How to Get Rid of Skunks Under Deck Effectively

People have different houses with each of their individual problems. Some people have leaky pipes and rattling roofs as their ever-present problems in their homes. Some others, though, have rodents and tiny animals instead. If you’re one of the latter, you might wonder how to get rid of skunks under the deck and shed effectively. Since they’re tiny animals who are fast to breed and create family, a bunch of skunks under your deck might lead to a huge problem that you want to avoid in the far future.

Ranging between 40 and 90 cm long, skunks are easily identifiable with their black and white appearance. They also possess sharp claws which they use to create burrows in your lawn or garden or wreak havoc in your trash bin to find food. Generally, skunks are carnivorous animals, meaning that they will eat anything from leftovers to vegetables to worms rummaging in the ground.

How to Get Rid of Skunks Under Deck

However, don’t be panicked. Unlike predatory animals, skunks are harmless. They don’t usually bite or claw humans unless necessary. The main problem with skunks doesn’t lie in their claws though, but it’s pungent.

Whenever skunks feel endangered, they will spray pungent, a liquid that smells bad to fight off their enemies. It might not be deadly, but it is strong enough to make adults cry due to its smell and intensity. Knowing the potential threat skunks might bring, it’s essential for you to know how to get rid of them before it is too late.

To help you, here’s a brief guide on getting rid of skunks and bringing peace into your home.

Identifying skunks behavior in your area

Before you start banishing them out of your house, it’s important to understand skunks’ behavior and their activities around your house. By understanding their habit, it’ll be easier for you to get rid of them by clearing from their very roots.

1. Skunks burrow marks

As previously mentioned, skunks use their claws to dig into the soil and wreak havoc in your trash bin to find food. If you’re looking for any skunk activities around your house, the best way to identify it is by looking for any burrow or digging marks in your deck, shed, or garden.

Additionally, since skunks love to eat worms and insects, you might want to look closer to the location where there are a lot of worms and insects, for example, the garden.

2. Skunks smells

The main identifier of a skunk’s presence is its smell. The smell is pungent, strong, and long-lasting that you might mistake it for a rotten egg smell at first.

3. Skunks feces

Like any other living being, skunks also leave excrement around their living space. Skunk’s feces are generally one or two inches long and you can easily spot the remains of insects they’ve consumed in it.

What brought these skunks in?

Garden plants

Since skunks eat pretty much everything, your garden is also a potential victim of its havoc. Skunks normally dig around your garden to find plants, berries, or nuts since they identify it as foods they can eat.


Sorry to break it to you, but your food scraps and leftovers aren’t safe from skunks either. To avoid any break-ins, make sure to have a garbage bin with lids and don’t leave trash bags loitering around your house.

Worms and insects

Worms and insects are skunks’ main meals. If you’re tending a garden, worms might be good for your soil and plants in general, but they can also become a potential victim of skunks’ hoarding at night.


Skunks love warm places, especially when the female ones are expecting their babies. This is why closed spaces such as decks are prone to skunks as it provides security and warmth from the outside world. You might want to constantly check these spaces and look out for any holes or skunks smell.

How to get rid of skunks under deck effectively

1. Clean any natural food source

Skunks are food-driven creatures, meaning that if they’re persistent to exist under your decks, there’s a big chance that they’re having an endless food supply there.

The first step you have to do to get rid of skunks under your deck is by completely cutting off any food resources they might have. Clear your garden and lawn from plants or trees that might contain berries, nuts, or fruits. If you can’t get rid of them, make sure that the food is safe in your hands and not brought into their den under your decks.

2. Put a tight lid on your trash bin

As previously mentioned, skunks can be pretty desperate to find food until the point they will eat trash to survive. To avoid this, you can change your trash bags into a trash bin with a tight lid on them. Make sure to close it off every time you throw your food waste or leftovers so that they can’t grab their way around it.

3. Set up lights around the decks

There’s a reason why skunks prefer enclosed spaces such as under the deck. That is because they dislike strong lights.

4. Barricade your decks

Have you checked under your deck? If there’s no skunk there, it’s time to finally barricade and close it off by installing some fences or panels.

Sometimes, skunks can be persistent and try to go back to their previous lair. You can avoid this by closing tiny gaps where they might enter all around your house.

Prevention steps for the future

After you’ve banished the skunks from under your deck, the final step is to make sure that they won’t go back and wreak another havoc in the future. Here are some home repellents that you can try to keep the skunks away from your house:

  • DIY skunk repellent spray: simple and easy to make, create your own repellent spray by mixing hot peppers, jalapeno, and onion, and boiling them in a hot water until they’re mixed into one. Spray them all around your decks and spots where skunks might try to enter.
  • Urine predator: purchase urine predator at any pet stores in your area, or you can collect it from your own pets at home.
  • Ammonia: another simple repellent for skunks, try soaking rags or fabrics in ammonia for several minutes and place it under your decks for a preventive step.


Skunks are generally harmless for humans, but they can produce smells and sounds that will become a problem to your house and daily lives if not treated. These steps will guide you on how to get rid of skunks under the deck and ensure that your home is free from unwanted smells and troubles coming from these rodents!

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