How To Decorate A Corner In A Living Room: 10 Clever And Stylish Ideas

Have you ever looked at that empty corner in your living room and felt like it was missing something? You’re not alone. Many of us struggle with these awkward spaces, unsure how to turn them into functional or eye-catching parts of our homes.

That untouched space could become the focal point of the room with just a bit of creativity.

The truth is, decorating a living room corner doesn’t have to be complicated. There are countless stylish and clever ways to transform these areas from dull to delightful without requiring an interior designer’s help.

From cozy reading nooks to dynamic gallery walls, this article will guide you through ten fantastic options to fill that void in your living space effectively. Ready for inspiration? Let’s dive in!

Clever and Stylish Ideas for Decorating a Living Room Corner

A well-decorated living room corner with a cozy reading nook.

Transform that awkward corner into the highlight of your living room with these clever and stylish ideas. Illuminate the area with a chic floor lamp to create a warm ambiance, or turn it into an art lover’s retreat by hanging a curated gallery wall.

For book enthusiasts, a cozy reading nook beckons you to curl up with a good book; simply add soft lighting and plush pillows. Utilize picture ledges for an ever-changing display of photos and treasures, maximizing vertical space.

Introduce life into the space with lush indoor plants which also enhance air quality. An accent chair paired with a small table invites conversation, while a bar cart offers both function and style – ready to entertain at a moment’s notice.

Adding mirrors strategically can brighten up the corner and make it appear more spacious, providing visual depth to your design scheme.

Consider installing a sleek corner fireplace as an exquisite focal point that warms both body and soul. For practical charm, introduce open shelving or storage cabinets that marry functionality with aesthetics.

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1. Floor Lamp

A modern floor lamp casting warm glow in a cozy living room corner.

Choose a floor lamp to instantly elevate that awkward corner in your living room. It’s more than just a light; it’s a statement piece that adds both function and sophistication to the space.

With an array of styles and designs, you can find the perfect match to complement your decor while filling up empty space effectively. Whether you lean towards modern minimalism or classic elegance, there’s a floor lamp tailored for your room corners.

Go ahead and position it next to your favorite armchair or behind a sectional sofa—it will cast the ideal glow for reading or relaxing while fitting seamlessly into the overall design scheme.

And as day turns into night, watch how this clever living room corner idea becomes an essential source of ambient lighting, enhancing the atmosphere with its warm presence. Now let’s move on from illumination to inspiration with our next tip—creating an art gallery in those unused spaces.

2. Art Gallery

A modern living room with cityscape photography artwork on display.

After setting up the perfect floor lamp to illuminate your living room corner, consider transforming that space into a personal art gallery. This idea infuses the area with your unique personality and style.

Hang a collection of your favorite paintings or photos on the wall; this not only fills the blank space but also provides an exciting visual focal point. You can opt for a mix of small and large frames to create a dynamic arrangement or one large piece for a statement.

IKEA MOSSLANDA picture ledges are perfect for exhibiting smaller art pieces in spaces where floor space is at a premium. These sleek shelves allow you to layer artworks, easily swap pieces out when you want a change, and avoid making numerous holes in the wall—ideal for renters or anyone who likes to update their decor often.

With an art gallery right in the corner of your living room, you invite conversation and add an elegant touch that complements the rest of your decor effortlessly.

3. Cozy Reading Nook

A cozy reading nook with a chair, table, and stack of books.

Turn that empty corner into your personal oasis with a cozy reading nook. It’s not just about piling up some books; start by choosing a comfortable chair that beckons you to sit and unwind.

Nestle it next to a small side table for your coffee mug and stack of favorite novels, ensuring easy access while you’re lost in another world. Add an area rug beneath the setup for an extra layer of coziness, and don’t forget good lighting – a standing lamp or even fairy lights can create the perfect ambiance.

Drape a soft throw blanket over your chair so you’re ready for those longer reading sessions. This space isn’t simply about utility; it’s also an invitation to slow down in today’s fast-paced world.

Once settled, let indulgence take hold as pages turn beneath the warm glow of your new retreat — and watch as this once unused corner now adds life to your living room.

Moving on from creating comfort zones, let’s explore how picture ledges can elevate the style quotient of your living space without sacrificing functionality.

4. Picture Ledges

A gallery of framed artwork and decorative items in a cozy living room corner.

Moving from the comfort of a cozy reading nook, consider the stylish functionality picture ledges bring to your living room corner. Not only do they offer an easy way to showcase wall art, but they also create extra space for you to display picture frames and other small decorative items that tell your unique story.

With their slim profile, these shelves are ideal for small corners, utilizing vertical space without cluttering the area.

Choosing IKEA MOSSLANDA picture ledges is a great option for those with limited square footage as they blend seamlessly into any decor style while giving off an organized and open feel.

You can arrange ledges at different heights to draw the eye upward or group them together for a tailored gallery effect that adds character to every angle of your living space. And the best part? These chic ledges allow you to switch up your displays whenever inspiration strikes – offering endless possibilities in curating your personal visual aesthetic right in the corner of your living room.

5. Indoor Plants

An arrangement of indoor plants with varying heights and levels.

Indoor plants are more than just decoration; they’re a breath of fresh air in any living room corner. They fill that empty space with life, enhancing the room’s ambiance and inviting nature inside your home.

A tall faux olive tree, in particular, can stand regally in the corner, adding height and greenery without the upkeep real plants require. Place it in an attractive pot that complements your decor to tie everything together seamlessly.

For those who love a touch of green but have busy schedules, low-maintenance options like succulents or snake plants offer an enduring splash of color with minimal care required. Position them on varying levels using stands or shelves to create visual interest and depth.

This not only revitalizes your corner but also improves overall well-being by purifying the indoor atmosphere. Turning to an accent chair as our next topic will help us explore how seating can add both function and flair to these oft-overlooked spaces.

6. Accent Chair

A stylish accent chair in a cozy corner with a bar cart.

An accent chair offers more than just an extra seating option for your living room corner; it injects personality and style into the space. Carefully select a chair that doesn’t just match, but enhances your room’s aesthetic, whether that means a sleek modern design or a plush vintage piece.

Consider the colors present in your existing decor to pull the look together seamlessly, ensuring this new addition feels like it was always meant to be part of your home.

Make sure the size of the accent chair is in harmony with the area you’re looking to fill. A too-large chair can overwhelm small spaces while one that’s too petite might look out of place.

Strike that perfect balance by choosing something cozy yet compact enough to maintain an airy feel in your corner sanctuary. This functional furniture item not only completes the look but also invites someone to relax and enjoy your beautifully styled living room corner.

Moving beyond seating, why not introduce some functionality into another neglected nook with a bar cart?

7. Bar Cart

A stylish bar cart with colorful spirits and glassware.

If you’ve considered an accent chair for adding character, let’s shift gears to something that combines style and function—a bar cart. This versatile piece of furniture is ideal for transforming any empty living room corner into a sophisticated mini bar or chic coffee station.

Choose a design that complements your room’s color scheme and serves up a blend of elegance and convenience right where you need it.

Rolling out a bar cart opens endless possibilities for entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet evening at home. Stock it with your favorite spirits, glassware, mixers, and accessories to create an inviting atmosphere in the corner of the living room.

Not only does this offer extra storage space, but it also turns what might have been overlooked square footage into a bustling hub of social interaction without taking over the entire room.

8. Mirrors

A corner in a room with a large ornate mirror reflecting a cozy living space.

Turn a living room corner into a space of grandeur with the strategic placement of mirrors. By hanging a large mirror, you not only infuse elegance into the setting but also trick the eye into seeing a larger area.

The gleaming surface catches and bounces natural light around the room, amplifying brightness during daylight hours. Consider experimenting with different sizes and shapes to create an attractive focal point that reflects your personal style.

Incorporate mirrors as functional art pieces or go for full-length versions that invite a final check before you step out. These versatile elements can be angled to showcase other features in your living space, such as an accent wall or cozy spot adorned with an accent chair and comfy rug.

With their ability to enhance both aesthetics and perception of space, adding a mirror is truly one of the best ways to address any empty corner space while moving seamlessly towards creating a warm fireplace ambiance in your next decorating endeavor.

9. Corner Fireplace

A cozy fireplace with books and a blanket, without people.

A corner fireplace is your golden ticket to transforming that awkward living room angle into a warm and engaging focal point. Picture this: you’re curled up with a good book, soft crackling sounds filling the air, and the gentle warmth of flames creating a cozy sanctuary in your own home.

Not only does it add a touch of elegance, but it also invites conversation and relaxation. Installing one doesn’t have to mean extensive renovations either; plenty of modern electric or gas options simply slot into place.

Imagine friends and family gathered around, basking in the ambiance that naturally centers on the comforting glow—it’s an instant mood booster for any social gathering! And after selecting this classy feature, consider complementing it with another element like storage cabinets.

They offer practicality without sacrificing style—perfectly pairing utility with your newly established aesthetic haven.

10. Storage Cabinet

A stylish storage cabinet filled with neatly organized books and decorative items.

Tuck away board games, craft supplies, or seasonal decorations neatly into a storage cabinet in your living room corner. Not only does it help maintain a tidy and organized space, but it also offers the perfect spot to showcase some of your favorite treasures.

Opt for a cabinet with glass doors if you’re aiming to display decorative pieces like ceramics, framed photos, or an array of books that tell visitors about your interests.

Choose a sleek storage solution that complements the rest of the room’s aesthetic—whether modern or traditional—making sure it enhances rather than overwhelms the space. A well-chosen storage cabinet can be both functional and fashionable, acting as an anchor for the interior design while keeping clutter at bay.

Consider this if you’re looking for a smart way to complete your living room layout without sacrificing style for practicality.

Examples of Decorated Living Room Corners

A cozy reading nook with a variety of books and a comfortable armchair.

Dive into our curated examples, from a breezy coastal modern farmhouse space to a vibrant midcentury modern condo transformation, showcasing how well-executed corner decor can elevate your living room’s ambiance.

Get inspired by these real-life makeovers and envision the potential of those once-overlooked nooks in your home.

Coastal Modern Farmhouse Space

A cozy coastal modern farmhouse corner with a DIY shiplap fireplace.

Transform that corner of your living room into a charming coastal modern farmhouse retreat. Picture a DIY shiplap fireplace as the focal point, adding warmth and rustic charm to your space.

It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s also functional, serving as a cozy source of heat on chilly evenings.

Imagine settling into work at an adorable office nook tucked in the same corner, complete with storage to keep everything organized. The blend of natural textures and soft hues brings the tranquility of seaside living right into your home, creating an environment where relaxation and productivity coexist beautifully.

Your corner decoration ideas now contribute to the overall room feel, making every inch count in crafting that perfect coastal modern vibe.

Colorful Midcentury Modern Small Condo Makeover

An innovative air purifier table in a cozy reading nook.

Moving from the serene aesthetics of a Coastal Modern Farmhouse, let’s explore the dynamic vibrancy of a Midcentury Modern small condo makeover. This transformation proves that even in compact spaces, you can infuse life and energy with bold color choices and retro-inspired furniture.

In this small condo space, each corner radiates its own character through carefully selected hues that complement the modern design style. Bright accent chairs or a sleek bar cart can turn an unused living room corner into both a visual statement and functional area.

The artful mix of patterns and textures brings forward a playful yet sophisticated ambiance, perfect for those seeking inspiration to elevate corners of their living space with flair.

A tall plant here or some floating corner shelves there contribute to creating an environment that feels larger than it is while maintaining a cozy atmosphere. Embrace this colorful approach to give your home office nook or reading spot in your family room an unmistakable mid-century touch without compromising on stylish utility.

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Faux olive trees on IKEA MOSSLANDA picture ledges against a white brick wall.

Practical Tips for Decorating Living Room Corners

A cozy reading nook with an armchair, lamp and bookshelf.

In the pursuit of transforming that empty living room corner into a stylish and functional space, remember to consider the scale – choose furniture that fits snugly without overwhelming the area.

Reflect your room’s charm and amplify its brightness by strategically placing mirrors, creating an artful illusion of a larger space. Don’t hesitate to take a home decor style quiz; it’s a fun way to uncover design preferences that truly resonate with you, ensuring every addition feels right at home in your personal oasis.

Remember, each corner offers untapped potential waiting to be styled in ways that reflect your unique taste and lifestyle needs.

Choosing Appropriate Furniture Sizes

Selecting the right furniture sizes is vital to ensure your living room corner doesn’t feel cramped or cluttered. Start by measuring the space where you want to place a piece, like an accent table or comfy chair.

This step helps you gauge what will fit without guessing and perhaps making a costly mistake. Keep in mind that each item needs enough clearance for people to move around comfortably—this is especially important if you’re adding a piece like a console table near a walkway.

Opt for furniture pieces that match the scale of your corner area. A towering bookcase might overpower a tiny nook while a petite round table could look lost in a larger space. Visual weight matters too; bulky items can make even sizeable corners seem smaller than they are.

Aim for balance by choosing items that aren’t too heavy on the eyes yet fill out the area effectively, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing without overwhelming your cozy retreat.

Using Mirrors for the Illusion of Space

Once you have chosen furniture that fits your living room corner perfectly, consider adding mirrors to amplify the space. Place a large mirror across from windows to catch natural light and bounce it around the room, creating a sense of expansiveness.

This trick makes the area feel larger, as if extending beyond its actual confines.

Strategically position mirrors to create depth and dimension where there’s none. A floor-to-ceiling mirror can transform a cramped corner into one that feels endless and open. Using mirrors isn’t just practical; it’s also an opportunity to inject style and character into your space – think of them as functional art for your walls, giving you bonus points for both aesthetics and illusion.

Taking a Home Decor Style Quiz

Discover your unique home decor style by taking a quiz that assesses your preferences and aesthetic. Instead of guessing which design elements might suit your personality, this tailored approach provides clarity and direction.

The quiz delves into colors, patterns, and furniture styles that resonate with you. It identifies the artwork and accessories that will harmonize with your vision for the living room corners.

Armed with knowledge about what truly appeals to you, confidently choose pieces that fit perfectly within the corners of a room. This ensures every addition is not just filling space but enhancing the overall vibe of your living space.

Now prepared with an understanding of personal taste after taking the quiz, move on to exploring practical tips for decorating those living room corners to align them seamlessly with your newfound style.


Transform your living room corner from forgotten space to a stylish and functional highlight with these ten clever ideas. Let a cozy reading nook invite relaxation, or an art gallery spark conversations.

A well-placed mirror can open up the room, while strategic storage adds both flair and function. Embrace these tips to create a corner that complements your home’s vibe and showcases your personal style with ease.