Can You Have a Fire Pit Under Covered Patio? (Explained)

Well, if you are wondering is it safe to have a fire pit below a patio, let us answer that. And if you are thinking of the possibility of whether or not you can have a fire pit right under an enclosed patio, then the answer is yes.

However, to ensure safety, you have to make sure that you are taking a few precautions. Some people are worried about the toxic smoke that releases from the fire pit and the effect of these gases on the patio. To avoid that, it is important that there is enough space for ventilation and to avoid gas build-up.

Let’s talk about some of the precautions for having a fire pit under the enclosed patio. Spill not only makes sure that The Firepit under a patio is safe and sound but will also make sure that the people can enjoy their time while they are sitting around the firepit on a cozy and cold night.

Fire Pit Under Covered Patio

Ventilation is the key

Ventilation is one thing that you have to work on. Whenever you are planning to have a fire pit beneath a covered patio. You should make sure that there is an open ceiling along with open sides so that there is maximum ventilation and no toxic smoke or gases are trapped. In an open-air and open side and ceiling option, you can have a good time around the fire pit.

Natural gas and propane pits are better

Whenever you are planning to get a fire pit, it is always a better idea for the propane and the natural gas option. The good thing about the propane and natural gas fire pits is that they are smokeless and will not affect the environment a lot.

The ceiling needs to be high enough

Fire Pit Under Covered Patio

One other safety tip is that the sealing right above the fire pit needs to be high enough so that the heat is properly dispersed before it reaches the ceiling. It will cool down the overall temperature and will keep it moderate while providing the perfect atmosphere to breathe easily.

When you are following these safety precautions, you can have the fire pit under the covered patio. You must make sure that you are complying with all the safety precautions, and you should also make sure that you are not using wood in the fire pit because of the immersive smoke and the risk of damage. The smoke released from the burning of wood can make easily color the fire pit and the ceiling right above the fire pit.

Therefore, it is important that you choose the natural gas or propane pit, and you make sure that the ventilation is appropriate.

In case the ceiling right above the fire pit is not high enough, you should make sure that the smoke is properly dispersed by some other means so that the ceiling is not discolored and there is no accumulation of smoke.

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