How to Hang A Tapestry on the Ceiling in 7 Easy Steps

Is it time to give a new look to your bedroom ceiling? Ceiling tapestry can be one of the best alternatives.

Not only it is great for a wall hanging decoration, but ceiling tapestry will also successfully modify the superior part of your room by adding a new spatial dimension, as well as colors and textures.

Experience such a different atmosphere every time you go to bed by the look of your ceiling tapestry. Indeed, different tapestry motifs will create a different effect as well.

As an example, if you prefer the artistic value of ancient or even elegant effects thus medallion or the medieval tapestry will be satisfying.

The question is how to hang a tapestry on the ceiling? If you do not want any holes in your ceiling, using high-quality stickers – Velcro – can be one of the most reliable methods.

It’s not complicated, but still, there are some steps to follow to make your ceiling tapestry beautifully stay.

how to hang a tapestry on the ceiling

How to Hang a Tapestry on The Ceiling

1. Choose Your Tapestry

How to hang tapestry on the ceiling

A piece of soft textured fabric is one of the perfect choices. Moreover, Velcro works well with light tapestries or polyester style (less than a pound).

It is better for you to pick one based on this criterion yet still satisfy your personal preference related to the material and design.

2. Preparation


After selecting your tapestry, this step requires all other stuff and equipment ready, such as:

  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Velcro
  • Ladder
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

3. Measurement

Measure the dimension of your tapestry by using a measuring tape.

After that measure the space needed on the ceiling related to the size of your tapestry.

4. Draw the Patterns

You have to draw the same patterns on the ceiling and the back of the tapestry. Velcro gives you two options of strip or patch.

Each will help you with instructions on how to hang a tapestry on the ceiling. You can use the drawing layouts for the tape as well as drawing lines on the ceiling.

The larger or wider tapestry is, the more strips you need.

5. Stick the Tapestry

Stick the base face on the ceiling and double it on the tapestry.

For somewhat heavy tapestry, you can use a hot glue gun to the back of the Velcro tapes.

You do not want your ceiling tapestry to fall on you in the middle of the night, do you?

6. Mount the Ladder

Use the ladder to reach the ceiling, bring together with you the tapestry, and also a hot glue gun.

This step brings you closer to the endpoint of how to hang a tapestry on the ceiling.

7. Apply the Tapestry

how to hang a tapestry from the ceiling

You can simply stick your tapestry on your ceiling starting from one side and bit by bit forward-moving towards the other end.

Or else, you may put hot glue first to make the tapestry hold tighter, flat against the ceiling.

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Well-done! You’ve just finished the simple steps of how to hang a tapestry on the ceiling.

Now, it’s time to enjoy your new ceiling decor, well stretched and with no falling folds.

It will absolutely make you happier, or even relaxed when you go to your bed at night.

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