10 Amazing Tiny Home Organization & Storage Ideas

Efficiency is always the priority when it comes to tiny homes, but that doesn’t mean that everything can’t look as good as living in your new home feels. There is no better feeling than decluttering your life, minimizing your possessions, and living a self-sufficient life, but we completely understand that there are things you simply can’t go without.

This section features unique storage ideas to help get the creative juices flowing and inspire you on your tiny home journey.

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Amazing Tiny Home Organization Ideas

1. Shallow Floor Storage

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Space is one of the most precious commodities in a tiny home. If you have room in the loft to build in shallow floor storage, or anywhere else in the house you don’t want to fill up with insulation, then why not use it?


You can have pop-up mirrors, pop-up clothing bins, books, hidden whiskey flasks, you name it.

2. Tiny House Living Room Storage Ideas


Earlier in this book, we talked about some inventive ways to free up storage space in your living room. If you have a couch or any other form of seating, then turn it into a storage space.

For many tiny homeowners, their largest storage space ends up being underneath their couch or another seating area.

There are many creative ways to accomplish this. Top lift couches, side drawers, pull-out baskets, and shelves are all effective and easy ways to add more storage in a clean and stylish way.

3. Hidden Composting Bins

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Most tiny homeowners try to create as little trash as possible, but no matter how hard you try, you will still have a full trash bag by the end of the week.

A large, floating trash can is not ideal in a small space, and with many tiny homes on the move, larger outdoor bins aren’t always an option. When things are difficult, people tend to get a bit lazy and forgo the extra effort.

So it is important to make recycling and composting as easy as possible. This is why it can be a perfect solution to have a hidden composting bin built right into the countertop or alongside the recycling and rubbish bin hidden below in the cupboard.

4. Washing Machine

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Having a washing machine in your tiny home comes down to personal preference and feasibility.

Many tiny homes want to be off the grid, in which case having a hand-turning washer is a possibility, as is simply going to the laundromat. But for those who are plugged into a water supply and have ample electricity, having the convenience of a home washing machine is fantastic, and for some people, necessary.

But where would you even fit an enormous washing machine in such a tiny home? Many people put them under counter space and cover them with regular cabinetry doors.

5. Pull Out Drying Line

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So you’ve found a nice place to fit your washer – now, how do you dry your clothes? Many people simply go to the laundromat, but for those who can wash at home, you can actually build a traditional clothesline right inside your tiny home.

Fold-out stand-alone clotheslines have the tendency to get in the way, and when they aren’t in use you have to find storage for them, which is never a good thing for tiny homeowners. A pull-out drying line built inconspicuously into the house can solve this problem.

6. Crafty Furniture Ideas


Here are some creative and crafty ideas. Many people have seen the tables that fold up from the wall to be used as a counter or table space, and this is a great use of space.

Some furniture can be even more multi-functional. For instance, a mirror that changes into a lovely dining table and a stool that turns into a beautiful table that seats four.

These furniture pieces are functional no matter which state they are in, and that is key for making the most in your tiny home.

7. Restroom Into a Closet

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Have you ever considered building your restroom into a closet? That’s the kind of innovative creativity that is required of tiny home builders. Here, the bathroom is out of the way, there is standing space, and it actually makes more sense than having your clothes in the living room or kitchen.

Some tiny home bathrooms are incredibly small, but for those who have allotted themselves a slightly more spacious bathroom and proper ventilation, your new closet could possibly find its new home next to your toilet.

8. Tiny House Storage Tips

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There is nothing more frustrating than trying to pack a lot of different things into a deep shelf and attempting to rummage through past food, pots, and pans, or utensils to find what you want at the back of the shelf.

This is even more true for homes where you are trying to get in as much as possible. That is why shallow storage becomes so incredibly useful. A cupboard with shallow shelves that includes more racks on the inside of the door means everything is easier to see and get too, saving you some frustrating digging.

If your shallow storage is exposed, try getting creative with how you cover it! Like in the photo above where an old sliding door is used. Or, be minimal in the truest fashion and turn your shallow storage into art,

9. Putting the Sink Above The Toilet

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If you’re not using a composting toilet, then it’s a good idea to think about ways to save water. Even if you are hooked up to a water source, there is no need to dirty more water than need be.

This unique idea of putting the sink above the toilet ensures the most efficient use of water in the bathroom and puts two of the bulkiest items in a bathroom together seamlessly.

10. Under The Stair Storage

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If you’re having stairs in your tiny home, you have opened up an area to get very creative with unique storage ideas. From cupboards, shelving, and drawers to hide an entire bathroom, stairs can be your most creative space yet.

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