How to Dispose of Grass Clippings After Mowing [6 Easy Ways]

Do you have a grassy lawn? If so, you may need to clean and mow the lawn regularly. It will give your yard or garden a clean and pleasant look. Besides, mowing the lawn regularly is also important to prevent your yard from becoming a home to threatening animals, such as snakes.

However, one of the problems we often face after cleaning the yard is how to dispose of grass clippings. Even if your yard is not very large, the grass clippings you will produce can be heavy and mountainous. If that happens, it will make your yard look unpleasant.

For that, you need to get rid of it immediately after cutting your lawn. However, the question is, what is the most perfect way you can take? To answer it, here are some options you can take to get rid of grass clipping from your yard easily.

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6 Easy and Smart Ways to Dispose of Grass Clippings After Mowing

1. Put Them in Waste Containers

Put Grass Clippings in Waste Containers

If your regular garbage disposal service allows it, the easiest way to get rid of grass clipping is to dump it in your yard waste bin.

However, because not all disposal companies will want to haul your lawn trash, it will be better for you to separate it from your regular trash can.

Apart from that, some garbage collection companies will also provide extra charges for yard waste. Therefore, you may need to discuss this with the garbage collector first.

Again, every company has different policies, so you will need to look for information first.

2. Leave it by The Side of The Road for Seasonal Pickup

If your house area didn’t provide disposal service or you are not willing to pay for it, another option you have is to leave the grass clippings on the side of the road.

Usually, some areas have a seasonal garbage pick-up service. About the schedule, it depends on the policy where you live. Therefore, it will be better if you adjust the lawn mowing schedule with the garbage collection schedule.

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3. Take Grass Clipping to Local Disposal Site

Take Grass Clipping to Local Disposal Site

If your home area does not provide waste disposal and trash removal services, you can also take grass clipping to a local disposal center.

Usually, they are willing to accept and process various types of waste, from yard waste to metal and old furniture. Therefore, this option is probably the most sense even though it requires a little effort.

Usually, for some disposal sites, you have to pay a fee per visit. Therefore, to get around this problem, you can first save your grass clipping for several seasons, then bring it to the disposal center.

By doing so, you will save on visiting costs as well as time and effort.

4. Turning Grass Clipping into Compost or Mulch

Turning Grass Clipping into Compost or Mulch

Another way you can get grass clipping off your lawn is to add it to your compost pile. In this case, nitrogen-rich grass clippings are excellent compost materials.

Adding it to the compost pile will produce a balanced carbon and nitrogen content and high-quality fertilizer. So that, your plants can grow healthier.

Apart from compost, you can also use grass clippings to make mulch. Mulch not only provides your soil with nutrients but can also inhibit weeds from growing.

Moreover, by processing your grass clipping to compost or mulch, it means that you have processed the waste into something more useful. Directly, you have also helped manage waste and easing the work of others.

5. Donating Grass Clipping to Those Who Need It

If you have a farm in your area, you might be able to donate the grass clippings to them. Usually, they will use grass clippings as animal feed or make compost. Apart from farmers, you can also contact a local gardener. They usually also use grass clippings to make compost or mulch.

Besides farmer and gardener, you may also offer it to neighbors or family who might need it.

By donating grass clipping to other people, you not only benefit the recipient, but you can also reduce the costs you may have to spend if you throw it away or process it yourself.

6. Leave Them on Your Lawn

How to Dispose of Grass Clippings After Mowing

The best way to dispose of the grass clipping is to leave it in your yard. In this case, you should mow regularly and don’t wait until the grass becomes too long.

By letting the grass clipping spread out over your yard, they will naturally nourish your yard soil. Thus, your yard will be healthier.

This option is also the best choice because it does not require extra effort. It’s just that, as we discussed above, you have to cut the grass regularly so that the grass clippings don’t look scattered and messy in your yard.

Not only cheap and easy, but this method is also more profitable because it can fertilize your soil naturally.



Those are some of the most efficient ways to dispose of grass clippings. Before making a choice, make sure you choose it based on your abilities and needs.

If you can use it yourself or donate it, it will be better. Therefore, you can save money as well as get benefits from your yard waste.

However, if you don’t have the land or place to store the grass clipping or don’t like leaving it scattered on the grounds, asking for help from a disposal service is also okay.

In short, in managing waste, choose the easiest, cheapest, and most convenient way. So, you won’t be a pain to yourself and others.

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