Cardboard Cactus

Tutorial via Jennifer Perkins

Pretty Storage Bins from Cardboard Boxes

Storage Bins from Cardboard Boxes

Tutorial via Just Measuring Up

DIY Cardboard Planter

Cardboard Planter - Cardboard Box Craft Ideas

Tutorial via Fry-Wagner

Cardboard Crowns

Cardboard Crowns

Tutorial via Mark Montano

Cardboard Shoulder Bag

Cardboard Shoulder Bag - Cardboard Box Ideas

Tutorial via Second Skin Blog

DIY Cardboard Box Dollhouse

Cardboard Box Dollhouse

Tutorial via Crafts by Courtney

3D Faux Metal Letters

3D Faux Metal Letters

Tutorial via Grillo Designs

Cardboard Marble Maze

cardboard marble maze

Tutorial via Hello Wonderful

DIY Hexagon Wall Shelves

Hexagon Wall Shelves

Tutorial via Passion Shake

Multipurpose Bed Table

Multipurpose Bed Table

Tutorial via Instructables

DIY Cardboard Pendant Light

Cardboard Pendant Light - cardboard box ideas

Tutorial via Poppytalk

Triangle Bookends

Triangle Bookends

Tutorial via Almost Makes Perfect

DIY Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack

Tutorial via A Piece of Rainbow

Cardboard Flower Vases

Cardboard Flower Vases

Tutorial via Gina Tepper

DIY Cardboard Clock

Cardboard Clock - cardboard box ideas

Tutorial via Pysselbolaget

All the cardboard box ideas above are simple and easy to follow so that you can try them on your own or with your loved ones. There’s no need to get fancy and expensive material to create unique ornaments or decorations, mini studios, and even toys for your little ones. You simply need cardboard boxes, cut them according to your wish, glue here and there, paint, and decorate them with some glitters, beads, etc. You can read other similar articles on this website, leave comments below, and share this article.

20 Easy DIY Cardboard Box Ideas

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