Ceiling Fan Light Flickers? (9 Possible Causes & Easy Fixes)

Does your ceiling fan light flicker? Here are the best possible solutions that you can use to stop flickering and have an incredible lighting experience without any problem and expensive solutions.

If your ceiling fan light flickers, you need to determine the cause and figure out a solution. Light flickering can be a non-serious or severe issue, so the best way is to consult an electrician as soon as possible, or you can fix the minor problems with yourself.

Well, many reasons are causing the flicker. However, you need to understand your situation and make the possible step to stop this flicker.

So, today we will take you through all the possible complications that cause flickering and make your lives easier in no time. In addition, some solutions are easy, while some may require a professional hand. After this article, all your flickering issues will be solved!

We vouch for that, so read it thoroughly and let us start now!

Let us have a look at the causes of these flickers and the solutions.

Ceiling Fan Light Flickers

Causes of Ceiling Fan Light Flickers

The best option is to reach the root cause of the problem, especially when it comes to ceiling fan light flickers because it might be a sign of a significant problem.

1. A Conflicting Bulb 

One of the main reasons for ceiling fan light flickers is a conflicting bulb. Some bulbs give a better result when placed in a ceiling fan. Mainly, you will experience flickers while using a fluorescent bulb as it heats up with time and may give a flicker.

One of the best ways to overcome this issue is to use LED bulbs, which don’t heat up. In addition, it will be a good way of saving extra costs.

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2. Used Bulbs 

Sometimes people install used bulbs, or as the bulbs age, they may give a flickering effect. To overcome this effect, you should change your bulbs with new bulbs. In this way, you can avoid ceiling fan light flickers.

ceiling fan flickers

Usually, a bulb lasts for around 1000 hours. However, a LED bulb lasts for over 10,000 hours. It means that LED bulbs are a great and long-lasting substitute for fluorescent bulbs. You will also notice a significant change in the lighting experience, and the flickering of light will come to an end.

LED is also suitable in various circumstances like low voltage, and it will not flicker except if the voltage is too low.

3. Lose Light Fittings

Lose light fittings are a significant cause of ceiling fan light flickers. Make sure that the bulbs are adequately fit. In addition, you also need to check the fitting of the bulb, which may get lost after the fan’s rotation and causes flickering. You can firmly fix the bulb when the bulb is cooled down.

However, you don’t need to wait for LED bulbs to cool down, and you can fix the bulb in place right away. It is a high chance that the flickering problem will be solved right away. Yes, it is that easy, but in some cases, the flickering may be due to a severe problem like incompatible switches.

4. Incompatible Switches 

If you have tried and tested all ways, but still, the ceiling fan light flickers, then you might need to change your old switches.

Some houses have dimmer switches which may not go along with new technology bulbs. You can change the switches for a better experience and notice that the flickering effect is over.

To ensure that your bulb is compatible with the switch, you can also check the instructions with the LED bulbs.

Sometimes the ceiling fan light flickers due to compatibility issues. It does not mean that you have old switches, but you need to switch them with new and compatible ones. In addition, the installation of new controls won’t take long, and the flickering issue will resolve forever.

5. Flickering Due to a Current Limiter 

Usually, you will find a current limiter in the ceiling fans, which helps to prevent extra voltage from passing through the current. But, if the current limiter is of cheap quality, then you might come across ceiling fan light flickers.

To overcome this problem, you can remove the current limiter or simply replace it with another one. You can find a current limiter for less than 20 $, and you are good to go. If you can play around with wires, then do it yourself or call an electrician and get the job done in no time. After, this change you will experience a seamless lighting experience that does not flicker.

6. Additional Circuit Overloading 

If the ceiling fan light flickers when you turn on an additional load in your house, this means that the circuit is overloaded with the extra load. To overcome circuit overloading, you should ensure that the ceiling fan has its circuit rather than being connected with multiple appliances within the home. It will resolve the overloading issue, and you will not face fluctuation.

Mostly this problem is found within old homes, so you need to call an electrician with an additional circuit for the ceiling fan.

7. Reduce The Load 

A great way to overcome the overload problem is to reduce the load on the ceiling fan. You can replace ordinary bulbs with LED bulbs which will reduce the additional burden from the circuit. In addition, they will use less power than the obsolete bulbs.

However, you can also figure out the overloading point and separate the circuit by seeking professional help. Indeed, you will overcome ceiling fan light flickers without any problem.

8. Loose Connection & Wires 

Loose connection and wiring can be dangerous for your house as they may cause a short circuit. You may call the electrician as soon as possible to overcome the ceiling fan light flickering. In addition, loose wiring is risky for your loves, so you need to look at the root cause with the help of a professional.

Never take loose connections easy and ask for help immediately. It can cause fire and harm to your home and life. So, be cautious.

9. Light Strobing Issue 

Some people may also face a strobing light issue that hits the eye with light. The best way to avoid light strobing is with the help of spacing the lights from the edge of the room. In this way, you can overcome this problem without any hassle.

These were the primary reasons for ceiling fan light flickers. So, check out the issue and get rid of light flickering forever. The best part is that all these solutions are budget-friendly and easy to follow so that you don’t need to think twice before going for the answer.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

What does it mean when the ceiling fan light blinks? 

If the ceiling fan light flickers, it means that the bulb is almost aging, or it might be due to excessive load on a circuit or loose fitting. You need to find the root cause and call a professional for help.

How do I stop my ceiling light from flickering? 

You can take multiple steps to stop the flicker. One way is to replace the bulb with an LED one. If this does not help, you can fix the bulb even or adequately check for an overloaded circuit that may be causing the flicker.

How to repair a ceiling light flickering? 

There are multiple reasons behind the ceiling fan flicker, and some of them are loose wiring, loose-fitting, additional load, old bulbs, and even fluorescent bulbs.

Can a flickering light catch fire? 

Yes, a flickering light may catch fire if the flickering is being caused due to a circuit. The best way to avoid fire is to call an electrician and check the circuits that may cause flickering.

Can a bad breaker cause light flicker? 

Yes, a lousy breaker may be a cause of light flicker. It may even cause a power breakdown or loss of power. You may also hear a weird buzzing sound which will help you notice a bad breaker. Well, you need to change the breaker ASAP.

Final Verdict

Ceiling fan light flickers can be a serious matter. However, now you know the causes and solution for the light flicker, try to use them in the best way. It is always better to call an electrician for fixation rather than to wait for a disaster.

If you are good with wire and circuits, you can overcome these problems on your own, but it is suggested to seek professional advice because flickering can also lead to fire and a short circuit. So, never take it lightly. In addition, the problem might not be a big one, as it can also be a result of loose bulbs.

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