30 Cheap and Elegant Thanksgiving Decorations + DIY Projects

Looking for great ways to celebrate Thanksgiving without spending a lot of money on Thanksgiving decorations?

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the stunning decor and other touches while saving the bank.  Take a look at the ideas below!

cheap thankgiving decoration ideas

Top Cheap Thanksgiving Decorations for Your Home

1. Pumpkin Lanterns Turned Table-toppers

Source: http://hip2save.com/

If you still have some of those cheap dollar store pumpkin bowls kicking around, paint them a glittering gold, and then use them as posh and upscale table toppers!  FIll them or leave them empty.

2. Personalized Corn Stalks

Personalized corn stalks - Thanksgiving-Place-Holders
Source: freutcake.com

If you have extra corn stalk, take some glittery markers and write placard names on them.  Instant decorations and practical seat markers!

3. Floral Pumpkins

Floral pumpkins - copper-pumpkins-table
Source: uptodateinteriors.com

Whether you paint them coral, gold, white, or silver, add a small bouquet of flowers to each mini pumpkin and spread them around the house for cheerful fun!  Don’t have any real flowers?  Use some fake ones.

4. Grab an Apple

 Grab an apple - Thanksgiving decorations
Source: juniperhome.com

If you want more candles but you’ve run out of holders, then add a tealight to the top of an apple!  They’re fun, elegant, and great conversation pieces all the way down the shared dining table.

5. Pumpkin, Candle, Repeat

Pumpkin, candle, repeat - pumpkins and candle centerpiece
Source: sophiasdecor.blogspot.com

If you don’t have enough pumpkins or candles, the alternative between each!  You’ve instantly got double what you had and it’ll be a great little touch!

6. Real Feather Garland

Real feather garland
Source: simplestylings.com

Add some feathers to a piece of twin for an instant garland in the halfway or over the mantle place.  Perfect and really fun with the different textures

7. Candle Acorn Trifle

Candle acorn trifle - DIY-Pottery-Barn-Inspired-Fall-Decor-with-Live-Laugh-Rowe
Source: livelaughrowe.com

If your candle is feeling a little neglected in its dark, then add in some acorns to help lake outlook great.  It’ll also keep the candle upright, too!

8. Thread and Wheat

Thread and wheat - modern-thanksgiving-decor
Source: inspiredbycharm.com

If your wheat is feeling drab, grab some embroidery thread and add unique pops of color to several stalks.  It’ll be fun and great for grabbing the eye.

9. Personalized Leaves

Personalized leaves - Gold leaves garland
Source: cuphalffull-sf.blogspot.com

Need a place marker?  Grab a leaf, paint it gold, and write the name on it!  Fun, unique, and sure to be a conversation starter.

10. Golden Pumpkins

Golden pumpkins - Fall-Thanksgiving-Tablescape
Source: apumpkinandaprincess.com

Pumpkins are great, but you know what’s even better?  Gold-painted pumpkins!  They’re great last-minute centerpieces if you need ‘em.

11. Gold Markers as Message Makers

Gold markers as message makers - diy-faux-magnolia-pumpkin
Source: lollyjane.com

If you want to write on a painted pumpkin, there’s no better time of year to get a gold glossy marker.  Make your own welcome message!

12. Wildflowers and Berries for Centerpieces

White-Pumpkin-Vase - Wildflowers and berries for centerpieces
Source: apumpkinandaprincess.com

In a vase or a pumpkin, if you’ve got a spare, add in pine cones, berries talks, grasses, and fall-colored flowers for a great centerpiece!  It’ll be fun and simple for decor.

13. DIY Pumpkin Bowl

DIY pumpkin bowl - Thanksgiving decorations
Source: thefrugalhomemaker.com

If you’ve got a clear pumpkin bowl but you want to add presence, you can learn how to make a DIY mercury glass using plain and then put it on display for candies and other essentials on your coffee table.

14. Wheat Stalks on the Table

Wheat Stalks on the Table - wheat-bundle-centerpiece-uncommon-designs
Source: uncommondesignsonline.com

No centerpiece? No problem.  Add some ribbon to a fan of wheat stalks and you’ve got on-theme and simple decoration for your table.

15. Candle Lantern Garnished

Candle lantern garnished
Source: sweetsomethingdesign.blogspot.com

If you’ve got a lantern box, fill it full of candles, add a simple garnish like a cascade of leaves, and you’ll get light and ambiance!

16. DIY Cinnamon Candles

DIY cinnamon candles
Source: homestoriesatoz.com

If you love cinnamon, add a row of it to the outside of a plain white candle and you’ll get a great decor touch and a hint of the scent on your table, too.

17. Toy Turkey Place Markers

 Toy turkey place markers
Source: thesweetestoccasion.com

Grabs some dollar store turkey toys, paint them gold, and then add a stick for a name placard.  It’s perfect and a great memento.

18. Pumpkin As A Wine Cooler

Pumpkin as a wine cooler - Pumpkin-ice-bucket-
Source: everydaydishes.com

If you have a small pumpkin, empty it out and then fill it with ice chips.  Pop a wine bottle in there and you’ve got a themed wine cooler!

19. Succulent Planter Pumpkin

 Succulent planter pumpkin
Source: simplyhappenstance.com

If you want to enjoy your succulents for the season, plant them in a pumpkin!  If you don’t have real ones, then grab fake succulents for an evergreen effect.  Great for porches.

20. Acorn Touches

Acorn touches - Thanksgiving table decorations
Source: yummymummykitchen.com

If your table setting is missing that perfect final touch, add an acorn or a pine cone to each plate.  Simple, free, and gorgeous!

21. Contrast Greens with Plaids

Contrast greens with plaids - Green-Copper-Thanksgiving-Tablescape
Source: blesserhouse.com

When you’ve got greens and coppers, offer up some contrast with a plain black and white table cloth that will be sophisticated and elegant in the best possible way.

22. DIY Plush Pumpkins

DIY plush pumpkins - sweater pumpkins
Source: www.diybeautify.com

Want a pumpkin in a pinch?  Grab an old sweater, stuff it full of batting or another plush material, and you’ve got a pumpkin!  Great for color coordinating, too.

23. Personalized Leaf Garland

Personalized leaf garland
Source: thesweetestoccasion.com

Hang individual leaves from strings.  Paint them for a uniform appeal, then write little gratitude messages on each one!

24. Painted Pumpkins as Candle Holders

Painted pumpkins as candle holders
Source: bystephanielynn.com

Got an extra pumpkin that’s too small to carve?  Use it as a candle holder and decorate it with some leaves, too, for your front porch.

25. Wheat Stalks as Door Decorations

Wheat stalks as door decorations
Source: julieblanner.com

Need a door decoration in a cinch?  Grab a ribbon, tie it around the stalks, and put it up on your door for display!

26. Leaves = Wreathes

Leaves = wreathes
Source: frugalflourish.blogspot.com

Collect some pretty leaves and then use them to help add some style to your personalized wreath.  Paint them all the same color or let them sparkle in their true shades for an extra appeal!

27. DIY Wood Pumpkin

 DIY wood pumpkin - Front-Door-Fall-Pumpkins
Source: findinghomefarms.com

Mke a pumpkin out of old scraps of wood.  Leave them different shades or paint them in orange, green, etc to enjoy them inside and outside your home.

28. Acorns = Leaves

Acorns = leaves
Source: triedandtrueblog.com

Acorns are free and make great leaves when you are looking at the idea of adding them to your basic wicker wreath.  Tie a burlap bow on it for extra appeal, too!

29. Corn Stalks – Wreathes

Corn stalks - wreathes - INDIAN-CORN-WREATH-DIY-open-door
Source: stonegableblog.com

With cornstalks fanning out, line up the corn in a circle and enjoy the fanfare it’ll create!  Colour coordinate or just let the corn variegate itself!


Now you know all about just how impactful cheap Thanksgiving table decor can be!  Most of the “spending” is in creativity.  From wall decor to table decor to porch decor, it’s all about celebrating creatively.

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