The Cheapest Ways to Cover a Popcorn Ceiling (Without Removing it)

Popcorn ceilings can be a hassle to cover, and it’s quite a common problem! But popcorn ceilings are difficult to handle because the texture is quite visible and attracts spiders.

Well, popcorn ceilings can also be a serious problem for your health because of the breakdown of asbestos. You would be surprised that you can cover up your popcorn ceiling by using these methods and get rid of them in no time. The best thing is that these would turn out to be the cheapest solutions!

Can you hide a popcorn ceiling?

There was a time in the 60s and 70’s when popcorn ceilings were quite popular, however, that’s not the game anymore! Popcorn ceilings are now considered to be old-fashioned and that’s why you need to cover them up to give a new and fresh look!

Surprisingly, you have many exceptional and cheap options that would cover a popcorn ceiling without removing it! You can cover these popcorn ceilings with wooden panels, planks, tiles, and even paint!

The Cheapest Ways to Cover Popcorn Ceiling

There are hundreds of ways to hide a popcorn ceiling, however, not all of them are cheap. What’s interesting is that we would focus on the methods that won’t cost an arm! So, let’s dig all of them!

1. Installing Wooden Planks

cheap way to cover popcorn ceiling

Adding a planked ceiling can cover up your popcorn ceiling in no time and adds a luxurious feel to your room. This is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to overcome popcorn ceilings.

Here is how you can install these wooden planks.

a) Locating the rafters:

 You need to use a stud finder which would help you mark the ceiling joists. Now, you need to mark the wooden planks and then leave a gap of 0.25 inches on both sides for expansion. Then, nail down the wooden planks and you’re all set to cover the popcorn ceiling.

b) Make space for lighting & fixtures:

For lighting and fixtures, you would need to use a jigsaw.

c) Install the planks:

Finally, install the wooden planks with the help of nails. If you are using lock wood panels then you need to lock these panels in place and you are good to go!

d) Add finishing touches:

You need to sand the ceiling and add a primer coat for protection. Then, paint the ceiling for a high-end classy finish.

2. Covering Popcorn Ceiling with Paint

Popcorn Ceiling Patch, White, 1 Quart., Ceiling Repair

Another way to get rid of these popcorn ceilings is to use paint. We all know that creating patterns using paints on a wall or ceiling is easy and cheap.

All you need to do is to buy a bucket of paint and you’re all set to get rid of popcorn ceilings.

You can create multi-colored patterns using paint and hide popcorn ceilings right away. We would recommend you to paint your ceilings using a roller and save a lot of money. However, you can always contact an expert to get the job done for you!

The best thing about painting your ceiling is to make your favorite patterns and designs without a second thought and change the look of your room right away.

3. Hanging a Drywall

Hanging drywall is easy and cost-effective! You need to measure and cut the drywall. Now, you need to hang the drywall to the ceiling and secure it.

You can also use a drywall lift to speed up the process. Remember to leave a ¼ inch gap for the edge sheets which would be placed on the edges of the drywall.

4. Use different fabrics

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Using different fabrics would help you achieve a great dimension and you can create panels by sewing them together. This is a cheap fix because you can DIY or head to the tailor who would get the job done in no time.

You can create a flowy effect by hanging a chandelier in between the fabric panels and add a royal feel to your room. In this way you would be able to add a wonderful touch to your room.It is a quick and cost-effective solution to your popcorn ceilings.

Cost of covering popcorn ceilings

The cost of covering the popcorn ceiling completely depends on the type of material you would be used to cover it up!

However, the size of the room is also a factor that would add up to the cost of the popcorn ceiling. A DIY project would cost less and hiring a professional would cost you more!

Well, drywall is cheaper than wooden panels, and covering up your popcorn ceiling would cost anywhere from $900 – $2800.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cover my popcorn ceilings without removing it?

There are several ways to cover your popcorn ceiling without removing it. You can use barn panels, wooden panels, fabric panels, and paint to cover up popcorn ceilings and they would turn out to be completely new!

What material can I use to cover popcorn ceilings?

There are different materials that you can use to cover a popcorn ceiling like barn panels, wooden panels, fabric panels, and paint. Trust us, these methods would be perfect to make your room look like new! You can also find similar materials to make your popcorn ceiling look perfect.

How do I cover the old popcorn ceiling?

Covering up your old popcorn ceiling requires a little effort and you can do it yourself. You can paint your ceiling with different patterns and get a fresh look right away. Not only this, you can use different panels and fabrics to cover your popcorn ceiling in no time.

How do you make the popcorn ceiling look better?

Popcorn ceilings would look perfect if you go ahead and do some changes. There are different materials that you can use to cover a popcorn ceiling like barn panels, wooden panels, fabric panels, and paint. You can use these methods and hide all the popcorn marks easily. We believe that these methods would be a perfect way to cover up your ceilings and achieve the perfect new look that you have asked for!

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