Top 15 IKEA Hacks for a More Organized Home

IKEA hacks: they’re the little magic tricks of home organization that turn ordinary, off-the-shelf pieces into customized gems of efficiency and style.

If you’re looking to declutter and breathe a fresh aesthetic life into your living space without breaking the bank, then you’ve hit the jackpot with our guide.

We’ve rounded up the Top 10 IKEA Hacks for a More Organized Home, hand-picked for their creativity, functionality, and sheer genius.

So, are you ready to transform your home into a perfectly arranged haven, one clever IKEA hack at a time? Let’s dive in and start hacking!

IKEA Hacks for a More Organized Home

Understanding IKEA Hacks

IKEA hacks are all about making the most of those flat-packed treasures we’ve come to know and love. They’re the DIY solutions that merge creativity with functionality, allowing you to step outside the assembly guide and turn standard IKEA furniture into customized pieces that meet your specific needs.

But what exactly is an IKEA hack? Simply put, an IKEA hack involves modifying, repurposing, or enhancing IKEA products to create something unique, stylish, and perfectly tailored to your home organization requirements. It’s about optimizing space, enhancing your home’s aesthetic, and doing it all in a budget-friendly way.

These home organization hacks aren’t just about finding a spot for everything—they’re about turning the process into a fun, creative endeavor. IKEA’s versatile range offers endless possibilities for transformation, from clever storage solutions that declutter your spaces, to furniture upgrades that give your home that unique personal touch. And the best part? You don’t need to be a DIY whizz to implement them.

Top 10 IKEA Hacks for Home Organization

IKEA Hack #1: Floating Shelves as Nightstands

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Are you struggling with a small bedroom? Do traditional nightstands seem to take up too much space? Our first IKEA hack is an ingenious solution that not only saves space but also adds a sleek, modern look to your room. Say hello to floating shelves as nightstands.

For this simple yet effective IKEA hack, all you need are IKEA’s Lack Wall Shelves. These compact shelves can be installed beside your bed, acting as minimalist nightstands. You can store your nighttime essentials like books, glasses, and a small lamp, without taking up any floor space. It’s a perfect example of smart storage, optimizing your space to keep things tidy and neat.

Ikea Hacks - Floating Shelves as Nightstands

The best part about this IKEA hack is that it can be customized to fit any bedroom decor. Whether you prefer a natural wood finish, a modern glossy white, or a bold splash of color, there’s a Lack shelf that’s right for you. So, say goodbye to bulky nightstands and embrace the chic, streamlined look of floating shelves.

IKEA Hack #2: Billy Bookcase into Built-In Shelving

IKEA Storage Hacks - Billy Bookcase into Built-In Shelving

Our second IKEA hack transforms the ubiquitous Billy Bookcase into stunning built-in shelving. If you’ve been dreaming of a wall-to-wall built-in bookshelf but are put off by the cost and construction, this hack might just be your dream come true.

Billy Bookcases are famous for their adaptability, making them the perfect canvas for a bit of IKEA hacking. By arranging these bookcases side-by-side and fixing them to the wall, you can create the illusion of a seamless, built-in shelving unit. Add some crown molding at the top for a final touch of elegance, and voila – you’ve got yourself an impressive, organized display for your books, keepsakes, and decorative items.

One of the key advantages of this IKEA hack is its flexibility. Billy Bookcases come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to customize your shelving to fit any room dimensions. What’s more, they’re a smart storage solution, helping to reduce clutter and keep your home neat and tidy.

IKEA Hack #3: Raskog Cart as a Portable Storage Solution

Raskog IKEA Home Kitchen Storage Utility cart (White)

Are you constantly moving your crafting supplies or cooking ingredients around the house? If so, then the Raskog Cart is about to become your new best friend. For our third IKEA hack, we’re turning this unassuming cart into a versatile, portable storage solution.

The Raskog Cart is a simple, three-tiered utility cart that can easily be repurposed to suit various storage needs around your home. From a rolling spice rack in the kitchen to a portable arts and crafts station for your kids, the possibilities are endless. The beauty of this IKEA hack lies in its mobility. With the Raskog Cart, your items are not only organized but can also follow you wherever you need them.

With its compact size and versatile design, this cart can easily slide into tight corners or small spaces, making it an optimal storage solution for apartments or smaller rooms. You can even customize it with some paint or decorative elements to match your home decor.

Ikea ' New KALLAX Shelf Unit White, 57 7/8x57 7/8"

Small apartments or open-plan spaces can sometimes pose a challenge when trying to define separate areas. That’s where our fourth IKEA hack comes into play. Introducing the Kallax Shelf, transformed into an efficient and stylish room divider.

The Kallax Shelf series, with its simple yet elegant design, is one of IKEA’s bestsellers. But this storage hero can be more than just a shelf. Stand it up vertically, and you’ve got yourself a room divider that not only separates spaces but also offers additional storage.

With its wide array of configurations and sizes, the Kallax Shelf can be customized to fit any space. Fill it with books, decorative items, or IKEA’s compatible storage boxes to conceal less attractive essentials. This hack is a brilliant solution to maximize storage and organization in your living area, home office, or even bedroom.

IKEA Hack #5: Trofast System for Toy Organization

TROFAST Wall Storage Light White Stained Pine Pine

Keeping children’s toys organized can seem like an endless task, but our fifth IKEA hack is here to make it easier. Enter the Trofast System – your ultimate solution for toy organization.

Originally designed as a storage solution for children’s rooms, the Trofast System features sturdy wooden frames and lightweight plastic bins of varying sizes. But with a little imagination, it can become so much more than just a toy box.

You can stack multiple Trofast units to create a custom storage solution, or use them as the base for a LEGO-building table or a dollhouse. The easy-to-pull-out bins make it simple for kids to retrieve and tidy away their toys, teaching them valuable organizational skills.

By using the Trofast System, you can not only declutter your children’s room but also create a visually appealing storage area that grows with your child’s needs. So, are you ready to make toy chaos a thing of the past? Stick around for more IKEA hacks designed to bring order to your home.

IKEA Hack #6: Skadis Pegboard for Kitchen Organization

Skadis Pegboard for Kitchen Organization

Kitchen organization is key to efficient cooking, and our sixth IKEA hack focuses on just that. The Skadis Pegboard, while simple in design, can be an organizational game changer in the kitchen.

At first glance, Skadis might seem like your typical pegboard. But with a variety of accessories – like hooks, shelves, and clips – it can be customized to hold everything from utensils and spices to pots and pans. Attach it to your kitchen wall, inside a pantry, or even on the inside of a cabinet door, and watch your kitchen space transform.

One of the best things about this IKEA hack is that it makes items easily accessible. Instead of digging through drawers for that one spatula or spoon, you can have everything in view and within reach. It’s all about making your kitchen work for you.

IKEA Hack #7: Ribba Picture Ledge for Book Storage

IKEA Hacks - Ribba Picture Ledge for Book Storage

Who said bookshelves had to be bulky? For our seventh IKEA hack, we’re turning the Ribba Picture Ledge into a modern, space-saving book storage solution.

The Ribba Picture Ledge, originally designed to display art, makes a perfect minimalist bookshelf. The ledges are shallow and unobtrusive, allowing your books to become a part of the decor. It’s a creative way to showcase your favorite reads while saving valuable floor space.

MBYD 36 Inch Floating Shelves Natural Wood, Wall Mount Picture Ledge Wooden Wall Shelf Nursery Bookshelf for Bedroom, Living Room, Office, Kitchen, Set of 3 Same Dimensions

This IKEA hack can work wonders in small spaces or in rooms where traditional bookshelves just don’t fit. You can install multiple ledges to create a ‘floating’ bookshelf effect, or use them individually as a stylish bedside alternative to hold your current read.

Remember, with IKEA hacks, it’s all about thinking outside the flat-pack box. And with Ribba Picture Ledges, your book storage possibilities are only limited by your wall space.

IKEA Hack #8: Malm Dresser for Bathroom Storage

IKEA Hacks - Malm Dresser for Bathroom Storage

A lack of bathroom storage can quickly lead to clutter. That’s where our eighth IKEA hack comes in – repurposing the Malm Dresser for your bathroom storage needs.

Malm Dressers are known for their sleek design and ample drawer space. While traditionally used for bedroom storage, with a bit of hacking, they can seamlessly transition into a stylish bathroom vanity. Simply retrofit a sink into the top of the Malm Dresser, and you’ve got yourself a unique and functional bathroom centerpiece.

Ikea Malm Chest of 4 Drawers, 80x100 cm (White)

The large drawers are perfect for storing towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, while the surface area can hold soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, or decorative items. And with various sizes and finishes available, you can choose a Malm Dresser that perfectly fits your space and style.

By transforming the Malm Dresser into a bathroom vanity, you’re not just getting extra storage; you’re also adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

IKEA Hack #9: Expedit Shelf as a Window Seat

IKEA Hacks - Expedit Shelf as a Window Seat

Are you dreaming of a cozy window nook where you can curl up with a good book? Dream no more, because our ninth IKEA hack is all about turning the Expedit Shelf into a comfortable window seat with plenty of storage.

The Expedit Shelf, although discontinued, can still be found second-hand or can be replaced by its successor, the Kallax Shelf. With its square compartments perfect for baskets, boxes, or books, it serves as an excellent base for a window seat. Just add a custom cushion on top, and you’ve got yourself a serene spot for relaxation.

JeogYong Thick Plush Bay Window Mat Non-Slip Crystal Velvet Bay Window Cushion Pad, Modern Windowsill Bench Seat Cushion for Indoor Tatami Sofa Decor Home Bedroom Living Room

This IKEA hack is not just about adding a decorative element to your space; it’s also a clever storage solution. Those compartments underneath can hide away anything from shoes to toys to blankets, helping you declutter your living area.

IKEA Hack #10: Trones Shoe Storage for Entryway Organization

Our tenth and final IKEA hack addresses one of the most chaotic areas of the home – the entryway. We’re taking the Trones Shoe Storage and turning it into a versatile solution for all your entryway clutter.

Designed as a slim shoe cabinet, Trones can do so much more than just keep your footwear in check. Its compact design and ample storage capacity make it a perfect fit for entryways. You can use Trones to store everything from hats and scarves to dog leashes and umbrellas.

Moreover, the flat top surface of the Trones cabinet serves as a convenient spot to drop off keys, mail, or any other items you might need to grab on your way out. You could even top it off with a decorative plant or a lamp for an inviting touch.

By leveraging the versatility of Trones, you can keep your entryway tidy, welcoming, and ready for the comings and goings of daily life.

Other Creative IKEA Hacks for Home Organization

Beyond our top 10, there are countless IKEA hacks out there to elevate your home organization game. With IKEA’s vast range of products, the possibilities to hack, tweak, and transform are virtually endless.

Here, we share a few more ingenious IKEA hacks that you might want to explore for an even more organized home.

11. Fintorp Rail into a Pot and Pan Holder

Ikea hacks - Fintorp Rail into a Pot and Pan Holder

Who said pots and pans need to take up precious cabinet space? The Fintorp Rail, intended for utensils, can easily be repurposed as a stylish pot and pan holder. Hung on your kitchen wall, it saves cabinet space and keeps your cookware within easy reach.

12. Knagglig Crate as a Rustic Shoe Rack

IKEA Hacks - Knagglig Crate as a Rustic Shoe Rack

If you love the rustic look, this hack is for you. The Knagglig Crate can be turned into a chic, farmhouse-style shoe rack for your entryway. Stack a few crates, add a cushion top, and you also have a comfy bench to sit on while putting on your shoes.

13. Spice Racks into Bathroom Organizers

IKEA Hacks - Spice Racks into Bathroom Organizers

The Bekvam Spice Rack is incredibly versatile. In a bathroom, it can be mounted on the wall to hold toiletries, freeing up your counter space and making it easy to find what you need.

IKEA 400.701.85 Bekvam Spice Rack, Birch, Set of 4

14. Pax Wardrobe into a Home Office

IKEA Hacks - Pax Wardrobe into a Home Office

With a bit of creativity, the Pax Wardrobe can be transformed into a compact home office. You can customize the inside with shelves, a desk, and lighting, creating a hidden workspace that can be closed off when not in use.

15. Hemnes Dresser into a Changing Table

IKEA Hacks-Hemnes Dresser into a Changing Table

For those with a baby on the way, the Hemnes Dresser can be hacked into a practical changing table. With plenty of drawers for diapers, wipes, and clothes, it offers functional storage for a nursery.


These are just a handful of the countless IKEA hacks available. With a little imagination, you can take your home organization to new heights. So why not take a look at what you already have from IKEA, or plan your next visit, and start dreaming up your own unique hacks? Happy organizing!

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

By implementing these hacks, you can easily overcome common home organization challenges. Whether it’s turning a Billy Bookcase into built-in shelving or using a Trofast system for clever toy storage, the possibilities are as endless as they are exciting.

Remember, the secret to effective home organization lies in smart storage – utilizing your space to its fullest potential and keeping your belongings accessible yet out of sight. IKEA’s versatile range of products provides a solid base to unleash your imagination and create unique, efficient storage solutions tailored to your needs.

We hope our top 10 IKEA hacks have inspired you to see the potential in your own home and give these DIY projects a try. After all, a well-organized home not only looks good, but it also makes day-to-day life smoother and more enjoyable.