6 Best Dining Table Materials to Consider for Your Dining Room

A dining table is one of the key pieces of furniture in the dining room. Without it, there would be no place to eat there. Some people don’t think about it that much when choosing one as long as it serves the function of a place to eat alone or with the family.

If you’re reading this article right now, that means you care about how the table will impact your life inside the house. Much like other furniture, dining room tables can also be made from a wide variety of materials; here are some recommendations that you might want to check out:

Best Dining Table Materials to Consider for Your Home

Top Dining Table Materials for Your Dining Room

1. Wood

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The wood table is the most commonly used one. The reason is most likely because they can last long with proper maintenance. It is common to find tables made out of hardwood, like oak and mahogany.

Nowadays, there are also softwood tables that have a much lighter color. As for maintenance, they are almost similar; they can be sanded and refurbished, and some can be recoated with veneer to increase their durability.

2. Metal

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A metal table is a perfect addition to homes with an industrial or contemporary ambiance. They are cold, bold, and easy to clean. Metal tables are usually made out of brass and stainless steel.

Some metals are painted to prevent rust, and they also require special cleaning tools. The price can be less expensive than wood tables, but they are harder to repair.

3. Synthetic

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Synthetic can mean man-made materials, and this includes plastic or melamine that are molded into a specific shape, in this case, into a dining table shape.

You can even say this may be the most inexpensive material in this article. However, if you’re comfortable using it, the might as well go for it. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean.

On a side note, if you are looking for a piece of outdoor dining furniture, we recommend using this material as it is mostly durable against the weather.

4. Glass

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Glass tables can be clear or tinted; they are much more expensive than synthetic tables. If you can keep it well, a glass table can last for years. It is a beautiful choice as it can add elegance and an open, airy space look to the dining room.

However, unlike synthetic materials, glass is more fragile. It can crack from heat and is more susceptible to moisture.

5. Stone

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Stone tables are quite a hit nowadays. The price varies on the materials used, and a cheap option is to use cement-like cast stones. The higher the quality of the manufacturer, the more durable it is. Other types of stone that are commonly used are:

  • 1. Marble

Marble-made tables are a luxury and can be expensive. The rich tone and varying patterns of colors are beautiful. It is easy to clean and doesn’t scratch or chip that easily. If you have the budget, this is a great option.

  • 2. Quartz

If you still want that natural stone looks, there is another. Quartz is a cheaper option when compared to marble. It has a variety of looks, just like marble tables. The only downside is that you need to place it out of direct sunlight because it is prone to discoloration. Apart from that, it is easy to clean.


Choosing the right dining table material is a very important investment. Deciding on the materials first is a great way to narrow the options. Choose the one that is suitable to your taste and your dining room style.

Aside from the budget and taste, the easiness of maintenance also needs to be considered. Proper daily maintenance can help your furniture last for a long time. It will save you money instead of always buying a new one every few years ahead.

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