Can You Put Paper Towel In The Microwave?

Paper towels are known to be reliable household items. You can use them to clean up your kitchen and utensils. You can also clean up other things in the house. Since that is the case, then can you put paper towel in the microwave?

Not only in the oven,but having paper towel in the microwave is also not a good idea. Still, many people do this most of the time. In a way, paper towel absorbs oil easily, which makes cleaning up easier too. You can clean up cooking pans with this after you wash them.

Unfortunately, this does not mean using it in the oven or microwave is always safe. Yes, you may see many people bake their pizza this way—or on cardboard. Still, you must consider the safety precautions to avoid unwanted accidents in the kitchen.

So, what do you have to do to make sure using paper towel in the microwave is safe? How many benefits will this method reap?

How to Use Paper Towel in the Microwave

Can You Put Paper Towel In The Microwave?

Now, here is one thing that you need to note down first: just like oven, microwave vibrates water molecules with the high frequencies. Based on this, you need to know how to use paper towel in the microwave appropriately.

Paper towels do not contain water or other liquid. Since they are super dry, they burn far too easily. It does not even matter if you try to keep them wet before putting them in the microwave. They still can catch fire.

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This is why reading the fine print on the paper towel’s packaging first is also important. Some paper towels are made from chemicals that may cause them to burn easily or release dangerous chemicals. Surely, you do not want something like that to come in close contact with your foods in the microwave.

Not only that, but you can also catch both the paper towel—and your food—on fire if you are not careful.

Still, What Are the Benefits of Using Paper Towel in the Microwave?

Can You Put Paper Towel In The Microwave

Can you put paper towel in the microwave if being careful is required? Surprise, surprise. It is still possible. In fact, you can even gain benefits from doing so:

1. To help to control splashing

Some foods and liquids easily splash, so paper towels can control that from happening. Just place one or two paper towels over the container’s top. Thanks to paper towels, you might be saved from having to clean up kitchen walls and turntables after cooking.

2. To help to catch drips

When it comes to heating soups and dips, dripping is a possibility. To avoid that from happening, put the paper towel on the turntable’s top. Once you finish cooking or heating, just take the paper towel away too. That way, you will not have to clean up the turntable after cooking.

3. To help to retain moisture

It is common to use paper towels as a food wrapper in the microwave or oven. Moisture tends to escape whenever you cook or heat food in the oven or microwave. Consider this method like covering a pot when steaming foods on your regular stove. The result is just the same.

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4. Paper towels do not cost a lot and are easy to use

The good news is, you do not have to break your bank to buy paper towels. They are very cheap. Not only that, but paper towels are also convenient. You get to use them over and over again after you wash them. Either for cooking something in the microwave or simply cleaning up, it is all good.

Last but not least, paper towels do not need that much space. Just roll them over and stock them in the cabinet—and you are all set. Grab and go when you need to cook something in the microwave.

So, The Conclusion Is….

Can you put paper towel in the microwave? Of course, why not? Still, do not forget to put the temperature lower than 350 °F. That way, paper towels will not burn in the microwave. Still, if you have a much better (and safer) option than using paper towels, do that.

Whatever tools and utensils you use in the kitchen, make sure that they are safe. The foods must be edible and healthy too.

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