16 Inspiring Barn Door Closet Ideas

Barn door closet ideas seem to be an option for interior design enthusiasts who live in narrow spaces. This style is not unique but will also help save space.

As is known, ordinary doors will require movement space when opened. It can be unpleasant and make you unable to move freely.

In addition, a closet with a sliding door is a solution for residents who want to be more flexible regarding how large the door must be open. You can open wide or partially without causing any effect on the space.

Plus, there are now many of the best ideas that have developed and blended into the design concept of any room.

Here is the review:

16 Barn Door Closet Ideas (1)

Barn Door Closet Ideas to Make Your Home Look More Attractive.

The barn door is a recently-developed design idea inspired by the shed entry cover. This style was familiar because people often say that forgetting to close the door is the behavior of people born in warehouses.

Inspired by the joke, the sliding-type door ideas have developed with the room being deliberately not completely closed.

The sliding design will make it no problem when you forget to close the door. Here are some ideas you can apply:

1. Sliding Way to Laundry Room

 Sliding Way to Laundry Room
Source: whiteshanty.com

Laundry rooms are generally not very spacious because there is not much mobility. Subsequently, people make it fit enough for the washing machine and leave a little room to move.

In addition, generally, the laundry area is not a room that is easy to tidy up because of the many clothes scattered.

Thus, people do not tend to want to show it. For space-saving purposes, this design would be wiser than swinging one.

2. Space Saving Appliance

Space Saving Appliance Barn Door
Source: houzz.com

Living in a narrow dwelling forces you to be wise in managing space. Aside from furniture arrangement, the choice of features also determines the comfort.

For instance, you can use barn doors for closets.

Then, make this fixture yourself with unused materials even on a limited budget. With simple design and effort, you can get the maximum benefit.

3. Multifunction Ideas

Multifunction Ideas - Barndoor Closets
Source: paperdaisydesign.com

Barn style is one of the best closet door ideas. However, its function does not end there. Besides, you can even use it as a handy room divider.

This method is very effective if you live in a narrow building such as a studio apartment. Instead of using doors, the barn appliances are more room friendly, avoiding it being a barrier when opening.

4. Go Nature with Farmhouse Concept

Go Nature with Farmhouse Concept - Barndoor Closet
Source: thecottagemarket.com

The barn door’s classic and unfinished appearance amazes many people. While you display natural wood strokes, why not turn your room into a farmhouse concept.

For example, you can give close-to-nature colors, usually gray, pastel, brown, yellow, etc. Then, add some decorations.

Meanwhile, wreaths on the door can be an option. You can also place a metal basket or vase filled with wildflowers. Surely your room will be homey.

5. Classically Vintage Door

Classically Vintage Barn Door
Source: countryliving.com

Although sliding doors are not new, these ideas are still relatively rare in interior design. Furthermore, you can combine it with a vintage style.

By adopting a rustic or farmhouse concept, you can display fixtures with classic designs and a bit of oldie. Hence, leave the surface unfinished, and you will enjoy the vintage vibe every time you look at it.

Additionally, another advantage, this simple design does not need expensive materials. You can process reclaimed boards at home and arrange them custom according to your conditions and needs.

6.    Rustic Rolling Door

Rustic Closet Barn Rolling Door
Source: pchenderson.com

Besides the farmhouse, these ideas will also go well with rustic. You can display unfinished or finished results because both are equally charming.

The rustic design can also blend in with other themes, such as modern or contemporary.

7. Modern White Closet

Modern White Closet - Barn Door Closets
Source: thekitchn.com

Going with barn door closets means that you can explore any color. For instance, this design is charming with a white theme that exudes a modern and classy feel.

If you choose a white barn door, you can combine it with almost all tones. However, it is best to uniform the color of all parts from the floors to furniture.

Further, soft but bright tones make white a favorite. With this trick, you can get a room that looks wider and cleaner.

8. You Also Need To Try Other Colors

Barn Door Closet Ideas - You Also Need To Try Other Colors
Source: decorhomeideas.com

Although white gives a calm and pleasant effect, you can also try other colors. In addition to monochrome tones, you can give a bright touch to make it look fun.

Colors such as teal, blue, or green can be an option because they look striking without hurting the eyes. But if you do not want your closet to be a concern, you can choose softer pastel colors.

9. Informative Closet

 Informative Closet Barn Door
Source: domino.com

Have you ever put sticky notes with messages on your family? It happens if someone has to leave early in the morning, leaving the other members who are still asleep.

Well, probably many people are still doing this today. If so, you can apply this informative closet concept at home.

Afterward, you can use a blackboard or any other object that allows you to write something down. Thus, you can make it more multifunctional.

In addition, you can also use it to write a list of activities, shopping lists, or menu lists that you plan to do for the week.

10. Reflective Barn Door

Reflective Closet Barn Door
Source: decorhomeideas.com

Don’t just stick to monotonous and boring designs. Therefore, you can even apply the barn sliding door closets with other things, such as mirroring.

You can indeed place a painting or pattern. But instead of the useless surface, why not put a functional mirror so that your room looks attractive.

Placing a mirror in the room is controversial because it will cause negative energy if it is not in the right place. But if you use a closet to store clothes, something reflective is necessary.

In addition to providing a function, placing a mirror also bring spaciousness to the room. It can reduce feelings of fatigue and congestion.

11. Play with Motifs

Play with Motifs - Barn Door Closet Ideas
Source: whiteshanty.com

Most barn door closets display the motif as it is with a line of boards. However, you can explore other motifs.

You can choose other board layout designs, for example, with diagonal or zigzag lines. Thus, the door can be an attractive decoration for the room.

Even if it is hard to make your own, you can paste any wallpaper or sticker. Thus, make your room extraordinary with beautiful motifs.

12.  Textured Barn Door

Textured Barn Door
Source: mapleleavessycamoretrees.com

Showing a barn door style with a finished surface is sometimes out of date. Why not give a different feel by decorating the surface.

You can place paintings, pictures, patterns, and so on. However, you can also make it more traditional by gluing corrugated zinc.

Moreover, it will make the room feel textured.If you like a particular theme, you can also add a small mosquito net in various colors.

It is easy to look stylish!

13. Barn Style in the Finished Closet

Barn Style in the Finished Closet
Source: hgtv.com

Although barn covers tend to have a traditional feel, you can also combine them with other concepts that collide.

Therefore, try using it in a furnished closet.

In the photo above, the white barn door fits the large closet beautifully. The wooden cover becomes a striking decoration in the middle of the room with a magnificent concept.

14.  DIY Door with Low Price

DIY Door with Low Price
Source: jennasuedesign.com

You can get some functional closet barn doors that suit your needs by DIY. By making it yourself, you can customize and make it installed perfectly in your home.

Likewise, use wooden boards at a price according to your budget. Do not forget to measure it well to suit your conditions and needs.

After that, you need to provide decorations that match the room concept. Even if you have trouble making your own, a carpenter will help you.

15.  Double Slide Door

Double Slide Door - Barn Door Closet Ideas
Source: roundecor.com

The concept of sliding doors is very varied and allows you to explore many designs. Likewise, try the double slide model.

Additionally, this design features two doors that can slide in opposite directions. This style is suitable for a spacious closet, but you do not always want to open it wide.

Opening one door will make some corners in the room remains closed so that privacy is maintained. Otherwise, this design does not work well with small closets.

16. The Overlapping Door

The Overlapping Door
Source: homestratosphere.com

Some sliding doors do have two doors but cannot open wide because the length of the rail is the same as the closet.

It generally applies to portable furniture, or because there is not enough space to slide it fully open. However, this style is also still functional.

Meanwhile, you can search for items or do something on one side and do the same thing on the other side. These two doors are on different tracks so that they cannot collide.

Moreover, this design is perfect for a small room.


Above all, Barn door closet ideas can be one way to give a classic and traditional feel to a room. Interestingly, this style can blend with various decorations so that it will not be a hassle for the decoration process.

 Barn Door Closet Ideas

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