5+ Effective Ways to Get a Bird Out of Your Garage

Birds are beautiful, but not so when they nest in your garage and prevent you from using them properly. Knowing how to get birds out of the garage safely is important, especially when dealing with protected species.

Getting birds out can be difficult, especially if you make them panic and therefore refusing to leave the property.

How to Get a Bird Out of Your Garage

Reasons Birds Enter Your Garage

There are various reasons why birds might enter your garage. One of the most common ones is seeking protection from the cold or bad weather. Some birds might enter your garage because they are hungry, while others look for a good place to build a nest.

Allowing birds to nest in your garage can be a problem because they can spread feces, feathers, and other unwanted things near your vehicle and other stuff. They may also cause medical reactions in people with allergies or asthma. Woodpeckers are also known for causing damages to wood elements in your garage.

Getting birds out of the garage can be difficult if you do not know the best way. They may fly around and make it harder for you to get them out.

Tips to Get Birds Out of Garage

how to get a bird out of the garage

Before you work on getting birds out of your garage, make sure to recognize their types (woodpecker, hummingbird, swallow?). Afterward, consider these tips to choose the best one for your situation.

1. Lure Birds with Light

This strategy works on birds attracted to bright light, such as hummingbirds. Darken your garage as much as you could and close all accesses except for one. Place several bright (or brightly colored) objects on several spots to create a path for luring the birds out.

For example, place a red-colored or small emergency light on the roof of your car, one on the floor several feet away and another close to the open door. This method may not work on nocturnal birds like owls.

2. Use the “Quiet” Method

You can use this method to soothe a trapped bird, preventing it from getting panic before you capture and release it. Darken the entire garage and close all access. Leave it for several hours before coming back. Gently open the door and spot the bird (which will usually be sleepy or still).

Once you spot the bird, avoid scaring it. Use a wide fabric or plastic bucket to trap the bird. Do it as gently as possible before you take out the bird and release it!

3. Carry the Bird with Rake

A rake or any similar long object is great to take the bird out of the garage. First, darkens the garage and open one access (door or window) as the only light source. Once you spot the bird, slowly raise the rake without making any sound. Wait patiently until the bird shifts to the rake and shift it toward the light source. Unless it is a nocturnal creature, the bird usually will fly outside.

4. Use Net or Large Fabric

You can try trapping the bird using a large fishing net or large fabric, such as a tablecloth or bed cover. Ideally, you should do this method with three or four people who hold the ends of the net/fabric. Spread bird seeds on the floor and wait until the bird lands there. Give silent code for your companions to trap the bird by joining the ends of the net/fabric and carrying the bird outside.

5. Lure Bird with Food

Putting bird food or seeds near the garage’s only opening is a classic way to get the bird out. However, it would be best to have extra patience for this since it will take time before the bird notices—you need to have endless patience when trying to get a bird out this way.

All these strategies require patience and time, but they are usually quite effective. However, if all methods fail, refrain from using harsh methods. Call animal control or a similar service that knows how to get birds out of the garage safely.

Tips to Prevent Birds from Entering Garage

5+ Effective Ways to Get a Bird Out of Your Garage

A bird entering your garage could already bring some troubles, so imagine how difficult it would be if the bird found time to build a nest. The best way to keep your garage safe is to prevent the animals from coming in. Here are some simple ways you can do to deter birds from the garage:

1. Keep All Accesses Closed

Do not be lazy about this! Closing garage doors and windows when you are not using them is important. If you worry about air circulation, invest in good ventilation systems that birds cannot fly through.

2. Use Passive Deterrents

Passive deterrents like fake owls or hawk decoys may work for smaller birds, like sparrows or hummingbirds. For birds like woodpeckers, you can hang mirrors near garage accesses to make them afraid. While these passive methods are not the best, they can be quite effective if you combine them with other methods.

3. Install Garage Screens

Garage screens provide security without blocking airflow, light, and view. You can install them to keep birds and bugs from entering even when the garage door is open. Garage screens are great for people who love spending time inside and do not want to keep the door closed all the time.

4. Keep Garage Clean

Avoid attracting birds by keeping your garage clean. Never put foods, trashes, leftovers, or anything that has no business being in a garage. Deep-clean your garage every one or two months, checking every nook and corner.

5. Use Reflective Deterrent

Reflective surfaces are cheap but effective ways to deter birds, especially if you combine them with other methods. You can hang reflective tapes or used CDs on a rope near every garage access. They can serve as decorations and deterrents for birds.

What if the bird already builds a nest before you have a chance to get it out? There is no other way but to wait until the eggs hatch before you move them. If the birds already leave the nest, spray some antibacterial solution on all surfaces before putting it in a sealed disposable bag.

Keep these practical tips in your household idea folders. Knowing how to get birds out of the garage will keep your property safe from feathers, dirt, feces, and other unhygienic materials.

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