How to Convert a Laundry Room Into a Bathroom (Helpful Tips)

Converting a laundry room into a bathroom is more of an aesthetic project than it is a structural one. Such conversions typically involve more decorating choices and options rather than the actual construction work required of such projects.

Most people simply use their old appliances, cabinets, and existing flooring, which they can find lower prices on or justify purchasing since they already have it.

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Things to Consider While Converting the Laundry Room into Bathroom

The most important thing to consider when converting a laundry room into a bathroom is that this will not be an inexpensive project.

1. Get to know the ground reality

It may seem attractive because you’re using existing flooring, cabinets, and appliances rather than buying new ones, but if you have never done such a project before you’re likely unaware of all the extra work that is involved.

Some people find they must rewire, add insulation and drywall to properly complete such a conversion. Even if you hire a contractor for this project, your costs will be higher than you originally thought because these components must be added.

2. Engage a professional

If you do not have any electrical or plumbing knowledge, you should consider hiring a professional for this project. Once you have the necessary supplies and the budget to complete such a project, converting your laundry room into a bathroom couldn’t be easier.

The most common method is simply removing all appliances and cabinets from the space. If you’d like, you can relocate them elsewhere in the home or sell them if they are still in good condition.

3. Water lines are to be drilled

You will need to cut holes for new water lines and drainage tubes; however, it is possible that these components may already exist on your property due to recent updates made within your house by prior owners.

If either of these parts do not exist but you decide that they are required for the proper function of this conversion, then it is up to you to add these components.

4. Procedural cost is fairly low

If you need to build new cabinets and shelves for a laundry room to bathroom conversion, you will find that this is a fairly inexpensive process. This is because most of the materials required for such a project are found in your existing cabinets and countertops.

Simply removing them from the space takes away the need to purchase entirely new ones, which saves money and time. You may want to invest in higher quality items than what you had before since they will be on display more often once this conversion has been completed; however, do not feel pressured into making unnecessary upgrades if it goes against your budget.

5. Take lighting into accounts

When converting your laundry room into a bathroom, one of the most important factors to consider is lighting. If you simply remove all existing light fixtures and do not add any new ones, you are essentially making the room’s lighting nonexistent.

If this were the only place in your house you’d be using this bathroom for, it wouldn’t be too big of a problem. However, if you plan to use this bathroom every day or share it with other people who won’t appreciate having any lighting, then you will need to install some type of illumination.

6. Ventilation is crucial

If your laundry room currently sits on an outside wall inside your home, then its corresponding window is especially important when converting that space into a bathroom. You must allow for more ventilation than before because mold becomes more of an issue in bathrooms due to damp conditions.

7. Put in glass block windows

Consider installing glass block windows here rather than regular ones so that more light can come in and there is better visibility. However, if your laundry room does not have a window but you want to assure that the room receives plenty of airflow after this conversion, try installing a small exhaust fan; these are inexpensive and easy to install.

Once you’ve finished converting your previously used laundry room into a new bathroom, you’ll be happy with the updated look and feel of your home’s interior. You may need to make additional upgrades such as repainting walls or purchasing new light fixtures; however, it will be well worth the money and effort since this updated space will now serve its intended purpose.

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FAQs – How to Convert the Laundry Room Into A Bathroom 

What are the benefits of converting your laundry room into a bathroom?

Converting your laundry room into a bathroom can be beneficial because it increases the efficiency of your space. For one, you will have to spend less time walking outside of your home or apartment just to use its laundry machines.

You will also find that converting this room into a bathroom will increase the value of your property, prove beneficial for those who live in homes without yards or cars (lacking big backyards where bigger tubs can be added), and you’ll save money on plumbing costs if you plan to install shower pipelines running from inside the house instead of installing them right before they exit onto the exterior walls (since water has to be pumped further then it would if exiting direct)

What Are The Cons Of Converting Your Laundry Room Into A Bathroom?

The cons of converting your laundry room into a bathroom are the need to repaint to cover evidence of its previous use as a laundry room and the lack of light in an otherwise dark space.

With this conversion, it is also become more difficult to access all drying clothes, unless they are hung inside the bathroom already.

What are some considerations when converting your laundry room into a bathroom?

When doing this conversion, you have to plan out how you can deal with lighting under two different circumstances:

if the only natural light comes from outside but through windows that can’t be altered or left covered up at all times, then glass block windows will provide enough illumination while still providing airflow;

however, if there is no natural light or window present, then it’s best to install some type of ventilation fan (these are much more efficient because they push hot air out rather than creating it) and use an electrical lighting source at the very least.

How long does it take to convert my laundry room into a bathroom?

How long it takes to convert a laundry room into a bathroom depends on the size of it and how much is needed to convert. For a small, unfinished room, for example, it may take as few as two days with help from outside contractors.

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