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Material6 was created in 2011 by Matt Turner and Randy Lively - two Apple enthusiasts with over 30 years of custom fabrication expertise - to enhance the already near-perfect iPhone experience. The company was built out of a desire to enhance what we felt were astounding and functional handset designs that nonetheless lacked a certain warmth and durability that only organic materials could provide. After years of ongoing research, development and execution, we have developed products that enhance your iPhone with hand-crafted upgrades that provide all the original design elements and features of Apple’s breathtaking devices with new benefits.


With recent iPhones, Apple truly created masterpieces of design, harkening to the late 50s and early 60s days of Leica cameras and Braun hifis, when the stark simplicity of metal and glass were complemented with natural materials, resulting in an understated and simple beauty of form and function. However, the iPhones’ glass and aluminum elements have the potential to ruin the elegance of these designs through being prone to breakage, scratching and dropping. Protecting these elements with natural materials adds a layer of texture that enhances the iPhone’s beauty while providing durability that glass and anodized aluminum simply can not match.

Periodically, we update our offerings to reflect the changing seasons, styles and needs of our customers with new materials and designs that serve to make your favorite piece of technology that much better. Material6 for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 6 are made with only the highest quality materials, furniture - grade finishes and quality that can only be created by hand - one piece at a time.

meet our team

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    Kaj Niegmann

    Chief Designer

    California native Kaj Niegmann is Material6's Chief Designer. Trained at Georgia Tech, he found a permanent home with Material6 in 2012. Since then, Kaj has been responsible for the look and feel as well as the engineering of the Material6 solution for iPhone 5/5s and beyond. Kaj previously worked in the consumer accessory, luxury goods, and defense fields. His unique perspective, education and attention to detail have made him a perfect fit for the Material6 team. He is also a vintage bike, moped and motorcycle enthusiast. In his free time he can often be found tinkering on his bikes and gathering inspiration.

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    Matt Turner

    CMO and Co-Founder

    Atlanta native Matt Turner is Material6's Chief Marketing Officer, co-founder and the voice of Material6. Prior to founding the company, he spent 12 years in the custom car audio and fabrication industry - building show vehicles for companies such as Microsoft, Davin Wheels, Polk Audio, Eclipse, NOPI, Focal and Audison. His work has been featured in print and online via Make: Magazine, The New York Times, Car Audio & Electronics Magazine, AutoSound & Security, Gizmodo, Engadget, Wired, Lucky and many more. Frequently at the forefront of new innovative solutions to the inherent problems present in integrating electronics into our daily lives, he has pioneered many unique projects and products aimed at making the marriage of technology, functionality and design intuitive and transparent.

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    Randy Lively

    COO and Co-Founder

    Atlanta native Randy Lively is Material6's Chief Operations Officer and co-founder of Material6. Prior to founding the company, he spent 12 years in the custom car audio and fabrication industry - building show vehicles for the likes of XBox, Polk Audio, Bazooka, NOPI, Davin Wheels, Eclipse, Focal and Audison. His work has been featured in Car Audio & Electronics magazine, and on sites such as Gizmodo, Wired, Engadget, Uncrate and the New York Times. As head of operations at Material6, Randy brings his electronics, fabrication and design expertise along with a unique ability to streamline processes to Material6, ensuring that the company's products are made with only the highest quality components, partners and equipment. Randy is at the forefront of Material6's commitment to sourcing and manufacturing in the United States.

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