How to Lock a Bedroom Door From the Outside | 7 Easy Ways

Are you living in a shared place and want to secure your bedroom privacy? Or maybe you want to prevent your dog from “marking its territory” on your bedroom sheets again.

The best solution for your problem is the bedroom door lock. You may ask how to lock a bedroom door from the outside. Well, it’s simple!

To lock your bedroom door temporarily, you can use anything from a leather belt to a chair. But spending some pennies and getting a lock permanently would be better.

We brought seven easy ways to lock your bedroom door from the outside. These can help you understand how to pick a bedroom door lock easily. But first, let’s judge why you really need it.

how to lock a bedroom door from the outside

Why Do You Need To Lock The Door From Outside

Locking your bedroom door may not seem significant, but it surely has bigger benefits. Your bedroom is your private space, and you don’t want everyone snooping around in it constantly.

That makes security and privacy the foremost reason why you should lock your bedroom door. Besides, some other factors also exist that may tempt you to lock your bedroom door.

If you are a parent, you’ll know how difficult it is to deal with children. These cheeky little buggers mess with pretty much everything. To keep them away from your bedroom, you can use temporary or permanent lock solutions—just as you desire.

Now, if you’re a party guy, locking the bedroom door becomes the number one priority. You won’t want 40 to 50 individuals snooping around in your bedroom and messing with your personal belongings. Lock doors help you here as well by securing your personal space ideally.

Remember, these locks don’t come out in one-size-fits-all options. You’ll have to decide which would suit you best according to the situation. Plus, it will also depend on the level of security you need for your bedroom.

Fortunately, we have got multiple options listed below for you. Each of these is individually tested and approved by experts and general individuals like you!

How To Lock A Bedroom Door From The Outside In 7 Simple Ways

7 Ways to Lock a Bedroom Door From the Outside

Each piece of equipment to lock your bedroom door has a different procedure. We’ll be highlighting the tactical steps that each method requires. That way, you won’t wonder how to use the lock.

Without further ado, let’s jump in and see how to lock a bedroom door from the outside without any hardware expertise.

1. Use A Padlock

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A padlock is the first temporary solution to lock your bedroom door instantly. The best part of this type of method is its easy accessibility.

Many households have plenty of spare padlocks present. So you won’t have to run to the store to get one. It is probable that, with a bit of effort, you will find it in your old drawer somewhere.

Its procedure isn’t much different as well. Instead of using this padlock on your door, you need to find a spot for support. There are two schools of thoughts here.

For better security and a permanent solution, you can use a buckle hinge and attach it outside the door using drill holes.

But to temporarily lock the door from the outside, you can buy a chain, thread its one end through the padlock, and then wrap it around the supporting object to lock it with the padlock.

2. Install A Keypad Lock

bedroom door lock

If you are willing to take extreme measures for safety, you can use the keypad lock. As the name resonates, this lock has a numbered keypad that will open only if you press specific keys in a sequence.

Besides, some of the keypad locks have dual functionality—meaning they can be locked or unlocked from both; the keypad and the key.

For the installation, you will have o be careful as these things are electrical and sensitive. You only need to replace your keyless door knob with this keypad lock.

Some of the keypad locks have a built-in tutorial book for ease. But it would be best to call out a professional to get everything right.

3. Get Yourself a Universal Portable Door Locker

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Thanks to portable door lockers, it is now safe to put a lock on a door without drilling. A universal portable door locker is ideal for avoiding damaging your door with drills and hammers.

Plenty of these are in the market, but we suggest you go for the ones compatible with the levers and knobs. The structure of this bedroom door lock is simple, with three components: a keylock, a notched strip hook, and a squeeze slide.

If you want to see how to lock a bedroom door from the outside using this locker, you’d be happy to know it is a piece of cake!

To use it, first, insert the notched strip hook into the strike plate and push down on the notched bar while squeezing the slide.

Once the bar hits the door clamp, you are good to lock the door from the outside by twisting the keylock. The only downside to this method is that it applies to the doors that open outwards.

4. Use A Deadbolt Lock

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A deadbolt lock is one of the most secure practices a house owner can use to ensure their bedroom safety.

The lock involves a metal sliding bolt that goes through the door and provides excessive protection against forced entry.

The robust build of this bedroom lock is a primary factor that makes it much safer than other portable and keyless locks.

The installation of the deadbolt lock isn’t simple at all. The lock requires special hardware equipment for installation that isn’t present in regular households.

Besides, the process is time-consuming and tiring, so getting a professional to do the work for you is recommended.

5. Use A Doorknob Lockout Device

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Using a door knob lockout device is a last-minute solution for you. A door knob lockout device is temporary hardware restricting any outsider from turning the knob.

It works on a relatively simpler principle. The best thing is that it is portable and doesn’t damage the door structure or framework.

6. Replace Your Lockless Doorknob Handle

You can use alternative methods if you don’t have a lockable door knob. But for a permanent solution, it’s best to change the entire knob handle.

Try using a bedroom lock that is relatively easy on your door’s structure. The best lock for bedroom doors is a keyed door knob handle because of its universal availability and easy installation.

These devices come in various shapes and sizes. Some door handles are locked through a key and some through electronic measures such as fingerprint or digital numeric lock.

For an electronic variant, you’ll get a user manual that will help you know how to lock a bedroom door from the outside using the digital number pad. Unlike other temporary methods, this way would increase security. However, it can still be compromised.

7. Use A Locking Latch

Locking Latch

A locking latch is the most straightforward and uncomplicated way to lock your bedroom door with no rocket science included. This type of bedroom lock is installed on the edge of the door that keeps the door shut through a spring-loaded clasp mechanism.

Once the door gets locked, the clasp stays in place even if you keep rotating the knob. The only way to unlock the door is if you release the spring, which will disconnect the clutch, enabling the knob’s motion.

Which Way Is The Best To Lock A Bedroom Door? An Honest Comparison!

From a numeric keypad to a simple padlock, each performs the same function of locking the bedroom door.

But if you ask how to lock a bedroom from the outside in the “best way,” you may want to dive deep. Locking latches, portable door locks, and padlocks can be the perfect choice for easy installation.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a permanent solution with enhanced security and better resistance, a deadbolt lock, numeric keypad locks, and keyed door knobs can serve pretty well for you.

But remember, installing them will be a challenging option. To give you a brief outline, here’s the table with relevant factors to help you assess how to lock a bedroom door from the outside with the best option available.

how to lock a bedroom door from the outside

How To Secure Bedroom Door Without A Lock

Let’s suppose you don’t have any lock on your bedroom door. There are still ways to secure bedroom doors without a lock.

Even though these are less reliable than previous ones, they’ll do the job and serve as temporary security for your bedroom door.

If you are also one of the individuals wondering how to lock a bedroom door from the outside with no lock, here are the top three ways for you:

1. Barricade the Door

As simple as it states, the easiest way to block access to your door is by barricading it.

You can use multiple household items for that. A closet, table, or chair will secure the door just fine.

Plus, if you are ready to go “advance,” you can use a door blocker. It looks like a pole with one end attached to the ground and the other right below the knob to support it.

2. Use A Leather Belt

Dual-paneled doors don’t necessarily get locked easily. Instead of drilling holes in your pricey wooden door, it is better to just literally “tie the knot” with your leather belt.

Yes! A leather belt is enough to secure the bedroom door lock from the outside. Just loop it around both handles and then tie some knots around it. Now you can rest assured that no one will interfere with your privacy.

3. Use A Doorstop

Doorstops aren’t usually used to lock a door. Instead, this equipment is more functional toward preventing the door from closing.

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But you can change its position and secure your bedroom in a jiff. Rather than placing it inside, put it right outside your door so no one can open it. But remember, doorstops won’t work if your door opens inwards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to Pick a Bedroom Door Lock?

Bedroom door locks are of many sizes and functions. Some have mechanically working parts, while others have electrical circuits.

The best way to choose a bedroom door lock is by assessing your requirements. If you need a temporary solution, any lock will do just fine.

But if you need extra security, try going for something reliable and secure.

2. How to Put A Lock On A Door Without Drilling?

Almost every lock for bedroom doors requires drilling and won’t work without it—such as deadbolt locks or keyed door knob replacement.

But if you want to lock your bedroom door without creating a mess, it is best to use a padlock.

Besides, you can also use portable door lockers as they require little to no effort during installation.

3. How to Lock a Sliding Door?

Use the keyed sliding door locks if you need a permanent locking solution for your sliding door.

These go either on the upper or lower portions of your door.

However, you can use a log or dowel rod to temporarily secure your sliding door without installing any additional lock.

4. Is It Possible to Make A Homemade Bedroom Door Lock?

Making a homemade bedroom door lock is possible. However, it doesn’t stay functional forever.

Homemade door locks are just the last-minute temporary precautions you make to secure your bedroom door.

These may include blocking with a chair, using a leather belt, or blocking the door with a doorstopper.

5. How to Use a Fork as A Temporary Bedroom Door Lock?

If you are wondering how to lock a door without a lock, a fork can be a best choice. Using the fork as a temporary bedroom door lock is the same as using a leather belt.

However, instead of tying the knot, you have to stick it between the handles. The fork would act as a barricade and prevent your stray pets or toddlers from opening the door.

Final Thoughts

Locking your bedroom door would help you get secure from the prying eyes of intruders. You can do it in various ways, so it may confuse you when choosing the best one.

But don’t worry! These seven easy ways will let you know how to lock a bedroom door from the outside without spending much time or effort.

In addition, we have helped you assess how to lock a door without a lock using three simple ways. From complex ways like deadbolt locks to barricade methods like using a chair, we addressed every solution for your ease.

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