How to Decorate Shelves Easily (Tips & Tricks)

A well-combined building concept with the walls and lighting color is essential in creating a stunning impression in a house. Yet, remember also how to decorate shelves properly so that you can get a perfect interior design at once.

Besides being useful as storage in your house, racks also play a role in making your room look neat and beautiful. Decorating shelves may seem easy to some people, but it is not the case for others.

That is why you need to implement several strategies so that each arrangement you do is not in vain.

Instead of giving a comfortable impression, not following the rules for decorating shelves will make your interior unsightly. However, do not worry. For those who are curious about how to decorate a wall shelf beautifully, please read this article until the end.

You can follow the tips and tricks below to make up your room!

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Practical Tips to Decorate Shelves

  • Match with Your Interior Design

The main concern in decorating shelves is the suitability of the shelf model and color with the interior design of your home. Ensure that all the room elements have a harmony of textures and contrasts, so they are eye-catching and comfortable enough to live in.

  • Create Artistic Vibes

Do not forget to give an artistic impression on the shelves you have. It can be by giving it a unique shape, a carved accent, or merely completing it with some artwork frames to explore your creativity.

  • Keep It Functional and Stylish

Aside from its eye-catching form, shelves at home are also closely related to its adequate function. Thus, make the best use of a wall or hanging shelf existence as storage too.

Quick Tricks You Have to Follow

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To get maximum results, the next step you need to take to decorate shelves amazingly is to do some tricks in arranging the ornaments themselves. Pay attention to the points below!

1. Balance Both Sides

If you have tiered shelves, starting from the very first bottom of the racks is in the rules for decorating shelves. Next, merely fill both sides of the shelf with objects of the same height and size. It could be a frame, mirror, or even a desktop calendar.

Choose the items that fit with your decoration theme.

Remember, do not let the left side of your rack look fuller with bulky items while the right part is left empty, or vice versa. It will be so unsightly!

2. Add Greenery

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Put mini cactus pots or other ornamental plants to give vibrant vibes to your racks. Otherwise, to simplify the maintenance process, you can also replace them with artificial plants.

3. Fill the Blank Wall

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Hang some artistic frames, family photos, or landscapes to fill the blank spot on the wall. Alternatively, a wooden calendar also will not go wrong.

4. Arrange Several Ornaments

Add small decorative pieces like a clock, trinkets, or fillers on it.

5. Put Some Decorative Books

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You can buy some old books with antique covers in a thrift store as decorative items. The placement of this book will give a classic impression of your space.

6. Mix Up the Heights Well

Pay attention to this point! It is forbidden for you to arrange one section of the shelf at once. You should put the items with the large size first on the racks. Then, make sure to distribute them well all over the space.

Do not position similar items with identical height side by side. Next, when the big things are already well scattered, you can continue to arrange the small ornaments in the same way.

7. Give a Final Touch

Finally, yet importantly, add some candles or air fresheners to freshen the shelves.

Shelves Decorating Ideas (Pictures)

Simple Floating Shelves

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Suppose you have a living room with a minimalist design and striped wallpaper. In that case, it will be great to choose a simple floating shelves model with one plain color. Arrange the shelves in a stage like the picture above, then complete with several miniatures and frames.

How to Decorate Shelves Like Pottery Barn

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Pottery Barn is also famous for its rustic-style shelves. To have a similar hanging rack, you merely need a wooden board with irregular cutting and then hang it using ropes.

Double-check to tie it securely so that each item above does not fall off. To make it more natural, add small ornamental plants and hanging lights.

Shelves for Bedroom

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Another rustic shelf also comes into your bedroom. By accenting the carvings on several parts, now you get the beauty in detail. Make this rack a place for your favorite books to take shelter and give a little greenery touch to bring them alive.

Floating Shelves for Dining Room

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Here is the last style on how to decorate shelves for your dining room. Ensure to arrange the cups in the middle part and the plastic vase at the edge to prevent the glasses from breaking.

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