12 Creative Ideas For Decorating Columns In The Living Room

Staring at that column in your living room might make you feel like it’s just standing awkwardly, out of place. Here’s a fact: columns not only hold up parts of your home but also have the potential to be stunning design features.

Luckily, this article is packed with twelve creative ways to transform that unadorned column into a captivating part of your decor. Stay tuned; you’re about to see how fun and stylish your pillar can become!

Importance of Decorating Columns in the Living Room

Decorating the columns in your living room does more than just add to its aesthetics; it gives you a chance to transform what could be an awkward obstruction into one of the most striking features of your space.

If your home has open floor plans, these interior columns can become focal points that complement the rest of the walls and furniture. Whether they are load-bearing columns or simply architectural elements meant for visual interest, covering them with tasteful decor integrates them seamlessly into the design scheme.

Think about how much better your living area feels when every part contributes to a cohesive look—this includes those round pillars or brick pillars standing tall in your space. Decorating these structural supports doesn’t just hide them away but can make use of their form to enhance natural light, showcase art pieces or provide extra storage space.

By choosing decorative features that align with your personal taste and overall theme, like wall lamps for added warmth or shelving units for practicality, you ensure that every inch serves a purpose and enriches the visual appeal of your home.

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Ideas for Decorating Columns in Living Rooms

Dress up your living room column with eye-catching wall art or decor. Embrace the warmth of wood by wrapping your column in wooden planks. Transform it into a functional spot for drinks or dining with a clever bar conversion.

Brighten the space with an elegant wall lamp affixed to the column’s side. Make a bold statement using contrasting paint colors that pop. Turn the pillar into an indoor oasis by adding lush greenery like artificial vines or potted plants.

Reflect style and space with a strategically placed mirror on your column.

Opt for an industrial vibe by leaving beams exposed for that rustic charm. For luxury, clad it in marble, giving off opulent sophistication worthy of admiration. Utilize smart design and turn this architectural feature into a creative room divider—enhance traditional aesthetics using classic molding trim detail on your column.

Get playful with two-tone paint styles to craft visual interest from top to bottom. Each idea offers unique ways to celebrate these vertical structures as more than just support columns; they.

1. Using wall art or wall decor items to cover the column

Decorating Columns In The Living Room
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Turn that column in your living room into a canvas for self-expression with wall art. Choose pieces that reflect your style or the mood you want to set in the space. Consider a minimalist canvas for a sleek, modern look, or perhaps a tropical botanical picture to add vibrancy and life to the area.

If your taste leans toward serene and peaceful atmospheres, zen stone still-life canvases can transform your column into an oasis of calm.

Before you rush to adorn your structural column with beautiful decor items, make sure to grab a tape measure and jot down its width. This ensures that whatever wall art you select fits perfectly without awkward edges sticking out.

For those who love textures and handcrafted charm, consider covering entire columns with boho-style macrame woven tapestries – they’re not just visually appealing but also add an element of tactile wonder to your interior design.

In choosing these artistic elements thoughtfully, the once simple support column becomes an integral part of your home’s aesthetic appeal.

2. Covering the column with wood materials

Wood Columns Interior Design - Living Room
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Covering your living room column with wood materials can create a warm, inviting ambiance. Real wood brings an organic touch and can be styled to fit any design theme, from rustic to modern.

You might choose rich mahogany for traditional elegance or reclaimed barnwood for a vintage feel. The natural beauty of the grain adds texture and interest to the space, enhancing its architectural details.

Engineered wood planks or vinyl options that mimic wooden textures offer durability and ease of maintenance. These come in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to achieve the perfect match for your interior design palette.

Installation is generally simple, so you can transform that plain pillar into an ornamental feature that commands attention without compromising structural integrity. Whether it’s sleek hardwood columns or textured wooden pillars, wrapping your column in wood material is a great option for adding character to your living space.

3. Making the column a bar or dining spot

Transform your living room column into a versatile bar or cozy dining spot. This is an excellent choice for those with limited space, infusing functionality and style into your home.

Attach a narrow table or install a folding wall-mounted dining/bar table against the column and voila—you have an instant area for entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet meal.

Add some bar stools or sleek chairs to match, ensuring everything tucks neatly away when not in use. This clever use of architectural features can become the focal point of your open space, making the most out of every square inch without crowding the middle of the room.

Your column now doubles as both a statement piece and practical furniture, enhancing your interior design while keeping it comfortable and inviting.

4. Using wall lamp/wall sconce in the column

Adding a wall lamp or wall sconce to your living room column can serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. Choose styles like the Modern Glam Honey Gold Finish Wall Sconce with 130 Watt Xenon for a touch of elegance that brightens up the space.

These fixtures not only provide extra lighting, they also act as design elements that draw attention and add character to your interior spaces.

If you prefer something understated, consider a Minimalist Modern LED Wall Sconce Lighting Fixture. The sleek lines and subtle illumination complement modern interior design without overwhelming your space’s overall look.

By placing these lighting solutions on your columns, you create focal points in different areas of the room while enhancing the functionality of each zone within it.

5. Using contrast paint color to make the column stand out

decorating column in the living room

Choose a bold accent color to give your living room column the spotlight it deserves. Imagine transforming that ordinary pillar into a striking feature with shades like royal blue or rich, dark green.

By selecting an eye-catching hue that contrasts with the rest of your walls, your column can instantly become the centerpiece of attention.

If you prefer something more dramatic, try painting the column in luxurious charcoal gray or deep brown. These darker tones add depth and sophistication to your space while ensuring that the column catches everyone’s gaze.

Pairing these colors with lighter furnishings and decor will make your statement piece pop even more vividly against its surroundings. Bright color options are also available if you’re aiming for a lively atmosphere; reds and blues can energize any area rug or seating area they stand beside, making sure your living room feels as dynamic as it looks.

6. Turning the column into a green centerpiece

Transform your living room column into a vibrant green centerpiece by draping it with lush artificial vines. This simple change can instantly add a burst of freshness and nature to the space, inviting a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Strategic placement of assorted vases and planters around the base or on nearby shelves will enhance this garden atmosphere, making your column both attractive and beautifully integrated into the room’s decor.

Elevate this refreshing design element by ensuring that these green embellishments complement the colors in your living room. By turning an ordinary structural feature into a stunning natural display, you create an enchanting focal point that effortlessly brings life to any corner.

The use of plants not only enriches the aesthetic appeal but also conveys a serene ambiance within your own home.

7. Decorating the column using a wall mirror

Decorating the column using a wall mirror
Source: saligodesign.com

Give your living room a touch of glamor by decorating that plain column with a wall mirror. Mirrors not only add elegance but also create an illusion of more space and reflect light around the room, making it brighter and more inviting.

Pick out large frameless mirrors for a sleek, modern look or choose ornamental ones with elaborate frames to introduce a touch of sophistication.

Your options are varied – from custom-made real mirrors that perfectly fit the shape of your column to ready-to-use ones that you can easily install yourself. Whether you’re aiming for a striking centerpiece or subtle enhancement, adding reflective surfaces can elevate the style quotient of any space while emphasizing the architectural feature uniquely.

8. Keeping the column unfinished for an industrial rustic look

Creative Ideas For Decorating Columns In The Living Room

Embrace the beauty of raw materials by keeping your column unfinished for an industrial rustic look. This bold choice adds a unique character and retro vibe to any living room, perfectly complementing other rustic or industrial decor elements.

The authenticity of exposed concrete or natural stone in its unrefined state can make your column a striking focal point that captures attention and becomes a topic of conversation.

Transform this structural element into something more than just support; let it serve as a stunning visual feature that enhances the overall aesthetic of your space. Pair it with wood bars vertically arranged between two columns to create an innovative room divider without blocking the flow of natural light, ensuring your living area remains bright and open yet stylishly sectioned for dynamic use.

9. Decorating the column with marble for a luxurious and elegant look

Consider giving your living room column a makeover with marble to add instant luxury and elegance. Marble’s naturally glossy finish captures light, enhancing the spaciousness of your room with its bright sheen.

You’ll find that this material comes in a variety of colors, textures, and styles, allowing you to select one that aligns perfectly with your existing decor for seamless sophistication.

Keep in mind that choosing marble isn’t just about aesthetics; it requires an investment both financially and in terms of professional installation. But this durable stone not only upgrades the look of any column but also promises longevity and an evergreen appeal that won’t fade with time.

Transform your plain column into a striking feature that exudes opulence and ties together the overall design theme of your space.

10. Turning the column into a room divider

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Transform your living room’s column into a chic and functional room divider with ease. By arranging wood bars vertically between the columns, you create an innovative partition that not only defines separate areas but also allows light to filter through.

This clever solution maintains the airy feel of your space while providing structure and style.

Make this structural element work double duty by implementing it as a dividing line between your living area and dining room. It’s a smart way to maximize the potential of every inch in your home without compromising on design or blocking natural light from brightening both zones.

With wooden shelves or even decorative elements added, this can become a focal point that elevates the entire look of your living space.

11. Decorating the column in a classic style with molding trim

Decorated Column Ideas in Living Room
Source: elitetrimworks.com

Give your living room’s column a touch of timeless elegance with molding trim. Choose from intricate designs that wrap around the entire column or select separate pieces for just the base or crown.

A classic style isn’t hard to achieve; detailed moldings are readily available and add instant character, creating a focal point that resonates with artistic charm.

Molding trim comes in various shapes and styles, allowing you to customize your column’s look. Whether it’s ornamental pillars you’re aiming for, or doric bases that stand out, applying these trims can significantly enhance the structural elements within your space.

By embracing different molding styles, even a simple concrete column transforms into an eye-catching piece that complements the rest of your living room’s decor.

12. Using a two-tone style to paint the column

Using a two-tone style to paint the column Living Room

Painting your column with a two-tone style amps up the visual interest in your living room. You can pick contrasting colors that pop or blend two shades from the same palette for a subtle look.

Start by coating the entire column in one color and then add the second tone to either the top or bottom half, creating an eye-catching feature that draws attention.

For a harmonized feel, make sure your chosen colors complement the existing decor of your space. If you’re feeling bold, go for bright hues that contrast sharply with each other; if you prefer a more understated elegance, select tones that are close together on the color wheel.

With this approach, you’ll give your column a distinctive flair without overwhelming the rest of your living room’s aesthetic.

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Give your living room a fresh spin by trying out these inventive column decorating ideas. Let the pillars enhance the ambiance, whether you choose to blend them with chic wall art or transform them into practical spaces like bars.

Get creative and let your interior columns do more than just support; make them shine as key elements of your decor style. Your guests will marvel at how a simple structural feature can turn into a stunning focal point.

Jump in, personalize that column and watch the entire feel of your living room elevate!