Why Are Cats Attracted to Me? [Complete Explanation]

Besides dogs, cats are one of the most common pets for humans. These cute furry creatures are known for their unique traits and demeanor. Besides, among cat lovers, there is the term “we do not choose cats, cats choose us” to describe the unique bond between cats and humans.

The term came about because cats often choose their masters, not the other way. Also, there are times when cats look like they are attracted to people who don’t like them. It somehow also becomes a question between cat lovers about what makes a cat attracted to certain people.

Moreover, as a cat owner, you may find your cat likes one person more than the other when people visit your house. Otherwise, if you are not a cat lover, you might have experienced a cat attracted to you and try to get close to you. If you are curious about the reasons behind it, some of the things below might be the answers.

1. Cats Have a Preference for One Group

Have you ever had a situation where a cat tends to approach people who hate it or ignore them? In some cases, you may even see cats trying to get close to someone who is avoiding them. Are you curious about the reasons behind this behavior?

At some points, cats tend to like people who ignore them. Conversely, to people who tend to love and adore them, cats tend to ignore or run from them. The reason behind it is the way a person approaches the cat, which affects the cat’s behavior towards that person.

Cats are animals that love to get some love and compassion. However, a mistake that cat lovers often make is aggressively approaching them and trying to hold or pet them. That is what made them feel uncomfortable and threatened, so they chose to run away.

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In short, cats don’t like it when strangers suddenly try to touch them. They will tend to avoid and look for safe boundaries. Meanwhile, to people who ignore them, cats tend to feel safe and comfortable. It’s what makes it seem like they like people who hate them more than those who admire them.

2. Cats Like Certain Smells


A cat’s sense of smell is super strong. Cats can even remotely identify various scents. In this case, they can notice someone’s scent and automatically be attracted to the person by the smell they like. For example, if a cat is attracted to you, there is a chance that you smell like cat food so that they will automatically come to your feet.

Apart from smelling like cat food, the cat may be attracted to you because you smell like other cats. In this case, when a cat has marked their territory around your house, there is a chance that their smell is sticking in some object. If you touch the object, the cat’s scent will stick to your body. You may not realize it, but other cats can recognize it.

The scent of another cat that sticks to your body will make the cat feel that you are a friendly person. They will also feel safe around you and think you are a nice person who will love them and treat them well.

3. Cats are Sensitive of Certain Posture and Behaviour


Your friendly behavior and a non-threatening posture are also other reasons cats like you. If you bend over them, it will make them feel threatened. Therefore, if you want to get close to a cat, you should try not to get too close and give it a safe distance until it decides to approach you.

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Besides, you need to know that cats don’t like to come face to face or make sudden eye contact with other creatures. It is because that kind of gesture is signaling a challenge to fight. Therefore, if you do, the cat will most likely run away from you.

Also, cats can sense whether a person is caring and affectionate. That is what makes them approach someone, even people who seem indifferent. They know that the person is harmless, which automatically attracts the cat to that person.

Another possible reason why a cat is attracted to you, you might be making a gesture as if you are going to feed it. When you bring food and look as if you want to share it with the cats, they will automatically approach you. It is part of their instinctive nature.

Those are some of the reasons why cats are attracted to you. From some explanation above, we can conclude that cats are typically passive-aggressive animals. They like it when people love and pamper them, but they don’t like it when someone approaches them aggressively.

Therefore, this is what makes cats seem more like people who ignore them. It is not like they like this group of people more. However, it is this group that makes them feel more comfortable and secure. In essence, they don’t like sudden, intimidating gestures because it makes them feel threatened.

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