How to Get Caulk Out of Clothes – The Best Methods

You happen to work with caulking-based sealants and end up getting them stuck on your shirts and jeans. When you ask people how to get caulk out of clothes, you will surely get different answers. Some will recommend using a commercial chemical cleaner, while others will suggest alcohol scraping and more. So, what are the best ways to remove caulk-caused stains?

Before we explore more about how to remove caulk from clothing, it is a good idea to figure out the source of our distress here. What is caulk?

Caulk or Caulking – What is it?

how to get caulk out of clothes

Caulk, people sometimes call it caulking, is a substance contained in sealants and waterproof fillers. The building works and repairs use this material for sealing joints in various constructions, assemblies, or piping.

Modern caulk composites are available in types, namely acrylic latex, silicone, acrylic tile sealant, polyurethane, and vinyl latex. People use them in buildings and other structures to seal or close up gaps in structures or sealing against water leaks, insects, dust, or air.  They also use them as a component in stopping a fire.

As a handy compound we have and use around the house, it is frequent for us to get it on our shirts, jeans, or pants. They even stick to our clothes more easily that gradually yet stubbornly turn into stains.

No need to worry much. Luckily, you can get your outfit back from those slimy tarnishes. All you need is the correct methods of how to get caulk out of clothes.

How to Get Caulk out of Clothes – What are the Right Techniques?

how to remove caulk from clothing

Searching online and reading various tips and tricks of how to remove caulk from clothing, you probably come across three broad methods. Let’s take a look at them.

#1 –Quick Blotting Tackle

how to remove caulk from clothing 2

Many have said that blotting is one of the easiest techniques to remove caulk from our garments. This method works best, especially before the goopy stain completely dries.

You can blot the affected area with water. More precisely, you can wet a paper towel or a rag and then press firmly on the caulk taints. Repeat this dabbing several times to allow the moisture to sink in the fabric. Change the towel or rag if they are overly tainted. And after that, you can gently wipe to let the stain out.

Alternatively, wash your clothes in the washing machine in a regular cycle mode. You can add standard washing detergent or add an extra bleaching agent for white clothing.

Once you remove as much goop, you can apply the rubbing alcohol. Fold a piece of paper towel and wet it with rubbing alcohol. Blot firmly on the remaining stains to allow the alcohol to immerse. Repeat the dabbing and wiping to let out as much as the slimy taints.

#2 – Freeze and Scrape

how to get caulk out of clothes

You can do this first option of how to get caulk out of clothes by putting your outfits in the freezer. If the tainted area is already dry, spray it with water before placing it in the freezer.

Alternately, as the second freezing option, put a few ice cubes on the stained area.

Both freezing ideas will wet and then freeze the affected area into brittles. Once it hardens or freezes, the caulk usually may loosen, and you can pull them off more effortlessly.

If it is somewhat persistent, you can peel or scrape it using your fingernails or other appropriate tools (butter knife, for example).

Once you remove the brittle bulks, you can finish up by cleaning the remaining leftovers using rubbing alcohol or other cleaning agents.

After that, you can wash your garment for complete removal. You may use warm or cold water. You may do this repeatedly to guarantee that the blots have entirely gone. Avoid drying the garment with any taint remaining because the heat can make it more persistent.

#3 – Use Chemical Remover

There are three things you can use here. The first is using chemical removers. Go Off Stain Remover, and Goo Gone are two of the varied product examples available.

Please remember that it is always better to test first any product of commercial cleaner you choose. You can use your old or unused garments as an experiment.

You can try the second tip of how to remove caulk from clothing, namely by applying anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. You can spritz the sanitizer on the affected area of the garment. Use a tissue or a damp rag and gently wipe the spot.

As another last resort, you can look for something useful from your kitchen. Your eyes perhaps stumble upon baking soda. Yes, you can use it to remove the caulk stains on your clothes.

Spray the tainted area with water and while it is still wet, pour baking soda on it. Massage or rub the baking soda with a towel or a rag until the caulk chips out. Do it several times until the stain is completely gone. After that, you can put your clothes in the washing machine.

#4 – Other Techniques

Those are the most tested-and-proven methods for the frequent question of how to get caulk out of clothes.  Due to its true nature, the substances seep into the garment fibers and seal themselves there. Once again, all you need is the correct techniques, plus patience and persistence to deal with these stubborn goopy blots.

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