How to Clean Your Oven, So It Looks Brand New

You probably do not willing to deal with this kind of task (cleaning the oven) every day. Removing the specks of dirt from this household tool takes time and effort. It feels like we are dentists that must pay attention to the minor parts.

Keeping the oven clean requires meticulousness and diligence.

You must deal with the hidden dirt and be careful since it is an electronic and easy device to experience electricity trouble.

how to clean an oven

Why Do You Need To Know How to Clean Your Oven?

Many people use the oven to heat food, defrost it, to bake cake, and that is a functional tool for those who do not have enough time to cook.

The task does not seem as hard as the other kitchen tools like pots, pans, or stools. However, it requires periodic cleaning.

When you heat or defrost the food, there is a chance that part of it will pop out and stick to the microwave’s inner part.

If you let them stay for a long period, they will become microwavable and sturdy crust that we cannot clean the stains up only with a sponge and soap.

Cleaning your oven will lengthen its lifespan. The food crust can lead the tool to malfunction, and it affects the taste of the meals you put there in the future.

To make it easier, there is always a way even though the task is intimidating. You can try several ways to clean an oven quickly.

What You Need to Prepare Before the Self-Cleaning

Self-cleaning is possible when it comes to electronic devices at home, but this method is only applicable if the stuff is moderately dirty.

If you find that your oven is so dirty, calling for the help of a home cleaning service might be the best option.

Below is the sort of things you need to prepare before cleaning the microwave by yourself.

1. Oven Cleaner Solution

You can find oven cleaner solutions for self-cleaning at various hardware stores. It is considered cheap, and you can utilize it repeatedly.

Some chemical substance makes most of the oven cleaner in the hardware store. Thus, it can be caustic.

If you have a chemical allergy, you can consider a cleanser with an organic substance.

2. How to Clean Your Oven with Baking Soda and Vinegar

vinegar and baking soda

Baking soda can help clean all sturdy stains, including those on the microwave. For crusty microwave stains, you can use this one ingredient.

Combined with the cleanser solution, the baking soda will aid you to get the scale off.

Meanwhile, like baking soda, vinegar is not only useful for cooking. More than that, this substance is a savior for dirty home appliances.

The smell of vinegar is unpleasant. Hence, after applying the mixture of vinegar on the sturdy stains, you can use soap.

3. How to Clean Oven with Lemon

With its high citric acid content, lemon can erode various sturdy stains and give it a pleasant aroma.

How to Clean Your Oven: Make a Magic Paste

how to clean your oven easily

After you buy all the ingredients that we have mentioned above, now it is time to make a magic paste to clean the microwave.

Prepare a spray bottle and mix all the ingredients above until they form paste dough.

After that, place the dough into the spray bottle. Spray it on the sturdy stains and dirt inside the microwave.

Let the paste dry for some moments prepare a cloth, soap, and water.

Rub on the paste until the sturdy specks of dirt lift with it. Apply a similar step to the other parts.

When Should You Clean Your Oven?

You do not always have to wait until your oven is so dirty to cleanse it. Do this task at least twice a month or every time after you do a serious baking process.

Before cleaning the oven, make sure you have removed it from the electricity so that a short circuit is going to happen.

After that, open the oven door and use a flashlight to see if any food remains in the concealed parts. If you find it, immediately spray the paste – if it is moderately dirty.

However, if your microwave is slightly dirty, you can remove the stains using a sponge and soap.

Pay Attention

tips to clean an oven

Cleaning the oven can lengthen its lifespan as long as you know how to handle this task well. Otherwise, there might be short circuit trouble that harms you.

When cleaning the oven, do not scrub too hard.

If there is a strong stain, let the paste sit a little longer and then scrub gently. Make sure you do not scrape the oven layer, which will make the cake stickier.

Presently we all understand how to clean your oven. Just apply the steps above and extend the lifespan of your home electronic device.

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