How to Clean Iron Plate When Burnt  

One of the common problems that may occur during the ironing is scorched iron. Somehow the residue on the bottom of the iron will trouble you to smooth your clothes. Your clothes will wrinkle and stuck to the burnt debris.

Don’t let your iron getting scorched for too long. These are some tips on how to clean an iron plate when burnt. Check them out.

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how to clean iron when burnt

1. Use Salt

Besides its culinary uses, salt has many functions, including cleaning a burnt iron plate. It is one of the best hacks which is easy to find.

If you want to clean the burnt debris of your iron, you can put a dry and clean cotton fabric onto the ironing board. Drop the salt in the cloth. Don’t forget to turn on the iron to a high temperature. Then, iron the salt back and forth several times. Voila! The burnt stains will go away.

2. Consider the Liquid Laundry Detergent

The liquid laundry detergent is one of the best options to clean the burnt marks on the bottom of the iron. The steps are quite simple, too.

Put a drop or two of the liquid in a small bowl with lukewarm water. Then, use a clean fabric or cloth and dip it into the solution. You can scrub the soleplate thoroughly until the iron plate is totally clean. Finally, dry up the iron with a towel before you iron again.

3. Use Metal Polish Solution

One of the life hacks on how to clean an iron plate when burnt is using metal polish solution. If you find a scorched iron with no coated iron plate, you can try to apply this method. Add a few drops of the solution to a rag and rub it on the burnt marks until they are gone. Use a clean towel to dry the plate.

4. Clean with Baking Soda

Try to use baking soda for cleaning a mildly scorched iron. Add two tablespoons of baking powder and one tablespoon of water. Mix them and make a paste. Spread the paste over the bottom of the iron and rub it with a non-scratch and clean rug.

You can clean tough burnt debris on the plate by mixing the lime juice with baking soda. The gentle abrasive action of the baking soda combined with the acid from the lime will result in a looking-like-new iron plate.

5. Clean with Toothpaste

Take toothpaste to clean a burnt iron plate. Before taking some cleaning steps, ensure to disconnect your iron from any electrical sources. Rub the burnt areas thoroughly with the toothpaste and clean them until the burnt marks are gone.

Wipe away the bottom with a non-scratch and clean cloth. Then, use the water tank and fill it up with the water. Plug in the iron and place it on the top of a clean towel. Finally, you need to steam it approximately for five minutes. The burnt debris on the plate will be gone.

These are several hacks on how to clean iron plate when burnt. Before the burnt stains will be hard to clean and need to go deep cleaning, make sure to clean your iron plate regularly. Avoid the scrub brushes or abrasive cleaners to make the burnt debris disappear as your iron may easily ruin and break.

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