What Is The Standard Bedroom Door Size?

Feeling puzzled about the correct size for your bedroom door? You’re not alone; many homeowners find themselves in a similar predicament when it comes time to replace or install new doors.

Did you know that the standard height for interior doors is a lofty 80 inches, but widths can vary significantly? This post will guide you through understanding and measuring standard door sizes, ensuring you’re armed with all the necessary info for a seamless update.

Let’s unlock these details together!


Standard Size of Bedroom Doors

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The standard size of bedroom doors typically has a height of 80 inches and widths ranging from 24” to 36”, with a thickness of 1⅜ inches.

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Height: 80 inches

Bedroom doors usually stand tall at 80 inches high. This height is just right for most homes and matches up with what the building rules say. It’s no surprise that when you see a door, it’s often this tall—whether it’s a front door or a bedroom one.

If your place has taller ceilings, you might want to pick out doors that reach even higher so everything looks balanced.

For those who use wheelchairs or need a little more space getting through, the law says interior doors should have enough height too. That 80-inch mark ensures there’s plenty of room for everyone to move around easily in their home without bumping their head! Keep in mind this standard door height while hunting for new ones—it’ll help make sure they fit perfectly and work well for all family members.

Width: 24”, 28”, 30”, 32”, 36”

Your bedroom door’s width is key to making sure it fits well and works right. Doors come in several standard widths: 24, 28, 30, 32, and the widest at 36 inches. The wider a door is, the more space you have to move through it.

A 36-inch door is the best choice if you need to make sure everyone can use the door easily, including people with wheelchairs or other aids.

Choosing your bedroom door width depends on how much room you have and what the door needs to do. Small rooms might be fine with a narrower door like one that’s only 24 inches wide.

But if you want your bedroom to feel open or let big furniture inside without trouble, pick a wider size like 30 or even 32 inches. Next up are the doors’ thicknesses – another important part of getting your new bedroom door just right!

Thickness: 1⅜ inches

The thickness of a door is key for how it feels and works. Bedroom doors are usually 1⅜ inches thick. This is the standard because it’s strong enough to handle opening and closing many times but not too heavy.

If you want bigger or special doors, they can come in other thicknesses too.

Before you get a new door, measure your old one and its frame to be sure of what size you need. Get this right, and your new door will fit just like your old one did. Next up, let’s look at what you should think about if you’re getting a replacement door.

Considerations for Replacement Doors

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When considering replacement doors for your bedroom, be sure to check the door frame for any imperfections and measure the door frame and current door carefully. Also, take note of the type and placement of the door handle before purchasing a new one.

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Checking door frame for imperfections

Before replacing a bedroom door, inspect the door frame for any imperfections like rot, warping, or damage. Such imperfections can affect how a new door fits and functions. Measure the width, height, and depth of the door frame to ensure it matches standard dimensions before purchasing a replacement.

Additionally, note the type and placement of the door handle as this will determine compatible replacement options.

These checks are crucial in ensuring that you select a replacement door that will fit correctly and function properly within your existing frame.

Measuring door frame and current door

After checking the door frame for imperfections, it’s essential to measure both the door frame and your current door accurately. Use a tape measure to determine the height and width of the door frame, noting down these measurements.

Next, measure the height and width of your existing door to ensure you have accurate dimensions for comparison when selecting a replacement. Additionally, take note of the type and placement of the door handle as this will affect the type of replacement door needed.

Measuring ensures that your new bedroom door will fit perfectly into the space without any issues. Make sure to consider all these measurements before purchasing a replacement door to ensure it fits seamlessly into your doorway.

Noting type and placement of door handle

Before purchasing a replacement door, it’s crucial to note the type and placement of the door handle. Considering this is essential as it may affect the size and style of the replacement door.

Noting the type and placement of the door handle ensures compatibility with your existing setup, enabling a proper fit and function for your new bedroom door.

Checking the type and placement of the door handle before measuring both your current doorframe and door will help you make an informed decision when selecting a suitable replacement.

Types of Replacement Doors

There are two main types of replacement doors – pre-hung doors and custom doors. Each has its own advantages, so it’s important to consider your needs before making a decision. Want to know more about which door type will best suit your bedroom? Keep reading for all the details!

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Pre-hung doors

Pre-hung doors are a convenient option for replacing your bedroom door. They come pre-assembled with the frame, hinges, and door slab, making installation easier. This type of door saves time and effort as it offers a complete replacement solution right out of the box.

You can choose from various styles to match your interior aesthetic when opting for pre-hung doors. These doors provide a hassle-free way to upgrade your bedroom entrance while ensuring a proper fit without much hassle or extra work involved in assembly. “Considerations for Replacement Doors” will help you understand how to ensure that the new door fits perfectly.

Custom doors

When it comes to custom doors, they provide the flexibility to cater to any size, style, or design preference. This includes the option for hand-carved wooden entry doors, allowing you to create a unique and personalized entrance to your bedroom.

Whether you have specific dimensions in mind or desire a particular aesthetic, custom doors offer the opportunity to tailor your bedroom door exactly how you envision it. With modern main entry door models typically measuring 80” in height by 36” in width by 1¾ “ in thickness, opting for a custom door allows you to deviate from these standard measurements and create a truly bespoke solution.

Moreover, if your home features non-standard dimensions due to its age or unique architectural characteristics, custom doors ensure a perfect fit without compromising on style.

Exterior doors

When considering replacement doors, it’s essential to also pay attention to your exterior doors. These doors not only serve as the main entrance points but also significantly contribute to the overall curb appeal of your home.

The standard size for modern main entry exterior doors is usually 80 inches in height by 36 inches in width and a thickness of 1¾ inches. Upgrading these doors can instantly enhance the visual impact on visitors and provide an opportunity for personalization through various design options such as glass or ornate finishes.

It’s important to note that exterior doors have specific considerations due to their exposure to external elements, so choosing durable materials and reliable locking mechanisms is crucial.

Additional Door Sizes and Types

When it comes to additional door sizes and types, you may also consider double doors or French doors for a unique and stylish addition to your bedroom.

Double doors

Double doors are a popular choice for larger doorways in residential homes. They usually have a standard height of 80 inches, and come in three different standard widths: 60 inches, 64 inches, and 72 inches.

These dimensions provide ample space for entryways or connecting rooms while adding a touch of elegance to the overall decor. When planning for double doors, remember that accuracy in measurement is crucial to ensure they fit perfectly into your space.

When considering double doors as an option, it’s essential to take into account the available space and proper measurements. After addressing these factors, you can then decide whether double doors would be the perfect addition to your home.

French doors

When considering different types of replacement doors, French doors are a popular choice for both interior and exterior purposes. They feature standard heights of 80 inches and a standard width of 72 inches, providing an elegant touch to any room or entryway.

These doors are often sought after for their ability to introduce natural light and create seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. Available in various materials such as wood, fiberglass, and steel, French doors offer a wide opening that makes them suitable for larger entryways or connecting indoor and outdoor living areas.

French doors have become a favored option due to their versatility in enhancing the aesthetics of homes while offering practical benefits such as improved lighting and accessibility between spaces.

Importance of Proper Measurement

Proper measurement is crucial when replacing a bedroom door. First, check the door frame for imperfections, measure the frame and current door accurately, and note the type and placement of the door handle.

These details ensure that you select the right replacement door size and type, whether it’s a pre-hung or custom one. Without proper measurements, you might end up with a misfitting or unaligned door, leading to further adjustments or replacements.

Taking accurate measurements also avoids potential issues like gaps around the edges or difficulty in opening and closing the new door. It saves time and effort in finding a suitable replacement while ensuring that it fits seamlessly into your bedroom doorway without any unnecessary complications.

So, buckle up with your measuring tape before choosing your new bedroom door!


In conclusion, understanding the standard sizes for bedroom doors is vital when replacing or installing new doors in your home. By knowing the typical dimensions of height, width, and thickness, you can ensure a proper fit and accessibility.

Consideration of various door types and their advantages will help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs. Remember that accurate measurement plays a crucial role in achieving the right size for your door, ensuring functionality and aesthetic appeal.

With this knowledge, you are better equipped to choose the perfect bedroom door size for your home with confidence.